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What to do in Milan in winter?

Going to Milan in the winter? Then this is the perfect post for you! What to do in Milan in winter? Let's find out now!

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What to do in Milan in winter?

Milan, capital of Lombardy, is a huge city that never stops, not even during the winter! Due to its international airport, Malpensa, Milan is practically a city without seasonality! Of course, the city is much busier during the high season (between June and August), but getting to know Milan during the winter can be a great option for those who prefer something quieter. But do you know what to do in Milan in winter? Come with me and find out now! Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our introduction

Milan (Lombardy) is a city full of sights, beauty, culture, history and fun! Considered the capital of Italian fashion, Milan is a city full of energy, which never stops and offers us a huge range of attractions, day and night, all year round! It is also one of the most visited cities in the world, home to the busy Malpensa International Airport, being one of the main gateways for foreigners to enter Italy (alongside Fiumicino in Rome).

Many have no idea of the immensity of the city, but it is easy to move around it, as Milan has an excellent public transport network. Without further ado, let’s know what to do in Milan in winter! Also read: How to Use Public Transport in Milan?

1) What to do in Milan in Winter? Visit the little-known Civic Aquarium

Few know it, but Milan is home to one of the oldest aquariums in Europe, opened in 1906: the Civic Aquarium of Milan.

Milan’s Civic Aquarium is also a Hydrobiological Station and is located in a Viennese Art Nouveau building, right next to the Civic Arena in Sempione Park; it was restored and reopened in 2006, on its centenary. Also read: What to visit in Milan in two days? 

What will you find there?

The space includes exhibition-pedagogical itineraries with numerous fresh and marine water tanks containing more than one hundred species of aquatic species. The site also houses a library that is one of the most prestigious in the field of marine biology.

The aquarium is part of the Exhibition Area and Scientific Museums of the Municipality of Milan and promotes research and dissemination activities in the area of aquatic sciences, offering courses, lectures and other attractions for those who are in the area.

The ticket costs five euros and you can buy it in loco, but I suggest you buy it in advance to avoid queues and waits. You can buy tickets by CLICKING HERE! For further information such as address and opening hours (which may change without notice), visit the official website of the Civic Aquarium of Milan.

2) What to do in Milan in Winter? Visit the Villaggio delle Meraviglie

One of the most beautiful places in Milan during the winter is the Village of Wonders (Villaggio delle Meraviglie). For those who LOVE Christmas, this place MUST be on your itinerary in Milan during the winter!(*)

The event presents us with a magical winter, full of magic and everything is very special! It usually happens every year and delights children and adults. It also offers visitors an ice skating rink, the Santa Claus House, nightly shows, and all the magic that only Christmas can bring us! Are you in Milan between November and January? So, include this tour in your itinerary.

  • Good to know…

It is good to remember that the event is held temporarily and, therefore, before going there, check the dates and times (which may change without notice) BEFORE your trip. To check this information, as well as other information such as the address and how to get there, visit the event’s official website by clicking here! Oh: it is mandatory to purchase the ticket in advance! The entrance costs 12 euros for adults and 10 for children! To buy your tickets, click here!

(*)Always check schedules and availability according to the current year!

3) What to do in Milan in Winter? Visit the Bagni Misteriosi

In Milan there is a very special place! I’m talking about Teatro Franco Parenti and in its courtyard, the theater offers something extraordinary: the Bagni Misteriosi.

Bagni Misteriosi offers an elegant chalet that impresses with its beauty and winter atmosphere! It is a unique place in Milan, and also features a large Christmas tree and a small ice skating rink, which floats like a feather in a pool!

It’s dinner time!

In addition, you can also enjoy an incredible dinner (extra charged) in a fully heated structure that offers you an incredible view of the fountain’s waters. The restaurant responsible for the menu is the Gud Milano, which will serve its special winter menu with polenta, apple cider and typical dishes, in a delicious and very charming way! Also read: Must Try Local Cuisine in Milan

For the little ones there are creative workshops, shows and animation with the Bim Bum Brunch on Sundays. It is also possible to visit the Miniature Theater with fun and joyful puppets!

For more information about ticket prices, times, and to buy your tickets in advance, you can visit the event’s official website by clicking here!

4) What to do in Milan in Winter? Skydiving Simulation

Do you like extreme sports? Want to “fly” in Milan? So this is your ride and nobody takes it away from you! How about simulating skydiving in the Lombard capital? We’re talking about Aero Gravity!

Aero Gravity is the only vertical wind tunnel in Italy and will allow you to live the experience of “flying” in a crystal cylinder 8 meters high! All the wind is generated by powerful turbines that, together, reach 370 km/h, being able to overcome the force of gravity and “throw” you into the heights! Want to know what it feels like to free fall, without taking any risks? Try this tour!

Tickets start at 54 euros, there is an option for groups and children, and you can book your flight by visiting the company’s official website by clicking here!

5) What to do in Milan in Winter? BONUS TIP!

Visit the Duomo’s Terrace! The tour is WONDERFUL and offers an amazing view over the city! Read our special post on How to Visit The Milan Duomo Terrace, and watch this video:

  • Good to remember… the cold in Milan has very low temperatures, and it can snow at any time! To give you an idea: in December the minimum temperature is, on average, 2ºC and the maximum does not exceed 10ºC. Remember to take your umbrella, as it is a very rainy month too. In January, the temperature can drop even more, reaching 0 degrees and not exceeding 8! In other words, be well dressed! In February the temperatures are still low, between 4 and 14 degrees, so: take your hat! Want to know what the weather is like in Italy month by month? Read this post: Month by Month Climate in Italy. 

Is Milan full in the winter?

Although the number of tourists drops considerably in Italy during the winter, keep in mind that Milan is a great gateway for those who want to do bianco tourism, that tourism dedicated to the snow location, so – almost – there are always many people circulating , especially on roads and train stations.

In other words: don’t be surprised if you find lines at the entrances to museums, or at the entrance to the main monuments in the city, ok?! Be patient!

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What to do in Milan in winter? If you plan to travel during the winter and plan to visit Milan: prepare to be amazed, because Milan will enchant you! Maybe you’re lucky and get Milan under the snow! The city is even more beautiful!

And if you feel insecure, have no time, and need help to organize your trip, don’t hesitate to contact me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy come true. And how can I do that? Keep reading this post until the end and you will understand how we make your life and your trip much easier!

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