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When is the best time to travel to the Amalfi Coast?

Many think that visiting the Amalfi Coast in the summer is the ideal time, but I will tell you a secret: it is not! Shall we learn more?

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When is the best time to travel to the Amalfi Coast?

When we talk about a beach destination like the Amalfi Coast, they immediately think that the best time to visit it is in August. Although it is tempting to travel in the height of summer, there are some moments when you will enjoy much more of all the cities on the Amalfi Coast and today we will tell you what is the best time to travel to the Amalfi Coast! Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


The Amalfi Coast has 50 kilometers of beaches! Its cities are charming and they are all very photogenic. When we talk about the beach, we immediately think of summer, however, the Italian summer is SUPER busy and the smaller cities get CROWDED, it is difficult to find a restaurant, a place on the beach, transportation is sometimes chaotic, anyway: today we will tell you what it is the best time to travel to the Amalfi Coast!! Also read Where to stay on the Amalfi Coast!

Let’s understand the weather?

Well, let’s remember that the weather in the world is not very friendly (and it is very understandable!), So you may get cold in summer and heat in winter (?): Yes, it can happen! But, unfortunately we cannot say with complete precision how the weather will be when you go, but, a few days before your trip, check the weather forecast, it’s always helpful! The Amalfi Coast is one of the most visited Italian destinations and even if the weather doesn’t help much, don’t worry, because even with the gray of a more cloudy weather, the unique colors, smells and flavors do not lose their splendor at all. Read our section Weather in Italy!

1) When is the best time to travel to the Amalfi Coast? FROM APRIL TO JUNE

Contrary to what many think, the best time to go to the Amalfi Coast is not the month of August. Because? Because the cities are CROWDED, PACKED with people: shops, restaurants, monuments, museums, squares, bars. Chaos! #Thereisaidit hahahahaThe best time to go to the Amalfi Coast is, without a doubt, the period from April to June. In these months it is possible to breathe in the aromas and see all the beautiful colors that only spring offers us. Flowers everywhere, scents of citrus fruits, peaceful cities. Amazing! These months are perfect for those who want to enjoy the spring sun without getting too hot or facing the cold sea. In the spring it is already possible to do dives and the days are delicious! In addition to escaping the rain, as it almost never rains. It is worth remembering that almost everything works normally, as hotels and restaurants begin to prepare themselves to receive tourists in the summer.

2) What is the best time to travel to the Amalfi Coast? SPECIALLY IN MAY AND JUNE

In May and June it is even better, as the temperature is already rising and it is possible to spend the whole day on the beach! And yet the cities remain calm, although they start to fill up a little more, but nothing absurd.

We arrived in July and August: the worst months to go to the Amalfi Coast! Is it not good? Amalfi Coast is always good, but in those specific months it gets very crowded, there is traffic, public transport with frequent endless lines, waiting list in restaurants if you have not made a reservation, no parking space, the heat, sometimes , it is unbearable, in short: it is almost chaotic.


The sights are FULL and taking a photo at these places can be stressful as there is a long line! However, it is the period when there is more life in the cities of the Amalfi Coast: there are shows, special summer programs and many interesting things on the streets, so, it’s up to you: if you are in the ‘I’m on vacation, I don’t care about the uproar’ team; great! If you are in the ‘I don’t like the mess!’ team, then think twice!

I’m not trying to disturb anyone’s trip, take it easy! Hahaha… Despite the agglomeration, a tip for those who want to enjoy a few days in solitude by the sea: opt for the more distant beaches, those where you have access only by the sea. Who does not give up spending the whole day on the beach: go early, but when I say early, I mean early, around 7:00 am, as they get CROWDED in a matter of minutes! Find out here The opening hours of restaurants in Italy!


  • Make a reservation for dinner for the entire period you are there if you are traveling between July and August! In restaurants, customers with reservations, of course, have priority; some restaurants only serve by reservation (mainly at dinner) and there is often a kilometer line and you may end up returning to the hotel without dinner. You better not risk it! Here How to book a restaurant in Italy?

3) What is the best time to travel to the Amalfi Coast? IN WINTER – BETWEEN THE MONTHS FROM DECEMBER TO FEBRUARY

If you are passionate about winter: you can also go to the Amalfi Coast in winter too! Between December and February, despite the cold, cities have a basic structure in operation. Important: remember to make a reservation! Many places don’t work, O.K.?! It’s normal! Don’t be alarmed if you find some ‘chiusi’ (closed) places. The monuments open normally, but at different times, find out on the official website not to find them closed! Discover here the Romantic Restaurants on the Amalfi Coast!


  • It is the rainiest month in Italy and the rains can be torrential, even in coastal cities! Watch out for the tide too: it rises VERY fast! DO NOT STAY ON THE BEACH IF IT STARTS TO RAIN! NEVER, ON NO ACCOUNT! This warning is very important folks: it can be extremely dangerous! If you do not know the roads in the region, know that they are very narrow, full of downhill curves, so BE CAREFUL and drive with A LOT of attention! You can’t be too careful! Visit our section Driving in Italy!

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When is the best time to travel to the Amalfi Coast? When is the best time to travel to the Amalfi Coast? Beach destinations are not always to be visited in the summer and the Amalfi Coast is the best example of this. Cities in the calmest months do lose nothing of all their beauty and, during the spring, they offer splendid views of blooming flowers, fresh breezes and beautiful sunny days, perfect for making fantastic photos! Oh: don’t miss the sunset regardless of the city you are in! The sunset in the cities of the Amalfi Coast is a true painting: a work of art made entirely by nature in its purest splendor!

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