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What to do in Florence in winter?

Traveling to Florence in winter can be a great option for those who prefer indoor and less crowded places. Today I tell you what to do in Florence in winter.

Beautiful winter cityscape of Florence with Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore on the background, as seen from Piazzale Michelangelo. Italy.

What to do in Florence in winter?

When we talk about Florence, we are talking about culture, art, unparalleled beauties, and, during the winter, cold! Very cold! Although the low temperatures scare away some visitors, they attract many others, as the city also works well in the coldest periods of the year, and, if you’re lucky, you can have Florence almost all to yourself as the great tourist mass dissipates during the winter. But a doubt always comes into the minds of those who intend to travel to the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance: what to do in Florence in winter? Well, you’ll find out right now! Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our introduction

Florence in the winter is a delight! Unless you’re not a fan of the cold weather! Even so, if you prefer to visit the places of greatest tourist interest in a more relaxed way, it might be a good idea for those who don’t like the big crowds so much. Also read: Seasons in Italy – How to pack?

As it is a city where most of the attractions are concentrated in the historic center, the flow of people can be intense even during the winter; however, it does not compare with the immense tourist mass that dominates the city between July and August, the high season in Italy. But, after all, what to do in the winter in Florence? Also find out what to do in winter in Venice, Milan and Rome!

1) What to do in Florence in winter? VISIT THE MUSEUMS!

Although all are air conditioned, during the summer the number of tourists is huge compared to the same number of tourists during the winter, so going to the museum is a great idea! Florence offers incredible museums filled with art, culture, history, and magnificent buildings. Some of the museums are huge, so you can spend hours there without worrying about the cold outside! Like the idea? Then read this post: Let’s Visit the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. 

2) What to do in Florence in winter? VISIT THE CHURCHES!

If you have no idea which church to visit, I leave here a suggestion of four beautiful churches in Florence for you to visit during the winter.

Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore

In addition to the Duomo of Florence, which is the beautiful Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence is full of churches; the city has about 100 churches! It’s hard to choose which is the most beautiful of them, but some are small and don’t call our attention; others, however, are monumental!

Church of Santa Maria Novella

The second is the Church of Santa Maria Novella. It is there that you can admire three beautiful works of art: the Crucifix by Giotto, the Trinity by Masaccio, and the frescoes by Ghirlandaio. The ticket costs 7.50 and is worth every penny!

Santa Croce Church

Another one that deserves a visit is the Church of Santa Croce. This is a very special church, as it is here that the remains of great Italian names such as Michelangelo, Machiavelli, Rossini, and Galileo Galilei are kept. The ticket price to enter the church is 8 euros.

Basilica of San Lorenzo

To close our list: visit the Basilica of San Lorenzo It is, in fact, a monumental complex and is home to the famous Medici Chapels. In the Chapels it is possible to visit the remains of several members of one of the most powerful families in all of Italy. The ticket costs 7 euros. Read also: What to do in Italy during winter?

3) What to do in Florence in winter? ENJOY TUSCANY CUISINE!

Florence is the capital of one of the biggest wine-producing regions in Italy: our beloved Tuscany. And, of course, when we talk about Tuscany, it’s impossible not to mention them: the incredible, special, and impeccable wines! To have a nice Chianti, for example, how about a traditional Bistecca alla fiorentina?

Or who knows about a delicious “pappardelle” with wild boar sauce? Trust me, you won’t regret it! Want to know more about the typical food in Florence? So I invite you to read our special post: Typical food you must try in Florence!

4) What to do in Florence in winter? ICE SKATING!

Did you know that the longest ice rink in Europe is in Florence during the winter? So it is! With its 320 (!!!!) meters, the track is in Fortezza Da Basso Park, around a lake, and in addition to being a lot of fun, it offers us a beautiful view! Needless to say, kids go crazy, right?! Oh, the adults too! Find out here Where to See Snow Near the Main Italian Cities! and Where to ski in Italy?

5) What to do in Florence in winter? ENJOY THE WINTER PARK!

You might be thinking, What? Well… I’ll explain! During the winter Florence presents several attractions made especially for this period and, one of them, is the Palaghiaccio Giglio Bianco (formerly Winter Park). With indoor skating rinks, which is another option for those who prefer skating indoors.

Consult the months of operation before your trip, ok?! It’s good to remind people that this is a seasonal event. It opens from 1:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. and is located at Via Lungarno Aldo Moro, 7. For more information about the event, you can click here!

How is winter in Florence?

As we said at the opening of the post, it’s cold! Very cold! The average temperatures stay between 6 and 7°C, and it is not difficult to reach 3 in the morning and can reach 11 during the day. Click here to find out what the weather is like in Italy!


It is good to remember that, during the winter in Italy, it gets dark very early, around 5 p.m.; that’s it. Wake up a little earlier to make the most of the day.

If you travel between December and January, pay attention to the end and beginning of the year holidays, as public transport and establishments may change its opening hours during this period – be aware that some places are closed on the following days:

  • December 25th: Christmas Day.
  • December 26th: Santo Stefano.
  • January 1st: New Year’s Day.
  • January 6th: the Epiphany.

Golden tip

If you LOVE a discount, remember that at the end of the year there are sales periods in Italy! Practically all stores offer excellent discounts on their merchandise! We have two very special posts on the subject: Where to shop in Florence and What are the best outlets in Italy?

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What to do in Florence in winter? Many things! And all very interesting, fun and that will make you love having chosen to travel to the cradle of the Renaissance during the low season!

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