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What to do in Treviso in one day?

The capital of the Veneto region is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy and, despite offering us so many attractions, it is possible to visit the unmissable spots of this jewel in one day.

Treviso (Source Pixabay)

What to do in Treviso in one day?

Are you in Treviso , but have little time? No problem! Know that it is possible to visit the most important points of the city in just one day! Today we will take you to the capital of Veneto , which is one of the most charming cities in all of Italy. Shall we get to know what to do in Treviso in one day? Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


Today we head to a charming Italian city , very famous and beloved by tourists and by the Italians themselves! We are talking about the fantastic Treviso! With just over 85,600 inhabitants, Treviso is a city rich in culture, churches and sights that are worth a visit! Close to Venice, it is an excellent option, even, to make a round trip to, or from, the city of lovers! Of course, in just one day, many spots of Treviso will be left out of the list, but with the tour that we set up for you, rest assured that you will know the be-all and end-all of this very special city !

1) What to do in Treviso in one day? VISIT THE SQUARES AND PALACES

Let’s start our tour of the best place in Treviso: its historic center. When I say ‘best’, I don’t mean to take the credit for other attractions, but the heart of the city is, in fact, in its historic center: beautiful, rich in incredible palaces and with a delightful atmosphere!

The Squares and Palaces of Treviso …

The historic Piazza dei Signori (“Square of the Gentlemen”) is stunningly beautiful! Here you can admire the Palazzo dei Trecento (“Palace of the Three Hundred”), which used to be the site of municipal meetings. Also called the Palace of the Region, its construction began in 1185 and only finished in 1268, due to its annex building. The architecture draws our attention and it is impossible not to be speechless. This building extends across the square and joins the Palazzo Podesta (Podesta Palace), where the civic tower with its beautiful 48-meter high tower is located.

Palazzo Podestà was the seat of the Maggior Consiglio (Major Council) and was severely damaged during the bombing of Treviso, on April 7, 1944; after some restorations, it returned to its original shape. Another noteworthy Palace is the Palazzo Pretorio (seat of the City Hall), which was the first seat of the Municipal Library and Art Gallery of the city; it was built in 1847.

2) What to do in Treviso in one day? VISIT PESCHERIA AND THE SAN FRANCESO BRIDGE

From Palazzo Trecento, cross the porch and you will reach the so-called “water zone”, where the Sile River flows. Go ahead and you will be able to see the famous Pescheria, which is an island where the Treviso fish market is located. Here you can also contemplate the beautiful windmills and splendid architecture that present themselves in a unique way! Along the Cagnan Canal, you reach one of the most famous bridges in the city: the San Francesco Bridge.

What to do in Treviso in one day?
Source: Google Maps

3) What to do in Treviso in one day? VISIT THE SAN TOMASO DOOR AND THE CITY WALLS

Continue your tour and go ahead until you cross the entire San Francesco complex ; from here you will arrive at the most worked Venetian door in the city: San Tomaso Door. It is a Venetian-Lombard construction and presents us with a wonderful facade, full of details that show various trophies, coats of arms and carvings rich in details. From there, head to the charming city walls, which you can recognize from the entrance gate. The walls were built in the year 1509 and their main objective was to protect themselves from the attacks of Venice. They were integrated with a hydraulic system, which flooded the passage with the surrounding waters.

4) What to do in Treviso in one day? VISIT THE TREVISO DUOMO

It is impossible to talk about Treviso without mentioning its magnanimous Cathedral, which is located in Piazza Duomo (“Cathedral Square”), and was built on top of a primitive Christian temple, where its remains are still visible on Via delle Canoniche. Inside the Cathedral of Treviso, you can admire a painting by Titian, “The Annunciation”. The cathedral has seven domes, five of which are located in the central nave, and the other two in the chapels of the transept. In neoclassical style, it was dedicated to the apostle Saint Peter.


Leaving the Cathedral, head to the church of San Nicolò (St Nicholas), the second most important in the city! Twelve pillars embellish the majestic building, and its beautiful frescoes stand out. From there, return to the Duomo area and head to Calmaggiore, the most commercial street in Treviso. Here there are shops, bars, restaurants and more. It is a lively place! Entering a arcade on your left, head towards Piazza dei Signori again, but in another path. There you will find the incredible and famous Fontana delle Tette (“Fountain of the Breasts”) that, in the past, when there were parties in the city, distributed wine to residents.

What to do in Treviso in one day?
Source: Google Maps

6) What to do in Treviso in one day? VISIT LODGE OF THE KNIGHTS

Ah, about a few minutes from Piazza dei Signori, you will find Via Martiri della Libertà, where Loggia dei Cavalieri is located. The Portico is a landmark dedicated to the political power of the nobles of the time. It was erected during the podestà period and, until today, it is where many locals gather.

7) What to do in Treviso in one day? VISIT CANALE DEI BURANELI

Treviso presents itself to visitors in a simple way, but with a lot of elegance! Its narrow streets are beautiful and the landscape, which mixes nature and architecture, impresses the most demanding eyes! It is a calm, peaceful and beautiful city. Be sure to also see the Canale dei Buranelli; its houses offer us a very charming landscape and transport us in time.

What to do in Treviso in one day?
Source: Google Maps

How to get to Treviso?

1) How to get to Treviso? BY TRAIN

The central station in Treviso is at Piazzale Duca D’Aosta; you can easily walk through the city from there. Also find out ” What is the difference between trains in Italy?”. Would you like to save? So buy your ticket online in advance and save a lot, read the Post “How to buy a train ticket in Italy?“.

2) How to get to Treviso? BY CAR

You can use the A4 – Torino – Milan-Venice – Trieste, and take the exit for Cessalto, which leads to Treviso; you can also use the A13 – Bologna-Padua and the A27 Venice-Belluno with the following exits: Vittorio Veneto, Conegliano, Treviso Norte and Sul, Mogliano Veneto. It is well signposted and you will have no major problems getting to the city.

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What to do in Treviso in one day? Treviso is the type of city that attracts our eyes, hearts and souls! The city welcomingly opens before us, in a beautiful and friendly way. It is impossible to visit Treviso and not fall in love! If you are near Treviso, be sure to include this city in your itinerary, it is really worth it!

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