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What to visit in Positano?

Charming place where the pastel colors descend towards the sea. It was just a neighboring village of Amalfi, and today it is a renowned tourist location with so many shops and a lovely beach. Let's get to know it?

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What to visit in Positano?

One of the most beautiful villages in Italy, the pearl of the Amalfi Coast. The journey through the most beautiful villages in Italy is a truly fascinating journey, anywhere you will find in every village the beauty of the smaller cities that make Italy a great country. What to visit in Positano? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patriciayou make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


When setting foot in these villages, each sense reminds the past to relive it in the present. In this text, we will speak of a splendid village on the sea, one of the most beautiful in Italy, in other words, the Amalfi Coast, more precisely the village of Positano, the pearl of the Coast.

Positano by Drone

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1) What to visit in Positano? ABOUT POSITANO

Positano is situated in a special position, between sea and mountains. The cuisine and the unmistakable style, typically Italian, make it a place where everyone is happy to return. What makes Positano one of the most coveted, visited villages on the Amalfi Coast, and in Italy, is certainly its typically Mediterranean urban aspect with the classic houses of the cities by the sea. Find out here, How to get to the Amalfi Coast from Rome?

The older neighborhoods draw an architecture characterized by typical limestone plaster, small domes that collect the water for the tanks, which opposes the majestic Church of St Mary of the Assumption. Thanks to its traffic to the Middle East and the ships sailing the Mediterranean, Positano enriched enormously, so much so that it deserves the title of “Golden Mountain”. From that time, the beautiful mansions of the 18th century stand out, true jewels in the Baroque style. Visiting the Amalfi Coast?

The Church of St Mary of the Assumption

The Church of St Mary of the Assumption is one of the historic buildings in the city, and its origins link to those of the Benedictine monastery of St Mary, where there are only a few remains. The church, in the 1700s, declined slowly, even when subjected to a restoration process that lasted five years. One cannot absolutely miss a visit to the church crypt, where, in a series of restoration works, immersed the remains of a Roman village.

2) What to visit in Positano? ITS HISTORY

During the First World War, Positano paid a very high price for blood. In the city, great Russian and German artists and literates took refuge and, with their works, made this angle of paradise known all over the world. After the end of World War II, painters, directors, writers, bewitched by the magical atmosphere, attracted by the sensual beauty of Positano and seduced by the anglers’ lifestyle, restructured convents, country houses, villages, creating golden shelters. Thus, the famous Positano fashion breaks out: extravagant, colorful and exotic. What to do on the Amalfi in one day?

3) What to visit in Positano? ITS ATTRACTIONS

This characteristic place, considered a true “living crib”, owes its fame to the imposing Cathedral, to its Saracene Towers and to the “Positano fashion” made of simple and airy robes, of colors and designs around it, purely maritime and that even today they are the attention of the impulsive purchases of the elite in its streets and endless alleys.

Positano Beach Fashion

Ties, slippers, straw hats; in Positano people dress like that, with lightness and good taste; this is the beach fashion here and is famous all over the world. Artisans continue to do their work for generations. They carve the skin, sew clothes and cover hats, everything “Made in Positano”. Positano is an unmissable delight for those who want to get to know the magnificence of the Amalfi Coast and spend some time away from the clamor of the city. The days are marked by sun and moon, by the sea. Here, all its inhabitants sleep like a sweet lullaby every day with that light splash of the waters on the slopes.

4) What to visit in Positano? BEST VISITING PERIOD

It is possible to visit it at any time of the year; although the ideal time is summer, in spring and autumn the city shows all its charm. The village gathers around Flavio Gioia Square, with the 13th century Church dedicated to St Mary of the Assumption, in which the faience dome is located.

5) What to visit in Positano? THE COAST AND BEACHES

Those who arrive in Positano cannot miss the coast and the beaches, one more beautiful than the other, with wonderful resources that, on particularly clear days, allow you to see the island of Capri from afar. Must-sees are the beaches of Fornillo and Grande beach, and then walk along the Path of the Gods, for a panoramic walk that will leave you open-mouthed.

Furore Fjord

You will get lost among the colors of the houses, the alleys full of shops and the spectacular descents to the sea. Not to mention Furore Fjord, where director Rossellini shot the film “L’Amore” with Ana Magnani. The fjord was created from the constant erosion of the Schiato stream.

It is possible to descend to the bottom by means of a staircase, which from the top of the state road, reaches the lowest part. Inside the fjord, we find two constructions by local productions, called Lo Stenditoio, used to dry the sheets of paper, and La Calcara, for the work of stones to be used in construction. The panorama and the view of these places will leave you speechless, really a breathtaking view.


  • Get ready to face some difficulties. The road is steep and makes many turns, needing to drive at a reduced speed to Furore. It is not possible to reach the fjord by car, as there is no parking, only for motorcycles. By bus, a Positano-Amalfi line passes through the place, in a journey that takes about 2 hours.
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What to visit in Positano? We can say that the conclusion of visiting Positano is like immersing yourself in the warm and wonderful atmosphere of the old maritime villages where history, art, nature and gastronomy unite in such a way that will allow the visitor to taste, for one or more days, the immutable architectural beauties, natural and the intense flavors of a time. Walking along its colorful alleys, between light and flowing fabrics, immersed in a culture of Saracen invasions, is also surprising for those who are used to seeing pieces of history like these.

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