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What to do in two or three days in the Dolomites?

Itineraries for one, two or three days of tours in the famous Italian mountain range! Here you can plan the best of your trip for a few days in the Dolomites.

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What to do in two or three days in the Dolomites?

Hi! Welcome again! 🙂 Today we are going to talk about the Dolomites; after all, what are dolomites? Well, the Dolomites (Dolomiti in Italian), form the mountain range of the Eastern Alps in northern Italy and are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its most relevant part is in the province of Belluno, mainly in Bolzano, Trento, Udine and Pordenone. Let’s go to our post of the day: What to do in two or three days in the Dolomites? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patriciayou make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

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The best option to get to know the Dolomites is, without a doubt, by rental car (you can even make a round trip in Venice, which is two hours away!) The Dolomites border Austria and, unlike what many think, are an attraction all year round.

When to go there?

Well, it depends on your personal taste. In the spring, the snow still covers the mountains, so it is possible to ski in some places. In summer, the days are clearer, without so much fog and mist and it is possible to observe the mountains in more detail, the temperature is almost always mild, due to its altitude and because they are immersed in the green. In winter, I suggest you go if you want to ski and play in the snow. It is cold! Very cold! So wrap up! The region has 980 km of ski runs and all of them get crowded! Read also When is the best time to travel to Italy?

Our Starting Point

Today, we are going to present you a two and three-day itinerary considering that you are staying in Cortina D’Ampezzo. The third day will be optional, you can choose to make a 02 or 03-day itinerary depending on your time in that region. Departing from Cortina, take the SR48 road and follow the signs for Dolomiti, the trip takes about 1h20 and the way is very smooth. Note: In winter, some roads may close due to snow and bad weather! Inquire at the hotel reception about road conditions and request a map; it will help you a lot!).

1) What to do in two or three days in the Dolomites? FIRST DAY

When you get to Cortina D’Ampezzo, after being settled properly, visit the Faloria cable car (if the weather cooperates!) and climb its 2,000 meters! From there you can see the city and the imposing mountains that surround it. Continue your trip to the natural lake Misurina; the path between the cities is winding and the rocky walls are a spectacle apart. The highest is the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, 3 thousand meters high. After a lunch break, proceed to Lake Auronzo. Although not natural, its beauty makes the visit worthwhile. Find out here Where to stay in the Dolomites?


  • Try to get to Cortina D’Ampezzo early and take all the routes calmly. The roads, although very well maintained, are full of curves and require care when traveling. If you enjoy hiking, I suggest this tour in Cortina: private full-day hike through the Dolomites!
What to do in two or three days in the Dolomites?
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2) What to do in two or three days in the Dolomites? SECOND DAY

Take the car early and go to visit Val Gardena, which is a small town surrounded by mountains. Considered the most mountainous city in the region, it seems to have come out of a book! Take a walk in the historic center, have a coffee and go on your way! Then we go to Ortisei, there are two famous places for ski lovers: Dolomiti Superski and Sella Ronda. If you go there during the hottest months of the year, don’t worry! Even without all the snow that surrounds it in winter, the city does not lose its beauty!

The Cable Car

Take a fantastic ride up the Funivie Ortisei – Alpe di Siusi cable car! The highlight of the tour! The Alpe di Siusi is the most visited in the region and the landscape is UNIQUE! There, there are some sunbeds, overlooking the mountains, which make us completely forget about everything else in the world!

Useful information

The cable car costs 18.50 (round trip per person). Another option to have an incredible view is the Funivie Seceda Spa cable car. From there you can see the mountains of Trentino, Lombardia and Austria; it is at the foot of the Cisles-odle Natural Park and it is possible to see the ‘pearl’ of the region, the Marmolada mountain. Once there you can choose to spend the rest of the day there or have lunch and head to Santa Cristina. One of the smallest cities in the region has only 1,900 inhabitants and an altitude of 1,430 meters! IT IS BEAUTIFUL! Visit one of the 12th century buildings, the Church of Saint Mary of Bolsena.

Go to the city center and visit the Val Gardena Trail, well known because it was where the train that made the route between the cities passed. Moving on, by car, you arrive at Selva, with its altitude of 1,563 meters is at the feet of Sassolungo, the heart of the Dolomites, being one of the most impressive sets of mountains! Time to back home’! Now it is time for a good dinner and an intense rest for your return from this incredible place!

What to do in two or three days in the Dolomites?
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3) What to do in two or three days in the Dolomites? THIRD DAY

On the third day, if you have chosen to stay in Cortina one more day, take the car and proceed to Passo Tre Croci. There you need to park and walk, but the magnificent view of Lake Sorapis is worth every muscle worked! Put on a very comfortable shoe because the walk takes two hours, O.K.? From there go to Rifugio Col Gallina. The view, as in all the cities there, is worthy of a movie! Oh, have you ever seen on Pinterest, or on several social networks, pictures that show a room surrounded by glass, giving us a view of the entire landscape? By the way, there is a hotel like that! Do you want to know more? Click here! From there proceed to Passo Giau, about half an hour from there. On the way there are some beautiful ‘construction remains’. Stop for some quick photos, the place deserves it! See also The most beautiful lakes in the Dolomites!

What to do in two or three days in the Dolomites?
Source: Google Maps

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What to do in two or three days in the Dolomites? The dolomites are charming and two or three days do not do justice to the various towns scattered around them! Do not be surprised if, after you leave, your heart tells you to give up everything and go live there: the feeling is more normal than you think!

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