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What to visit in Ravello with Ana Patricia and Jake Leal?

Today we're heading to one of the most beautiful towns on the Amalfi Coast: the elegant Ravello!


What to visit in Ravello with Ana Patricia and Jake Leal?

On the serene hills of the Amalfi Coast, where the blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea meets the lush green of the Mediterranean vegetation, lies Ravello, an unspoiled gem that captivates visitors with its ethereal beauty and rich cultural heritage. And that’s where, alongside Jake Leal, I’m taking you today! Let’s go to our post of the day. What to visit in Ravello with Ana Patricia and Jake Leal? Stay with us and make the most of boot country! Here, you can make the trip of your dreams come true!! Also, get to know our Section Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your Vacation!

Our Introduction

Patricia and Jake

So, what to visit in Ravello with Ana Patricia and Jake Leal? Upon entering Ravello, we are transported to a world where tradition intertwines with innovation, where peace envelops the atmosphere, and where every corner tells a story of centuries past. Discover with us the beauty of the terraces of Ravello. Come with me, because today I have a VERY SPECIAL company: Jake Leal!

Jake is a travel columnist and influencer who specializes in luxury and adventure travel. It was together with her that we explored all the beauties of Positano. Our trip went through several small towns, and I got to meet a real Jake, away from the spotlight. And to my surprise, she is what she is in any situation! Kind, humorous, funny, and caring. How lucky to live with this woman and have such delicious moments!

How about an Amalfi Coast Tour from Naples? Click here to learn more!

When is the best time to visit the Amalfi Coast?

The best time to visit the Amalfi Coast depends on your interests and preferences, but consider the following:

  • Summer (June to August): Ideal if you want to enjoy the heat, beaches, and vibrant nightlife, but be prepared for crowds and higher prices.
  • Spring (March to May) and Autumn (September to November): These are the ideal times to avoid crowds, enjoy pleasant temperatures, and explore the region in tranquility. Spring is especially beautiful, with the vegetation in all its splendor.
  • Winter (December to January): If you prefer a quieter experience with lower prices and don’t mind the colder weather, winter is a suitable choice, but, again, many establishments may be closed! (February is best avoided.).

A little about Ravello and its attractions

Ravello is not a big city, so it is possible to visit some interesting attractions in its historic center in a maximum of half a day. Some notable attractions in Ravello are worth exploring. Here are some things you can see and do when visiting this picturesque town. Learn all about Ravello here!

Patricia and Jake

Villa Rufolo: A Testament to the Golden Age

What to visit in Ravello with Ana Patricia and Jake Leal won’t be complete without exploring the stunning Villa Rufolo, a symbol of opulence and sophistication. Built in the thirteenth century, the villa was the scene of meetings of artists, musicians, and intellectuals during the Golden Age of Ravello. The lush gardens offer spectacular views of the coast and are frequent backdrops for concerts and cultural events. The place is so beautiful that I don’t even know how to describe it!

Useful Information about Villa Rufolo

  • Villa Rufolo is open every day from 09:00 to 19:00 and the ticket costs EUR 8.00 (*2023).
  • Attention to Italian holidays: it is common for some attractions not to operate on Italian national holidays, especially on December 25th and January 1st. Check the schedules BEFORE you leave the hotel.
  • To learn more click here on the Villa Rufolo Official Website!

Villa Cimbrone: An Oasis of Serenity

Patricia and Jake at Villa Cimbrone

Another architectural treasure is the Villa Cimbrone, whose gardens are a harmonious mix of ancient sculptures, fountains, and lush greenery. The Infinity Terrace, with its breathtaking panoramic views, is an attraction that echoes through time as a testament to architectural mastery.

Remember to wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to walk, as the extensive gardens offer plenty of areas to explore. Villa Cimbrone is a truly stunning attraction on the Amalfi Coast and offers a unique experience of natural and architectural beauty. Be sure to bring your camera, as you’ll surely want to capture the beauty of these enchanting gardens.

