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What to do in Rome in winter?

Are you planning a trip to Rome during the winter? So read our post and find out what to do in the Eternal City during the winter!

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What to do in Rome in winter?

Rome is a city without seasonality! Obviously, during the high season (between June and August) it gets even busier, but in winter it also receives many visitors, especially those who like cooler weather. But do you know what to do in Rome in winter? Come with me and I’ll tell you now right now! Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our introduction

Our capital Rome (Lazio) is undoubtedly one of the most visited cities in the world. As it is home to the famous Fiumicino International Airport – one of the main entry points for foreigners in the country – it is a city that facilitates travel even for those who have little time in the city.

Rome is huge and never stops, not even during the winter! And one of the most common doubts of many travelers is: what to do in Rome in winter? Well then: here I am to give you suggestions so that you can enjoy your trip to Rome in winter in the best possible way! Ready? Let’s go!

1) What to do in Rome in winter? Visit the Christmas markets

A European tradition also adopted by Italy are the incredible and delicious Christmas markets! In Rome one of the most famous is the Christmas market in Piazza Navona. It is very traditional and deserves a visit, not to mention that it is in an iconic Roman spot.

It takes place in the historic center of the city in a splendid baroque setting “led” by the church of Santa Agnese and the Palazzo Pamphili, next to the well-known Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi by Bernini – which it happens to be one of the most beautiful Fontana in the city. Also read: What to do in Rome at Christmas?

The tour is worth it because in addition to the beautiful stalls scattered around, they organize a large one, set up a carousel, and there are several varieties of street food.

There are also several performances by street artists and the kids love it! The little market is organized from the first of December and runs until the sixth of January. It works from 10:00 am to 01:00 am.

For a list of all the Christmas markets in Rome, you can click here!

2) What to do in Rome in winter? Visit one of the Ice Park villages

Do you like to skate in the snow? Although it rarely snows in Rome, there are some special spaces in the city for those who love ice skating. We are talking about the Ice Park Roma project.

The Ice Park village is a project of thematic spaces designed to satisfy the different needs of the public and this includes everything from entertainment for children, special programming for teenagers and attractions for adults too! The activities are, for the most part, sensory and, of course, the big attraction is the ice skating rink.

There are four address options, but one of them that is very well located is Piazza Re di Roma – in fact, the ease of getting there also pays off: it is next to the homonymous metro station. Tickets cost between 8 and 12 euros, and the spaces are open from 10:00 am to 00:00 am, every day from December 8th to the end of January.(*)

(*) Always check schedules and availability according to the current year! To check all the information, you can click here! 

3) What to do in Rome in winter? Enjoy Italian foods!

Who doesn’t love to eat? And is there a better “excuse” to enjoy a hot chocolate after a long walk in the cold?

Well, well, well! Here’s the perfect “excuse” to get away from the diet (but no exaggeration!). Take advantage of the aforementioned Christmas markets to enjoy hot chocolate, panettone and even nougat.

Where to eat panettone in Rome?

A divine panettone is from Casa Manfredi! Inspired by the traditional Milanese panettone, Casa Manfredi’s panettone melts in your mouth and is incredibly light! Like the idea? Just go to Viale Aventino, 91/93 and enjoy!

Are you into the nougat?

Then your destination is to go to Pasticceria Carmignani, at Via Monte Cervialto, 45. They sell one of the best nougats in all of Italy! We know that nougat is very particular, right? You either love it or hate it, but this one is different from all the ones you’ve ever eaten: soft, tasty, fresh… it is worth tasting Carmignani’s nougat. Also read: Where to Eat Well in Rome? 

Are you #TeamHotChocolate?

You can have it in hot chocolate in every Roman bars, but there is a very special place to taste THE Roman hot chocolate: Grezzo Raw Chocolate! It’s almost like a cream, really velvety: AMAZING! With a magnificent flavor, at the perfect temperature, it’s hard to have just one! Where to go? Via Urbana, 130.

BÔNUS TIP: Typical food you must try in Rome.

Also read: 


Watch this video to know where to eat the best Tiramisù in Rome!

4) What to do in Rome in winter? Visit the Roman Museums

That Rome is full of museums, everyone already knows, but during the winter the movement drops considerably – because many people don’t want to face the cold and go outside and, therefore, the museums are emptier, that is: if you don’t like from large tourist masses, from crowded places, and want to take a more cultural tour, choose a museum and have fun!


You can also visit the amazing Romans churches!

To check some of them:

  • Good to remember… guys, the cold in Rome has very low temperatures! To give you an idea: in December the minimum temperature is, on average, 4ºC and the maximum does not exceed 13ºC. Remember to take your umbrella, as it is a very rainy month in the Italian capital. In January, the temperature can drop even more, reaching 3 degrees and not exceeding 10! In other words, go bundled up! In February the temperatures are still low, between 3 and 14 degrees, so: take your cap! Want to know what the weather is like in Italy month by month? Read this post!

Is Rome full in the winter?

Although the number of tourists drops considerably in Italy during the winter (without considering the ‘white tourism’, that is, tourism in places with a large volume of snow), I reinforce that Rome always has many people circulating.

That said: don’t be surprised if you find lines at the entrances to museums, or at the entrance to the main Roman monuments, remember that Rome is one of the main Italian cities and is home to one of the main international airports in all of Europe, Fiumicino, so , if you take more crowded places, be patient, ok?!

Watch this video and learn: 

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What to do in Rome in winter? Traveling during the winter can be perfect for those who like milder temperatures. Contrary to what many people think, the cities prepare themselves and offer several attractions developed especially for the coldest season of the year, maintaining the whole tradition of delicious Italian reception!

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