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What to do in Verona in one day?

Verona is a city that deserves a little more time to visit, but if time is something you don't have, today we will find out what to do in Verona in one day. Here you will have the best one-day Tour in Verona!

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What to do in Verona in one day?

Verona is famous mainly for its beautiful Arena and the Casa di Giulietta (Juliet’s House), but the city offers a huge range of attractions, historical and cultural sites and presents a charming architecture. Verona is a city that asks us to “calm down” in order to visit it in depth, but it is possible to see the be-all and end-all in just one day. Come on?! Let’s find out what to do in Verona in one day? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


Verona is a work of Italian art in the shape of a city. It is a place full of beauty, charm, historic sites and it offers us a true cultural class. It is said that Verona was founded by the Celts and later became a Roman colony, named Augusta. After being the capital of the ducato during the Lombardo Kingdom, Verona became a colony of Benedictine monks. It hosted one of the most important art schools in Europe and formed Paolo Veronese. How about a 3-hour tour of Verona and a panoramic bike tour?

The city was also the scene of the Veronese Easter, when the French slaughter took place. In 1866 the city was incorporated into the Kingdom of Italy and, thanks to its special structure, Verona ended up becoming a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Its expansion, for more than two thousand years, highlighted Verona as an exceptional city in terms of history and culture at various stages of European history. It was also in Verona that Shakespeare found inspiration for the iconic story of Romeo and Juliet, in the center of the city is the Casa di Giulietta (Juliet’s House), which attracts and enchants thousands of tourists every year. Shakespeare also based another important story in the city: The Taming of the Shrew.

1) What to do in Verona in one day? PIAZZA BRÁ (BRÁ SQUARE)

To start the one-day quick trip in Verona, start at Piazza Brá. It is one of the most famous squares in Italy and is home to the impressive Arena of Verona, a Roman amphitheater in excellent condition and still active today. This is where the best and biggest shows in the city take place, from national and international stars. Here you can also see the beautiful Palazzo della Gran Guardia (Gran Guardia Palace).

2) What to do in Verona in one day? PIAZZA DELLE ERBE (HERBS SQUARE)

Continuing the tour, head to another iconic Veronese square, Piazza Delle Erbe. Keep going on Via Mazzini, you will be able to observe all the architectural richness of this unique city! In the square you can start to see Verona’s Historic Center. Also noteworthy is a tower with 84 meters in height: Torre Dei Lamberti (Lamberti Tower). Be sure to climb high: the view is impressive! On the left side, still in Piazza del Erbe, you can also see the Mazzanti Houses, colorful and full of charm. Because of their colors, they were called urbs picta, that is, a painted city.

Palazzo Maffei (Maffei Palace) and the Cathedral of Santa Maria Matricolare (“St Mary “Matricolare”)

The elegant Palazzo Maffei presents itself in all its glory in the same square, in Baroque style, it is a beautiful construction and with details that attract our eyes even without meaning to. Be sure to also visit the city’s Cathedral, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Matricolare.

Casa dei Mercanti, Fontana Madonna Verona and Casa di Giulietta (Merchants House, Madona Verona Foutain and Juliet’s House)

Still there, you will find Casa dei Mercanti, another charming building. Right in the center of Piazza Delle Erbe, you will find an incredible fountain, the Fontana Madonna Verona, which adorns the square and gives a very special touch to the place. We finally arrived at Casa di Giulietta. Although many think the story is totally fictional, some are surprised to learn that, in fact, the Montecchi and Capuleti families existed.

At Juliet’s house it is possible to see the wonderful terrace from which she made and received vows of love from her beloved Romeo. There, there is a statue of Juliet and, legend has it, that if a person touches the right breast of the statue he will find his love, if the person is already committed, they say that the relationship will never end. There is also a wall nearby where you can deposit your ‘love letters’ with requests related to the heart.

3) What to do in Verona in one day? PIAZZA DEI SIGNORI (LORDS SQUARE)

Leaving Juliet’s house, proceed to Piazza Dei Signori, passing by the magnificent Arco della Costa (Costa Arch), an architectural example of a unique beauty dating from the 17th century. They say that when a person completely pure and without any evil in the heart passes under it, the arch will fall completely! It never fell (lol).

Arco Scaligere and Casa di Romeo (Scaligere Arch and Romeo’s House)

We continue towards Arco Scaligere. It is, in fact, a “mini cemetery”. This is where important members of the Scala Family are buried. The funeral monuments are of a unique beauty and indeed charming. Next door is the Casa di Romeo, an elegant palace with a huge courtyard and many details, mainly in the windows, in Gothic, Romanesque and Renaissance styles that catch our attention.

4) What to do in Verona in one day? CASTELVECCHIO AND THE SCALIGERO BRIDGE

Leaving Casa di Romeo we head to Castelvecchio, which is one of the most beautiful spots in the city. Nearby, we can also see the emblematic Scaligero Bridge, full of details and very attractive. It is of a unique beauty at nightfall. From there, we return to the point of departure, Piazza Brá (Brá Square).

5) What to do in Verona in one day? LUNCH

For a strategic stop for lunch, a great option is the Trattoria Pane e Vino. With typical dishes in a very pleasant environment, the place is very well located and, leaving there, it is possible to continue the tour without any major problems! The flagship of the house is the Risotto di Amarone, a typical Veronese wine. It is even possible to buy bottles of wine made by themselves and at great prices! It is worth it!

  • Where is it? On Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 16 / A.
  • Open Hours: from Wednesday to Monday, from 12:30 pm to 2:15 pm for lunch and from 7:30 pm to 10:15 pm for dinner. It does not open on Tuesdays.
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What to do in Verona in one day? The longer in Verona, the better! Mostly flat, the city is inviting for calm and peaceful walks; but don’t worry if time is short! Along our itinerary it is possible to see, even if quickly, other veronese points of great beauty! If you don’t have much time or prefer to have a quick meal, rest assured: along our itinerary there are several bars that offer good options for delicious snacks and delicacies!

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