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What to do in Polignano a Mare in one day?

One of the most famous and beloved cities in the Puglia region, Polignano a Mare is a must-see and offers impressive beauties. Today we'll get to know what to do in one day in Polignano a Mare.


What to do in Polignano a Mare in one day?

The Puglia region, located in southern Italy, is the ‘heel of the boot on the map of Italy. Full of natural beauty, a mixture of beaches and mountains, large and small cities, but they all have something in common: an impressive beauty. One of the region’s jewels is the splendid Polignano a Mare, and today we’ll get know what to do in one day in this very special city. Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Gorgeous video of Polignano a Mare, in Puglia!

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Choosing a region to visit in Italy is definitely not an easy task, but in all Italian regions, we always find THAT city that cannot be left out of the list and, in the case of Puglia, this city is the magnificent Polignano a Mare . With almost 18,000 inhabitants, Polignano a Mare is impressive. In 2018, the city received the Blue Flag, which is a recognition given by the Environmental Education Foundation to European beaches that meet various quality criteria relating to various parameters such as beach cleanliness and tourist receptivity. And when we talk about beaches, Polignano gives us a real beauty lesson! How about a 1.5 hour cave tour by boat in Polignano a Mare? Click here to learn more!

1) What to do in Polignano a Mare in one day? VISIT THE CLOCK TOWER AND THE MOTHER CHURCH

Well, it’s practically impossible not to start the tour through the Historic Center of the city. Its stairs, that take and bring tourists and residents, and the panoramas that the city offers us are its charm, which meet the city walls and form a pleasant, attractive and very poetic city. Don’t be afraid to get lost in the tangled lanes of Polignano. Here, you can see the wonderful architecture of different peoples who left their heritage throughout the city: Arab, Spanish, Byzantine and Norman. In the main square, the Clock Tower and the 16th century stone nativity scene with life-sized statues, located in the Mother Church, catch our attention.

2) What to do in Polignano a Mare in one day? TAKE PHOTOS IN LAMA MONACHILE AND CALA PORTO

Take advantage of being there in the historic center and go to the most photographed spot and one of the most famous in Polignano a Mare: Lama Monachile. It’s a ‘crime’ to leave town without passing through here! A place that has a beautiful view of the sea; the high rock where it is located also offers us access to the beach and is impressively beautiful. It actually looks like a painting. If you want to go down, you get to Cala Porto and then forget everything you know about beauty, review all your concepts and fall in love! The stretch is not big and offers you an incredible view of the sea caves that appear on the cliff. When you look at the houses facing the sea, you will want to drop everything and live there: the feeling is common among 10 out of 10 people who pass by!

3) What to do in Polignano a Mare in one day? VISIT THE STATUE OF DOMENICO MODUGNO

Continuing the tour, visit the famous statue of Domenico Modugno. Domenico was a singer and was born in the city, which is why he received this honor – more than fair – from the city of Polignano. This statue was designed and built by the Argentine sculptor Hermann Mejer, and presents itself with open arms, giving us the impression that Modugno wanted to sing and (charm!) the locals and tourists with his famous and lively song, “Volare”; the song became famous in 1958, after being performed in Sanremo. Who doesn’t know it, right?

4) What to do in Polignano a Mare in one day? VISIT THE BEACHES

The beaches are an attraction in themselves! It’s hard to choose the most beautiful one! It’s worth taking a break from the tour and taking the opportunity to relax and enjoy the beach atmosphere of the region.

Lama Monachile and Cala Paura

One of the most beautiful is that of Lama Monachile, which we mentioned earlier. Another beach worth mentioning is Cala Paura, in the city center and surrounded by caves to be explored. There you can also watch the movement of anglers, who every day go out to fish in the high seas.

Ponte Lapilli, Porto Cavallo and San Vito

Ponte Lapilli beach is also one of the best beaches in Polignano; with its rocky cliff that serves as a frame for this splendid place, it impresses with its almost untouched beauty. Another good option is Porto Cavallo beach. One of the few beaches with sand, since – mostly – the beaches around here have small rocks. Porto Cavallo is in the heart of Polignano and is well worth the visit. It’s impossible not to mention the beach of San Vito, which is just 3 kilometers from the city and is fascinating.

Golden Tip

  • Beaches, especially in summer, are crowded! So if you want to ensure your spot, get there early, OK? Discover our section Climate in Italy!

5) What to do in Polignano a Mare in one day? DISCOVER THE CAVES OF POLIGNANO A MARE

What about the sea caves of Polignano a Mare? Magnificent! You can find several of them, and all of them are always present in the list of the most beautiful caves in Italy, because, in fact, they impress. One of the most beautiful is the Grotta Azzurra, which looks like a painting. And the most famous one, however, houses a luxury restaurant inside. We are talking about the Grotta Palazzese – to learn everything but the kitchen sink about this splendor, I invite you to read our Special Post: Polignano a Mare and the romantic restaurant inside a grotto

Map of the walking route through Polignano a Mare

What To Do In Polignano A Mare In One Day?
Source: Google Maps

Golden Tips:

  • Are you in Polignano without a car? Go by ape! What is an ape? They are small three-wheeled vehicles that take you to and from Polignano a Mare. It accommodates two passengers and is a delight, especially in the countryside, offering a beautiful panoramic tour. You will discover the traditions, folklore and, above all, the history of the inhabitants, on a journey through time aboard the Ape Calessino. Do you want to learn more? Click here!
  • Are you by car? How about a tour in Alberobello? Just 30 minutes by car from Polignano a Mare, it’s another worth-visiting city! Do you want to learn more before including it in your itinerary? Read our post: Shall we get to know Alberbello, the city of Trulli?

How to get to Polignano a Mare?

1) How to get to Polignano a Mare? BY AIRPLANE

The closest airport to Polignano a Mare is Bari Airport, which is 51.4 km away. From there you can rent a car and move easily throughout Puglia. To save money, I advise you to stay in Brindisi😉

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2) How to get to Polignano a Mare? BY TRAIN

Departing from Bari station, there are several train options for Polignano a Mare, with regular departures every 30 minutes. The stop, of course, bears the name of the city, it is in the city center and, from there, it is super easy to reach all the sights presented in this text. Also find out “What is the difference between trains in Italy?”. Would you like to save? So buy your ticket online in advance and save a lot, read the Post “How to buy a train ticket in Italy?“.

3) How to get to Polignano a Mare? BY CAR

From all regions, use the A14 highway; take the SS116 exit (E55) and follow signs to Polignano. The road is very well signposted and, rest assured, you won’t have any major problems getting to the city. Also read TRAVELING BY CAR IN ITALY: EXAMPLES OF TOURS.

Traveling by car in Italy

How about if I give you a rental car option? Are you ready for it? If you are renting a car be sure to read our posts in the section Driving in Italy on the blog Your Travel to Italy. In addition to car itinerary tips, we have everything about signage, tolls, roads and many more tips.

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What to do in Polignano a Mare in one day? Getting to know a city like Polignano a Mare is a very special opportunity. If you get this chance, don’t miss it, because you can be sure: it’s VERY worth it! And if you feel insecure or have no time, and need  help to organize your trip ,   do not hesitate to look for me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy. And how can I do that? Continue reading this post until the end and you will understand how can we make your life and journey easier.

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