Special Events at Villa Cimbrione

  • Villa Cimbrone is a popular venue for weddings and special events due to its unique atmosphere and stunning scenery. It’s a setting that offers a fairytale touch for celebrations and special occasions. I suggest you consult the official website of Villa Cimbrone so that you can organize your participation in events of interest.

Duomo di Ravello

The imposing cathedral, known as the Duomo di Ravello or Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, is a masterpiece of religious architecture. Its richly decorated interior houses frescoes and sacred art that tell stories of devotion and faith.



The Natural Beauties of Ravello

Ana Patricia

What to visit in Ravello with Ana Patricia and Jake Leal also offers some magnificent natural attractions; in fact, Ravello draws our attention for its beautiful panoramic views and natural beauty, which are stunning and offer us a spectacular view of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the surrounding mountains, and the coastal towns.

Valle delle Ferriere

For nature lovers, the trail to Valle delle Ferriere is a stunning journey. Surrounded by lush forests, the trail leads to a picturesque waterfall and reveals the region’s unique biodiversity.

Amalfi Coast seen from Ravello

From the top of the Ravello hills, the panoramic view of the Amalfi Coast is breathtaking. The contours of the cliffs, the sparkling blue waters, and the picturesque seaside villages form a visual spectacle that captures the essence of the region.

Culture & Events in Ravello

Ravello is also famous for its music festivals, which attract talented musicians and music lovers worldwide. Ravello’s music festivals are renowned cultural events that celebrate a variety of musical genres and offer memorable performances in spectacular venues.

Ravello Festival

Ravello is a place where music, art, and theatre come together in harmony. The Ravello Festival, held at Villa Rufolo and other venues in the city, is an annual celebration that attracts renowned artists and culture lovers from around the world. Open-air concerts under the stars and theatrical performances turn Ravello into a magical stage during the event.

Local Music & Crafts

Walking through the squares of Ravello is a cultural experience in itself. Local artists display their creations, from paintings to ceramic sculptures, and street musicians add an enchanting soundtrack to the cobblestone streets.



Food and Drink in Ravello

Ravello is not only made up of natural beauty and spectacular panoramic views; it also enchants us with its gastronomy.

Local Products and Traditional Flavors

Ravello’s cuisine is a celebration of authentic flavors. Local restaurants offer traditional dishes that highlight fresh ingredients and produce from the region. Seafood, olive oil, and the Amalfi lemon are essential components of a truly ravellese meal.

Wine Tasting

The nearby vineyards produce high-quality wines. A wine tasting at a local winery is an enriching experience, providing a deeper understanding of the region’s winemaking tradition.

Ravello Restaurant Tips

  • Il Flauto di Pan – a refined restaurant with panoramic views. Official Website: Il Flauto di Pan
  • Ristorante Da Salvatore – Seafood specialties with a breathtaking view. Official Website: Da Salvatore


What to see near Ravello?

In addition to exploring the enchanting Ravello, there are several notable activities and destinations to visit nearby, further enriching your experience on the Amalfi Coast. Here are some suggestions of things to do near Ravello.


Just 7 kilometers from Ravello, Amalfi is a historic town that lends its name to the coast. Explore St. Andrew’s Cathedral, get lost in the narrow streets, and soak up the beautiful views of Amalfi Harbor. Find out here: What to visit in Amalfi with Ana Patricie Jake Leal.

Amalfi is a charming little town situated on the west coast of Italy, everyone knows that! What few know, or don’t even imagine, is that Amalfi is a historical treasure that captures the imagination of all who visit it.

Founded in the early ninth century, Amalfi was a powerful maritime trading center during the Middle Ages and one of Italy’s four main maritime duchies. Its rich and varied history bears witness to an era of great splendor, and the city still preserves traces of that glorious past. When exploring Amalfi, it’s as if you’ve traveled back in time to a time when maritime trade and culture flourished.


Ana Patricia in Positano

Positano is a short distance from Ravello. A drive takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes along the winding coastal roads. Find out here: Is it worth visiting the Amalfi Coast in Winter?

On the shores of the stunning Amalfi Coast, one location stands out as a true pearl of the Mediterranean. Positano, a small town wedged into the breathtaking cliffs, captivates the hearts of travelers with its indescribable beauty, unparalleled charm, and an atmosphere that evokes romance and adventure.

