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What to do in one day in Cortona?

A stupendous city, the stage for classic literature and cinema, and with countless beautiful landscapes for the tourist to be dazzled. Today we will present the best of the attractions in Cortona for you to enjoy your day!


What to do in one day in Cortona?

Welcome! As usual, it is great to have you here! You certainly remember actress Diane Lane in the beautiful film ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’, right? Perhaps you have read Frances Mayes’ book. Don’t you know what I’m talking about? So, a personal tip: before embarking on this trip, watch this movie (or read the book!) To get in the mood of this wonderful Tuscan town. Let’s go to our post of the day? What to do in a day in Cortona, Tuscany? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patriciayou make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our introduction

Cortona is 600 meters high, on top of a hill and is close to Arezzo. The famous Villa Laura, mentioned in the works I mentioned above, is in Bramasola, a few kilometers from the center. If you are driving, it’s easier to visit, otherwise, don’t even look for it! Take a 2-hour private walking tour of Cortona! Click here to learn more!

The ideal to get the most out of what this city can offer is to stay there for at least two days, but let’s consider the short time and see what we can do in Cotorna in one day! The city with just over 20,000 inhabitants is very quiet, with that small town atmosphere, where everyone knows each other; it is surrounded by huge staircases and one of the few plains is on Via Nazionale, the main street in the city. Also read: Castles to stay in Italy?

1) What to do in one day in Cortona, Tuscany? VISIT THE CITY WALLS

Be sure to see the city walls, from the 4th century BC, which served as protection against invaders; the oldest part of this huge wall, with amazing pieces of stone, is visible from Porta Colonia and Porta Santa Maria. With its Etruscan base, it underwent some modifications, but nothing that detracted from its beauty and, at the time, efficiency. Another important location is the Porta Bifora, built in the 2nd century BC. How about a Traditional Italian Cooking Class? Click here to learn more!

2) What to do in one day in Cortona, Tuscany? VISIT THE CHURCH OF SAINT AUGUSTINE

Take the opportunity also to visit the monumental Church of St Augustine! Unfortunately it is not possible to access the interior of the Church, but its facade is very well preserved and worth visiting.

3) What to do in one day in Cortona, Tuscany? VISIT PIAZZA DELLA REPUBLICCA

One of the points that drew the most attention in the film ‘Under the Tuscan sun’ was Piazza Della Republicca (“Republic Square”). There, the cardo and the decumanus crossed, forming a North-South, East-West axis in Roman times, it was also there where the Roman Forum was, in all its majesty. The square also houses the Palazzo Del Capitano Del Popolo (“Palace of the People’s Capitain”), which in the 16th century served as a residence for Cardinal Passerini. Nowadays, right there, a post office operates. Nearby, in the same square, is the Palazzo Comunale (“Town Hall”), which in the 12th century was used as a kind of den where political, economic and social meetings took place.

4) What to do in one day in Cortona, Tuscany? VISIT PIAZZA SIGNORELI

If you are there on a Saturday, enjoy the fair at Piazza Signoreli (Signorelli Square). In this same square is the Casalli Palace (where the Museum of the Etruscan Academy) is located), and a few meters away it is possible to see the Signorelli Theater. Without getting too far, visit the Church of St Mary of the Assumption, the city’s Duomo (Cathedral). It is beautiful! The inside of the Church is all based on Brunelleschi architecture. It has three naves, all with huge columns, and is filled with works of sacred art, many of which were taken to the Diocesan Museum, which is opposite the Duomo. Walking a little further, you arrive at the Church of St Francis, built in 1247 by Friar Elias. The remains of the Holy Cross are preserved there, as well as having many Baroque altars and a marble main altar. Read also, Shall we get to know Tuscan enogastronomy?

5) What to do in one day in Cortona, Tuscany? VISIT THE FORTEZZA DEL GIRIFALCO (GIRIFALCO FORTRESS)

Another building with the objective of defending itself against invaders is the Fortezza del Girifalco, from 1556, at the behest of the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Cosimo I de Medici. It was built in the highest part of the city and never underwent any attack. The trapezoid-shaped fortress was based on the ancient ruins of Etruscan, Roman and medieval forts. It underwent a restoration and now houses a museum. Read also, Wine routes in Tuscany?

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How to get to Cortona?

From Arezzo, it is possible to get there by train, bus or taxi (if you are not traveling with a rental car; if you are, just follow the road signs!). Visit our section on Driving in Italy!

1) How to get to Cortona? BY TRAIN

Go to the Arezzo station and take the train towards Foligno or Chianciano Terme; get off at Camucia-Cortona station. The ticket costs 3.40 euros and the frequency of trains is about one and a half hours. The trip takes about 20 minutes from there to Cortona.

Also find out “What is the difference between trains in Italy?”. Would you like to save? So buy your ticket online in advance and save a lot, read the Post “How to buy a train ticket in Italy?“.

2) How to get to Cortona? BY BUS

Take it at the central train station in Camucia, the bus is number 06 and has few exits, so pay attention to the timetable. Remember that this bus operates only from Monday to Saturday. Sundays and holidays the buses don’t work, O.K.? The ticket costs 2 euros and the trip takes about 1h15min.

3) How to get to Cortona? BY TAXI

I suggest you take a taxi when you are already at the train station in Camucia. The average price to Cortona will be 25 euros, a 15-minute drive.

Watch this video and learn: What is the average cost of a day in Italy?

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What to do in one day in Cortona, Tuscany? Regardless of having been the setting for one of the most beautiful films shot in Italy, Cortona maintains its ‘low profile’ status as a small, welcoming city, full of charms and special corners!

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