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What to do in Venice in winter?

Are you planning a trip to Venice during the winter and don't know what to visit? You will learn right now, because in this post I tell you everything about what to do in Venice in winter!


What to do in Venice in winter?

One of the most famous cities in all of Italy is also one of the least touristy during the winter! We are talking about the gorgeous Venice (Veneto). There are those who are mistaken and think that the city can only be visited during the high season, but we have good news: the city is also amazing during the winter! Today we will know everything to do in Venice in winter! Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our introduction

Venice is enchanting, this is an indisputable fact, but anyone who thinks Venice only has attractions during the summer is wrong: in winter Venice is quiet, elegant and with a very cozy atmosphere!

As a city of reduced dimensions, Venice can be visited in two or three days, depending on what you intend to visit, but during the winter everything is much quieter, as the number of tourists drops considerably – with the exception of Carnival (seasonal event – check the dates before travelling!).

1) What to do in Venice in winter? Visit the Christmas markets

Yes, baby! Venice also offers its visitors the famous Christmas markets! And they are beautiful!

In December Venice is “dressed” for Christmas! Just a short walk through the decorated streets and squares, all lit up and the Christmas spirit will dominate you! And a self-respecting Christmas cannot be without the famous markets, right?

Venice has great Christmas markets, the most famous of which is Campo Santo Stefano. With the Church of San Esteban as a background, in this very special market you will find items of all genres for all tastes and budgets, including the famous Murano glass, made in the neighboring town of the same name! The Venetian masks also appear splendidly there, and one is more beautiful than the other.

Other markets that might be interesting are those in Campo San Polo, Palazzo Zenobio and the one in the Mestre district.

The opening dates for the Christmas markets in Venice (which may change without notice) are between November 25th and January 10th. I suggest that you to ask at your hotel reception about confirmation of dates and times, as they may also change.

2) What to do in Venice in winter? Ice rink in San Polo

Like any city worth its salt: Venice also has an ice skating rink! Needless to say, both locals and tourists LOVE this place, and no wonder: it’s a lot of fun skating there! The rink is set up in December and runs until February (check times and dates, as they may change without notice! You can check the dates clicking here!)

Located in Campo San Polo, the track is a real event, as it also offers other attractions for those traveling in winter!

Attention: it is mandatory to wear gloves on the track! Remember to take your own!

The rink is open every day from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm and you can skate for an hour and a half. Tickets cost 12 euros for adults and 10 euros for children. The address is Campo San Polo – Venezia, 30125.

3) What to do in Venice in winter? Enjoy the Carnival of Venice

Venice Carnival is one of the most famous in the world and takes place during the Venetian winter! With programming for the whole family, the city is filled with colors, costumes and, oh yes, it is FULL OF PEOPLE!

I suggest you check the dates and events on the OFFICIAL VENICE CARNIVAL WEBSITE BY CLICKING HERE, as the schedule changes every year according to the calendar!

The opening of the Venice Carnival is not to be missed! If your travel dates coincide with the beginning of Carnival in Laguna: don’t miss the show on the Grand Canal.

If you intend to visit Venice during Carnival, I suggest you make your reservations – hotel and tickets – in advance, because even though it is “low season”, since we are talking about winter, the city is very popular during this period!

4) What to do in Venice in winter? Watch a show at Teatro La Fenice

That’s right: the most famous theater in Venice offers special programming during the winter! In addition to being a historic theater, beautiful and full of history, watching a show there is a truly unique experience!

The schedule varies according to the days of the week and to choose which show you would like to see, I invite you to access Teatro La Fenice’s schedule by clicking here! Remember to make your reservations in advance, as the theater is also popular with locals!

  • ATTENTION TO THE DRESS CODE: on Season Opening nights, black tie is recommended (tuxedos for men and long dresses for women). On other opening nights formal attire is recommended for ladies and a full suit for men. On nights that are not premieres, more casual clothes are allowed, such as jeans, for example. For performances held in the afternoon, the dress code is relaxed and smart casual is acceptable, but NO shorts or sleeveless T-shirts are ALLOWED!

5) What to do in Venice in winter? BONUS TIP: see the floating nativity scene in Burano

With simplicity and elegance, the incredible nativity scene on the water in Burano was created by Francesco Orazio and Gino Bon, and it is unique! It is made up of 60 hand-painted wooden pieces and are floating in the water of the lagoon, anchored to resist the variation of the tides! It is beautiful, although it is very simple: and that is its special beauty!

Will I get Acqua Alta during winter in Venice?

Well, maybe! The phenomenon takes place all year round, but intensifies during autumn and winter, especially between November and December, and can vary greatly in volume and duration. It is possible that the water reaches one meter or just a few centimeters, as well as it is possible that Acqua Alta lasts from 2 to 6 hours, or just 10 minutes. To know everything about it, you can read our special post about Acqua Alta in Venice.


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Is Venice full during the winter?

During the winter, Italy receives fewer tourists, but it is worth remembering that our peninsula also features the famous Turismo Bianco, that is, tourism dedicated to winter sports lovers and, therefore, the cities can have a certain movement, but nothing compared to to the high season months.

Still, if you’re traveling between Christmas and New Year: make ALL reservations in advance, especially for the holiday eve dinner and lunch! Many places close and some only serve with reservations.

Furthermore: don’t be surprised if you find lines at the entrances to museums, or at the entrance to the city’s main monuments, okay?! Be patient, after all: you are in Venice!

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What to do in Venice in winter? Be surprised! If you intend to travel during the winter and are afraid of “not having anything to do”, don’t worry! As you can see, Venice is also enchanting in the coldest season of the year!

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