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What to do in Florence when it rains?

Florence is a city to visit on days without rain, but if you get caught in the rain while you're there, know what to do! We have prepared a list here with perfect options for rainy days in Florence.

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What to do in Florence when it rains?

Anyone traveling to Italy between November and February should already be aware that the chance of encountering rain on the way is great, as it is the rainy season in the beautiful country in the shape of a boot, but the good news is that the city also offers some attractions for the grayest days. Shall we find out what to do in Florence when it rains? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


Florence is an open-air museum, and, therefore, visiting the city in the rain is not very pleasant, however, as we said, the rains in Italy occur between November and February, and if you travel during this period, it is good to go prepared with a plan B. Florence offers good options for those who don’t like to get wet. If you belong to the “up-for-anything” group, an umbrella, galoshes, and raincoats solve your problems! As many people ask me, ‘what to do in Florence when it rains?’ I decided to do this post to help anyone who goes to Italy during the rainy season, and today we’re going to find out what to do in Florence when it rains. Also, visit our section on Accommodation in Italy!

Important to Know

When the rains are VERY intense, the Civil Defense asks people to avoid going through the city, either on foot or by car. Public transport is suspended for security reasons, and the city literally STOPS! So, if you are in Florence and the alert is issued, follow the instructions, alright?! Stay at the hotel! The hotel staff will give you guidance, don’t worry! Check out our section on Climate in Italy!

2) What to do in Florence when it rains? SHOPPING

Take advantage of the “excuse of the rain” and don’t be in a hurry! Below are some options we propose. Also remember to read our post: Where to shop in Florence?

Clothing and accessories

One of the coolest places for clothes and accessories is the Flo Concept, which offers very charming items. If you want to buy leather, you can go straight to the factory. The Piero Tucci store opens the doors of its factory to the public and offers bags, shoes, wallets, and accessories of extreme good taste at very fair prices; it even opens for a technical visit that shows how everything is done (it is necessary to schedule a visit to the factory).


How about buying ceramics? In the traditional Ricceri, you can make your purchases and request that they be delivered directly to your country! It is not a cheap service, of course, but at least you know that your piece will arrive in one piece. (* on request / availability).


For lovers of perfumes and, best of all, those UNIQUE ones, how about a walk in some handmade perfumery? The best in the city are Florence Parfum and Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella. Both offer a world of delicious aromas, and you will spend hours there wanting to discover them all.

Stationary store

If you are a stationery freak, be sure to visit Il Papiro, with items that are mostly handmade and one more beautiful than the other! Another very cool place, which also restores books, is Abacus. There you will also find notebooks, document holders, photo albums, and EVERYTHING is handmade! They are beautiful and unique pieces!

3) What to do in Florence when it rains? VISIT A LIBRARY

One of the most beautiful libraries in Italy, offering a fantastic view of the city’s Cathedral Dome, is the incredible Biblioteca delle Oblate (Oblate Library). Here you will find impressive works of great historical value, as well as being able to enjoy the view with the rain that falls outside! It is worth the visit!

4) What to do in Florence when it rains? VISIT THE CENTRAL MARKET

A visit to the Central Market in Florence is a must when in Florence, especially if it is raining! With great options for delicious food, the market offers great prices and a great location. If you don’t know where to eat on a rainy day, here’s the tip! There is pasta, meat, vegetarian food, wines, beers. The difficulty will be what to choose! Also read the post: Where to eat well while paying little in Florence?

5) What to do in Florence when it rains? WITH KIDS? FOLLOW OUR TIPS …

Aaahhh, the kids! There are those who despair when we talk about the combination ‘rain and children’, but the fact is, if you’re in Florence: calm your heart! Great options can be found for those with small children, among them, the Galileo Museum is fantastic! Children love it and spend hours distracted there! Another very interesting museum, especially for those who love numbers, is the Archimede Museum! The little ones are distracted, have fun, and, like mom and dad, they also learn a lot from the theaters, origami classes, and much more. It’s really worth it!

If you get hungry in the middle of the afternoon, a very nice place for those with children is Mama’s Bakery. There, in addition to a playroom, you will find a menu full of delicious things for you and them! Also read the post: What to do in Florence with children?

6) What to do in Florence when it rains? TOURISTIC BUS FLOOR

Do you want to feel like a tourist? Do you want to forget that ‘live like the locals’ story? Well, take a tourist bus! For a very complete panorama of Florence, you can use a tourist bus called Hop-on Hop-off. The coolest thing about this type of bus is that you can get off and on the bus again at all its stops. It passes by the most famous sights of Florence, and, on a rainy day, it is very worth a ride!


  • A rainy day can also be great for you to explore the city by bus! Take a bus and make an uncompromising tour, observing the architecture, beauty, and all the details of this fantastic city that is Florence!

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What to do in Florence when it rains? Florence can also be charming and delicious with a light rain! The city offers tourists great tour options, even on a rainy day. If none of this appealed to you: don’t feel guilty about spending all day in your hotel bed watching movies on TV, it’s also delicious! ; )

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