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What to do in Vieste?

Do you want to spend days of peace, calm and tranquility, surrounded by the sea and golden sand? Do you want to get to know a historic, beautiful, impressive city? Then your next destination is Vieste!

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What to do in Vieste?

Vieste is an ideal destination for those looking for tranquility and beaches with calm, crystal-clear waters framed by golden sands. In addition, the city offers great tour options and direct contact with an almost untouched nature. Let’s find out more about this little gem called Vieste? Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

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1) What to do in Vieste? VISIT THE BEACHES

Vieste is a dream city , especially for those who do not like the movement of large tourist masses. Vieste is synonymous with tranquility, culture, history and beauties, many beauties! Starting with the nearest beaches in the center, those near the San Lorenzo area in the north towards Peschici and Scialara, also known as ‘the castle’ or ‘the Pizzomunno’, are AMAZING! How about a guided walking tour?

The Gargano Flora Coast

Gargano Flora Coast is one of the most beautiful in the world! The coastline is a mix of white cliffs that offer surprising scenarios such as Trabucchi and the Coastal Towers. Trabucchi are ancient fishing tools made of wood; the Towers, on the other hand, served as observatories and, in the 16th century, represented a fundamental means of defense against the constant attacks of Saracen pirates. If you are a nature lover, you will fall in love: the countryside, with olive trees and rich vegetation, is almost untouched and just steps away from a fresh blue sea! I suggest a bike experience in Gargano!


Another important place in the city is, without a doubt, its historical center , rich in culture, in Punta San Franceso. In the crowded streets, however, it is possible to visit the Cathedral, with its beautiful bell tower that stands guarding the city. Vieste Cathedral is in the highest part of the medieval city, just a few steps away from another important point, the Swabian Castle. Click here and see the map of Vieste!

A little about the Cathedral

The construction of the Cathedral dates from the second half of the 11th century and its architectural style is primitive Romanesque; the architecture of the bell tower, baroque. After repeated sackings by the Saracens, between 1480 and 1554 and the devastating earthquake of 1646, the Cathedral underwent modifications that altered its original appearance, but did not lose its magnificent beauty in any way. Inside, it is possible to see that the Church is divided into three naves with two rows of six columns.

The Church’s works show elements of rudimentary engraving with themes related to the animal and natural world, with various elements such as roosters, birds, horses, dragons and leaves of different types, such as palm and acanthus leaves. The wooden roof took the place of the central nave; also barrel, the painting is entirely made of tempera and represent Our Lady of the Assumption, St George and St Michael Archangel. There is still an image of Our Lady of Merino, made of wood and dating from the 14th century, which, according to tradition, was found by some sailors on the beach in Vieste.

A little about the Swabian Castle

The Swabian Castle is another must-see and is just a stone’s throw from the Cathedral. The castle is on the edge of the old city, on a cliff overlooking the sea and the beautiful beach of Scialara. Today the castle is a military base and limits visitation to the public, but it is possible to visit its outdoor area, which has a breathtaking view! The castle was built by Frederick II in 1242 and was a royal fortress. In the 16th century, it was invaded by Saracens in 1480; it underwent another invasion in 1554, and in 1646 was damaged by an intense earthquake. Its current form is due to measures implemented by the Spaniards between 1535 and 1559.

It is said that the emperor Frederick II stayed there in at least two moments, in 1240 and in 1250. Its plan, triangular in plan, with the north, east and west edges of three bastions of the 16th century and has a spear point. To the south, overlooking the sea, was where the factory, the chapel, a series of houses of people who worked in the castle and a small bastion were located. Recently, it has been the object of several restoration interventions by the Superintendence of Historical and Artistic Heritage of Puglia: it is very valuable to see it deteriorate without doing anything to prevent this from happening.

Map with attractions in Vieste, Apulia

What To Do In Vieste?
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Where to eat in Vieste?

Near the sea, obviously most of the city’s restaurants specialize in seafood dishes, but there are options for all tastes! I will leave here a tip of a simple restaurant, but with a lot of personality. The restaurant is a great choice for those who want to eat well for little money. The portions are hearty, the prices are reasonable and the service is excellent!

The farm

  • Where it is: SP 52 km 8.7 Litoranea Vieste – Peschici, 71019, Vieste, Italy.
  • Hours: every day, from 7:30 pm to midnight.

Tour of the Vineyards with Wine Tasting

  • Immerse yourself in the world of Italian wine on your trip to Vieste. Take a guided tour of the vineyard of a local winery, learn about the grape growing process and wine production, and enjoy a regional wine tasting session …
  • Click here to learn more !

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What to do in Vieste? Vieste is a city that will win over your heart! The city is not known by the large public, but it should be considered for a visit, even if it is brief. If you’re passing through Apulia, close to Foggia, how about a getaway in that magical place? You will love it! Vieste presents itself in a discreet way and, as we know it, she conquers us little by little, with delicacy and, thus, it makes the love for this unique place to be eternalized!

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