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What to visit in Milan in two days?

Milan has many interesting points, but if you have little time, see our two-day itinerary made especially for you, dear reader!

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What to visit in Milan in two days?

Milan is a very beautiful city! A city that mixes tradition and modernity in a unique way! Fashion capital, you can peacefully visit Milan in two days! The great “trump card” of the city is that its attractions are quite close to each other. Therefore, let’s get to our post: What to visit in Milan in two days? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

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What to visit in two days in Milan? FIRST DAY!

In our first day, we cannot miss visiting one of the most important sights in Milan. Our starting point will be the impressive Duomo (Cathedral).

The Cathedral

The city’s postcard is easily reachable, a wonder in Gothic architecture. With its huge dimensions (it has 157 meters length and 11.700 square meters!), it is one of the largest catholic cathedrals in the world. On the top of it, one can observe the Madonnina, a golden-copper image of Our Lady; Giuseppe Perego sculpted it in 1774 and it became a symbol of the city. The wide, magnificent terrace is a must-see! The sight is breathtaking, indeed, a unique experience! Also read, Where to shop in Milan?

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Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery

Leaving the Cathedral, on your right, head towards to Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery. Created to connect Piazza Duomo to our next destination, the La Scala Theater, the gallery is luxurious, full of amazing details and was considered the first European mall. The iconic “Lucky Bull” is there. It is, in fact, a mosaic with the coat of arms of the Savoia family. Legend has it that if you walk in circle around the mosaic, with the right foot, you will be very lucky! It never hurts to try, right?

La Scala Theater

After crossing the gallery, we reach the amazing La Scala Theater. One of the most iconic Italian theaters, it has a sober facade, but its inside looks like a work of art. The theater has already hosted renowned spectacles. Three of the most important ones had their great premier on that stage; Otello and Nabuco, by Verdi, besides Madame Butterfly, by Giacomo Puccini. There is also a museum, where is possible to get to know the history of this theater, so important for the European art. A worthwhile tour!

Regione Palace and Sforzesco Castle

Leaving there, head to Piazza Mercanti (Mercanti Square), where the beautiful and imposing Regione Palace is located. Going through Via Mercanti, you get to Via Dante, from where is possible to sight the wonderful Sforzesco Castle. With a ten-minute walk you get to this unique example of fortress, placed in the middle of the city. Built during the 14th century, it was also a Doge’s Palace and was almost destroyed in 1801. In the mid-19th century, it was almost demolished to make room for the construction of a luxurious neighborhood, but its historical-cultural value prevailed and, after a long restoration, nowadays it houses several museums.

Where to have lunch in this day?

At lunch time, a strategic stop nearby, then head to Sempione Park. Getting out through the back area of the Park, it is possible to visit the Arco della Pace (Arch of the Peace), which remind Paris’ Triumphal Arch! It is beautiful! Read also, Where to eat well paying little in Milan?

The Last Supper, by Leonardo da Vinci

Leaving there, you can visit the work Last Supper, by Leonardo da Vinci (Cenacolo Vinciano) that is located there at Piazza di Santa Maria delle Grazie (“Square of St Mary of the Grace”). Remember to buy the ticket in advance, right? It is one of the most visited attractions and the lines are quite unpleasant!


Map 01 with the wlaking tour of our first day in Milan

What To Visit In Milan In Two Days?
Source: Google Maps

Afterwards, tour the city on foot one more time, drink an aperitif, have dinner and then, bed! The next day will also be busy!

What to visit in Milan in two days? SECOND DAY!

After a relaxed breakfast, how about starting the day with the famous Quadrilatero della Moda (Fashion Quadrilateral)?

Quadrilatero della Moda and the Brera Art Gallery

The Quadrilateral has this name because the four streets that form the block are FULL of famous brands! Via Montapoleone and Via della Spiga are the most important ones, and where the most celebrated stores in the fashion world are located. From there, head to the Brera Art Gallery, which houses beautiful, priceless works of art.

Monumental Cemetery

A twenty- minute walking (always observing the beautiful Milanese buildings, of course, and, maybe, having a gelato along the way!), will take you to the Monumental Cemetery which, as its name tells, is a set of open-air monuments! The works decorating the graves are made of marble, copper, among other noble materials and it is hard to choose the most beautiful one; all of them are grandiose and of unique beauty! A place that deserves a visit.

Perfume Museum

Continuing the tour, what about passing by a spot little known by the tourists: the Perfume Museum. It is not a large or famous museum, but it is very interesting! A different idea of tour. With the afternoon available, it is time to more touring in this city full of charms

Map 02 with the wlaking tour of our second day in Milan

What to visit in Milan in two days?
Source: Google Maps

La Rinascente

If you want to visit another famous mall of Milan, take the subway at Monumentale station and head to Duomo station. From there, with a short walk, you get to the La Rinascente, which is one of the best Italian malls.


  • An unmissable neghborhood in Milan is Navigli. If you want an alternative itinerary in the second day, this is a great option! The place is known as the neighborhood of canals, “the small Venice”. The streets there are on the bank of the Naviglio Grande, which is the canal that crosses the neighborhood; to get there, take the subway and get off at Porta Genova station. It is an excellent option for a lunch/dinner or a coffe break before saying goodbye to the beautiful Milan!
  • The neighborhood’s gateway is the subway station Porta Genova (green line/M2). The New York Times considered Navigli road one of the 12 most beautiful roads in Europe.

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