Upon approaching Positano, visitors are greeted by a spectacular sight. Whitewashed houses, embraced by colorful bougainvilleas, seem to slide down the steep slopes toward the deep blue sea. This idyllic setting is like a dream come true. In this chapter, we’ll explore the wonders of Positano and the rich history that makes it a treasure on the Amalfi Coast.

Maiori and Minori

Among the jewels of the Amalfi Coast are the stunning Maiori and Minori, two charming coastal towns that are just a short distance from Ravello. By car, the journey takes about 20 to 30 minutes.


Maiori is situated approximately 55 kilometers southeast of Naples and is a destination that perfectly combines natural beauty with historical richness. With its awe-inspiring beach and long stretch of golden sand, Maiori is a haven for sun and sea lovers. The tranquility of the waters of the Gulf of Salerno makes it the ideal place for diving, swimming, and relaxation by the sea. Maiori is the city that is home to one of the largest and most spectacular beaches on the Amalfi Coast.


Minori is Maiori’s “sister.”. Although it is often “overshadowed” by neighboring busier towns such as Amalfi and Positano, Minori possesses a unique character and charming atmosphere that makes it a captivating destination for travelers. Here are some aspects that contribute to Minori’s charm:

One of the most charming features of Minori is its tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. Compared to the busier towns on the Amalfi Coast, Minori offers a more serene environment where visitors can truly disconnect and enjoy the slow pace of Italian life.


Visit Maiori and Minori by drone!

(Source: SkyDrone)

How to get to Ravello?

If you would like to know what to visit in Ravello with Ana Patricia and Jake Leal, I’ll leave here some transport options to get to Ravello, using Sorrento as a base city. It is very important to know that public transport in this region of the Amalfi Coast is very bad, especially concerning buses.

Unfortunately, the buses take a long time, and when they arrive at the arrival and departure points, they are always crowded, especially in the summer!!!! I warn you that it’s super stressful!! That’s why I don’t include that option because most of my customers complain about the experience! It’s not worth it!!! Waste of time and quality of the tour.

Good to know!!!! There’s not only “What to visit in Ravello with Ana Patricia and Jake Leal” but also a huge part of the Amalfi Coast. Ravello is very close to Amalfi, and you can take a tour of the two villages on the same day. Later in the text, I will leave the option for you to get to Ravello from Amalfi

1) How to get to Ravello? DRIVING

From the motorway of the Sun, when you reach Caserta Sud, you should take the A30 with signs for Salerno-Reggio Calabria, then take the Pagani-Nocera exit, and then follow the signs for Valico di Chiunzi and then for Amalfi Coast, Ravello. Read also: TRAVELING BY CAR IN ITALY: EXAMPLES OF ITINERARIES.

Parking in Ravello: I will leave you with two options for parking in Ravello.

  • Public car park in Via della Repubblica, 12.
  • Parcheggio Piazza Duomo (website not available) – Average value: 4 euros per hour. Address: Rampa Gambardella, 84010.

Are you going to travel around Italy by car?

If you are renting a car, be sure to read our posts in the section Driving in Italy on the blog Travelling to Italy. In addition to car itinerary tips, we have everything about signs, tolls, roads, and much more.

Don’t know where to rent a car?

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Advantages of traveling with a rental car

  • If you are in 2 to 5 people, it is the most economical option! All you have to do is calmly choose the places to visit and leave peacefully! Always have a map with you, or opt for a car with GPS; not all cars have this option! Oh, and your cell phone can be a problem if you pass by a place with no internet signal.

Disadvantages of traveling with a rental car

  • Unforeseen expenses with parking and fuel that, unfortunately, cannot be calculated, but this is normal. In my opinion, the biggest disadvantage is the lack of knowledge of the territory, which can sometimes result in a loss of time to find the main cities and make a pleasant trip an adventure!
  • Generally, those who drive can’t enjoy the beautiful view around them because they can’t take their eyes off the road!
  • IMPORTANT DETAIL: the road that leads to the Amalfi Coast is NARROW! That’s why the driver must be used to driving in places that require skill, as they are complicated roads for those who don’t know the region! ALWAYS keep the speed low and be careful to avoid any kind of accident, alright?

