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What to do if I lose my credit card in Italy?

You asked it, we did it: a special post on what to do if you lose your credit card in Italy. Shall we?

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What to do if I lose my credit card in Italy?

Today we are going to talk about a subject that always raises many questions: I am in Italy and I lost my credit card, what do I do? First, no panic. Second: let’s learn NOW what to do if you lose your credit card in Italy. Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Ou introduction

Imagine the following scenario: you are in Italy, strolling, put your hand in your pocket and realize that your wallet is not there; you run your hand through the other pockets thinking that, perhaps, you might have put your wallet in a pocket that you don’t normally use: and nothing! You retake the entire path you took to get to where you are and you can’t find your wallet! You go back to the hotel, check everything but the kitchen sink and don’t find the blessed wallet: you lost your wallet and, inside it, was your credit card! What to do? Well, it looks like a horror movie set and, surely, reading this, your heart has already skipped a beat, hasn’t it? But, first, however difficult it may be: keep calm. Check all your belongings before taking any action. Also read:What to do BEFORE traveling to Italy? and How to organize a trip to Italy?

What is important to do BEFORE your trip when it comes to credit card?

It is important that you write down ALL your card data on paper and keep it in a safe place (it is worth taking a photo too, front and back). IMPORTANT: also write down the emergency phone number provided on the back of the card – there, normally, you will find an international number to use in case of loss, theft or robbery abroad. If your card does not have this number, call the card company, inform them that you are going abroad and ask for an emergency number for them. I suggest you to read our post “I lost my passport in Italy. What to do? “ – you will find several very interesting tips that can help you A LOT!


  • Always take a backup credit card and NEVER leave the hotel with both! Always keep one in case something happens with the card you normally use.

Important to Know

When you notice that you have lost your card, the first thing to do is to rummage through all your belongings to see if , by chance, you have not left it in another pocket, purse or clothing. If, in fact, you can’t find it (loss, theft or robbery), call your card company and report it right away. They will inform you where and how you can request a new card for emergency use, what the delivery time will be and, if it is worth making the request or not. If you are on site for just another two or three days, it is worth letting it go and asking for a new card when you get home.

The delivery of the new card

The delivery of the new card usually takes place via courier, which is the fastest delivery method (in up to three business days in the case of Italy – it also depends on the flag of your card – remember to inquire when requesting). Oh, after informing your card company about what happened, if you want, go to a police station to make a police report, remember to take your documents.

Is it mandatory to make a police report?

No! Even because once the card is canceled, there is nothing more that the authorities can do; but if you have been a victim of theft, yes, make a police report!

BEFORE you travel, also let your bank account manager know about your trip. Why?

Because if you go abroad and use your card, the bank may think it is an attempt at fraud and simply block your card; after all, they value your security. Until they understand that the operation was, in fact, done and authorized by you, they can ‘disable’ your card just in case, as a purchase abroad can be considered an unusual activity in your transaction history.


  • Keep your bank’s app ALWAYS up to date on your phone , ALWAYS! Currently, many services from various banks are available through the app and this makes life a lot easier for those who are abroad and do not speak the local language!
  • A VERY PRECIOUS tip: take money in a variety of ways, that is, don’t rely solely on your credit card, especially to pay small expenses – you can read more about it in our post “To use or not to use a credit card in Italy? ” – Take cash, traveler’s check, and other options that you are used to. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a huge amount, but it is always good to have cash with you. You can use a belt bag to carry your money and, of course, you don’t have to leave with a lot of money, just enough. Also read about the Best Prepaid Cards for you to travel to Italy!

Important to Know

If you need to withdraw money abroad , give preference to withdraw directly from the cashier – inside the bank – during business hours! Avoid using ATMs (24-hour cash), as they can ‘swallow’ your card. If you don’t want to get into the branch, use ATMs during business hours as well. That’s because if the machine swallows your card, you can call an employee to help you get it back.

Another situation that can happen:

You are traveling with an X amount of money and have been the victim of theft, robbery or lost that money, what do I do? In that case, unfortunately, there is not much to be done. In case of robbery, make the police report, but in case of theft or loss, it is not worth it; it is sad, however, you must deal with the loss. So it is important not to carry large amounts of money and, if it is not possible to leave it in a safe place, use a belt bag.

Good to know

The bank is not obliged to offer you an emergency withdrawal , however, some of them, offer you a limit expansion so that you can withdraw more money. Check with your bank if there is such a possibility if something happens abroad, OK?


  • Before traveling, call your credit card company and ask all your questions on this subject: what are the delivery times for the new card, what documents do you need to make the request, if you can make the request via application, among other questions you may have. It is also worth checking with your bank on how the card replacement works in case of loss, theft or robbery; they will probably inform you about the application and, therefore, it is important that you have the bank’s application always up to date on your cell phone, OK?

I spent a small fortune to solve the problem over the phone; does the bank have to pay my expenses in relation to this?

Not necessarily! This will depend on your bank’s policy and, to find out if they will refund the value of the calls, for example, you need to contact the customer service of the two responsible companies: bank and card administrator. Remember that they can ask you for proof of the amounts to which you refer – such as billing from the administrator, tickets with dates that prove you were abroad, among other documents, so keep everything, including protocol numbers and other messages that the bank can send to you via SMS.


What is the best flag to use abroad?

VISA, MasterCard and American Express – remembering that not all places accept AMEX, so give preference to VISA and MasterCard. ELO, Diners and others do not have a large acceptance network in Europe, so opt for the aforementioned flags for both your ‘official’ card and your emergency card, OK? For more information – including emergency number – I will leave the links of the main flags below, including the link for you to know where you can withdraw money from ATMs (24-hour bank) in Italy:

  • VISA – ATMs
  • MasterCard –  ATMs (there is an app to locate the nearest ATM)
  • American ExpressATMs


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What to do if I lose my credit card in Italy? The credit card is very important, we know it; therefore, we must take care of it, especially abroad, with all the care and attention. However, we need to be aware, too, that unforeseen events can happen and the most important thing is to know how to act in case of need so that a small-unforeseen event does not ruin your trip. Calmly, and with little guidance, if something happens to your credit card, this will be just another fun story to tell your friends when you return from your trip!

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