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What to pack for traveling to Italy?

Let's pack! I will help you in this almost impossible mission! Stay with us and check here all the details on how to pack for your trip to Italy!


What to pack for traveling to Italy?

Traveling is one of the noblest ways to grow personally, getting to know different worlds and cultures. However, every time one of the biggest dilemmas arises when the trip arrives, whatever the destination: what to pack? And now? Here you will learn the step-by-step to solve this problem! See now our Special Post – What to pack for traveling to Italy? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our introduction

Normally, when we pack, we always overdo it by putting a lot of things that we don’t even use in the end. Not all trips are the same, so depending on the type of destination you should put different accessories in the suitcase, but the rule (respected by more experienced travelers) is not to take much, because in the end we will not have time or desire to show specific clothes or looks. And this rule is valid especially when we talk about travel by plane, especially when it comes to international flights. Packing for a plane trip is always the most complicated moment, because you want to take everything, but you must count the kilos allowed by the airlines.

1) What to pack for traveling to Italy? FIRST ADVICE

As a first piece of advice, observe the weather forecast and forecast temperatures at the destination in question, and then make a list of clothes and accessories, from those that have the highest priority to the least important. Find out all about climate in Italy in our blog section on Climate in Italy.

2) What to pack for travelng to Italy? SECOND ADVICE

What do you need to travel to Italy? When planning a trip to Italy, the luggage should not be overly large, as temperatures in Italy are considerably mild (with the exception of winter in the Alps). So, even if there is some variation based on the region you are in, the climate in Italy is generally as beautiful as its landscape. Also read our Special Post on Stations in Italy! How to pack for each season?

3) What to pack for traveling to Italy? THIRD ADVICE

An important thing before taking a trip is to prepare and find out about the place you are going to visit, make sure your passport is up to date (and documents in order) and learn the basics of the Italian language (such as number, equivalent measures and trivial greetings). Even in large Italian cities, the language barrier can become a problem, especially when shopping. Important, read our special post How to get through Italian immigration?

4) What to pack for traveling to Italy? FOURTH ADVICE

Another important point is the choice of suitcase: if traveling by plane, and with an intercontinental flight, it is better to choose a rigid and waterproof suitcase, you must also check the permitted dimensions. In general, airlines do not accept measurements larger than 158 centimeters (both in width, length and depth). After examining these aspects, then you can think about what to pack.

If you are a wine enthusiast and intend to bring wines from Italy be sure to read this post “How to bring wines from Italy?” and find out what kind of suitcase you need to buy. Remember that the wines in Italy, besides being wonderful, can be more affordable than in your country, it is very worthwhile 😉

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What should not be missing in luggage: we have organized almost a traveler’s manual to take only what is necessary. Here is a list that can be useful when you have to pack.

The Perfect Suitcase: Learn the Rules

The preparation of luggage before going on a trip always gives that anxiety, let’s see how to pack and how to take advantage of some small tips collected after so many years traveling around the world. Of course, the composition of the luggage depends on the length of stay, the destination (beach, countryside), the gender of the traveler, the age, whether children are present, etc.

The following guide considers only those items that may apply to all types of baggage, excluding specific cases. The suggestion is to start by making a list of the things to take (just before the trip and on the days before departure). Think as if you are already traveling, in order to simulate the needs that could arise.

Travel List Example

  • underwear (one per day, right?);
  • sockets (a pair a day, right?);
  • bra (at least one for every two or three days);
  • pantyhose (if you go to a more elegant restaurant or event);
  • sleeveless shirt (only if traveling during the summer);
  • T-shirt or shirt (I suggest taking those that do not wrinkle and that, when changing accessories, can be worn both day and night. For example, a T-shirt can be used twice in a single trip – when it is spring or autumn – if to travel in the summer it is better to take an exchange for each day);
  • pants (I suggest taking comfortable pants that match most of your clothes, so that, for example, 4 pants are enough for 10 days);
  • shorts (only if traveling in summer or spring);
  • sweatshirt or jacket (as you prefer, I always recommend taking a zipper sweatshirt to open or close based on temperature);
  • coat (only in winter, and yet one is enough);
  • anorak (if you go in rainy periods);
  • pajamas (only one);
  • comfortable shoes (I suggest a sneaker for the day and a shoe for the night);
  • slipper (a pair for the bath);
  • towel (face and body, preferably microfiber);
  • laundry bag;
  • Camera;
  • cell phone + charger;
  • adapter;
  • Universal adapter;
  • sunglasses;
  • headphones;
  • city guide;
  • printed reservations;
  • copy of documents (leave them separate from the originals).


  • Choose a shirt that fits in the bag that you will be taking at tourist attractions. If it gets cold at night, you will need something to protect yourself from the inevitable drop in temperature when the sun goes down.
  • If it is not late fall or winter, leave the anorak or heavy coat at home.
  • If it is fall or spring, always put a light waterproof jacket in the suitcase (if it is in the warmer months, just a sweatshirt is sufficient).
  • Choose light cotton or linen pants for the summer and jeans or twill for the colder seasons.
  • Separate a portion of shirts with neutral colors, which can be used with pants or skirts (in order to match more easily).
  • T-shirts or shirts with short sleeves are ideal for spring and summer, while long-sleeved shirts and sweatshirts are good for autumn and winter.


  • Always try to carry a copy of your documents and credit card, especially your passport and identity card. Put one in the suitcase and leave the other in the hotel safe.
  • Take your health insurance or health insurance card with you.
  • Write the address of the hotel or place of stay in Italy – in case you have to declare at the airport. Also, if you have programmed it in advance, take the complete itinerary (or leave a copy with friends at home, for security reasons).
  • In Italy, major credit cards are accepted, but it is always a good idea to take some money with you.

Important Suitcase Tip

I would like to highlight this last piece of advice: if, for example, you are carrying two large 23 kg suitcases, plus a small carry-on bag (as is generally allowed by airlines), know that you are not going to use it all. On the contrary, every time you have to take a taxi or use the shuttle service it will be a problem. Imagine that, if 2 people carry 4 large suitcases, plus 2 carry-on bags, you won’t be able to fit all that luggage in a taxi.

Result: you may have to pay for larger transport unnecessarily (and obviously paying more for it)! In addition, every time you have to take a train, you will find it difficult to climb with excessively loaded and heavy luggage!

Is it convenient?

You’re on vacation, just take what you really need! Be aware that almost all hotels have a laundry service, so if in the last case you run out of clothes (with a big suitcase plus a smaller one, I don’t think so), you can also have it washed directly at the hotel.

Last Suggestion

My last suggestion is about the gifts. Buy souvenirs and do your shopping only in the last days (if you are going to Milan, remember that it is the capital of fashion, and if you leave Rome, remember that you many options for stores). If you do this at the end of the trip, shopping will not be a problem and you will certainly enjoy the most of the internal routes!

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What to pack for traveling to Italy? Knowing how to pack properly, you will not carry weight for nothing and will be able to enjoy the best of all times in Italy.

And if you feel insecure or have no time, and need help to organize your trip, do not hesitate to look for me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy. And how can I do that? Continue reading this post until the end and you will understand how can we make your life and journey easier ????

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