2) How to get to Ravello? WITH THE FERRYBOAT

You can take a day trip from Sorrento or other cities with a ferryboat! You have the option to get to Ravello by boat! To do this, just go to the Port of Sorrento or to the port of the city where you will be staying and take the boat to Amalfi; from Amalfi to Ravello, it is 7 km away. Take a bus or a taxi.

Another thing is that you don’t need to buy the boat ticket in advance, but I advise you to always check the website before traveling to check the schedules, values, etc. Check if, in the city where you will be staying, there is a boat departing from the port. Click here on the website for more information about Ferryboat (schedules, values, and purchase).

3) How to get to Ravello? WITH A GROUP TOUR

This is the BEST option for those who don’t want to worry about the public transport schedule, don’t want to worry about the fact of “calculating” if there is time to go back and forth, and for those who don’t want a headache with possible delays anyway…

For those who just want to enjoy the beauty of this incredible place with safety, convenience, and tranquility! The group tour is a perfect solution for those who don’t want to spend so much (with a private tour, for example), for those who don’t like to travel alone, or for those who don’t like to drive (or can’t). One of the advantages of the group tour is that you will be able to visit more than one city on the same day

Be amazed by the charms of Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello on this tour of the Amalfi Coast. Forget the stress of the city! Click here to learn more!

4) How to get to Ravello? WITH A PRIVATE DRIVER

The last option is a private tour. The advantage of a private tour is the total freedom to decide your own time and not have to wait to leave or waste unnecessary time using it to visit other places. In addition, the tour departs from the comfort of your hotel, which is important when you have little time at your disposal to visit a few places.

This type of tour is ideal for VIPs, who want to enjoy themselves from the beginning to the end of the trip, for small groups of friends, large families, families with children, and groups of seniors. This type of service guarantees absolute comfort for those who travel. It’s enjoying the tour without the stress of meeting train, subway, and bus schedules and without worrying about where the main places to be seen are!

The value is higher, but it is a worthwhile investment! Especially if you like to do everything on your own time. Remember that by dividing the value among friends and/or family, the cost-benefit will be perfect and excellent for everyone. One of the advantages of the private driver is that you will be able to visit more than one city on the same day, as he will be at your disposal If you are interested click here and ask for a quote without obligation!



Curiosities about Ravello

Let’s get to know a little more about Ravello, getting to know a little about his daily life and his history.

Everyday Life

Despite its international fame, Ravello maintains a tranquil atmosphere and an authenticity that is appreciated by locals and visitors alike. Locals, known for their warm hospitality, frequent the traditional markets and celebrate the traditions of Mediterranean life.

History and Origins

Historical records suggest that Ravello has a long history dating back to antiquity. Founded by the Romans, the city has prospered over the centuries, serving as a haven for nobles and intellectuals alike. During the Middle Ages, Ravello flourished as an important cultural and economic center, influenced by diverse civilizations, including the Byzantines and the Normans.

In the twelfth century, Ravello reached the height of its splendor, becoming a focal point for the production of fine fabrics, such as silk and wool, and a center of cultural activities. The construction of the magnificent Villa Rufolo in the thirteenth century attested to the artistic and intellectual flourishing of the city, and this tradition of cultural patronage has persisted over the centuries.

Today, Ravello is one of the most appreciated cities on the entire Amalfi Coast, and, without a doubt, it is a city that needs to be visited!

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What to see in Ravello with Ana Patricia and Jake Leal? Ravello, with its rich history, stunning natural beauty, and effervescent cultural scene, is a city that transcends time. Every steep street, every sunny square, and every panoramic view tell a story that has unfolded over the centuries. Top of form.

If you feel insecure or have no time and need help organizing your trip, do not hesitate to reach out to me! I would love to help you make your dream trip to Italy. And how can I do that? Continue reading this post until the end, and you will understand how we can make your life and journey easier.

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