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What to do BEFORE traveling to Italy?

If you have already purchased your tickets, defined the itinerary and have almost everything ready, be sure to read this post: you'll find great tips for your trip to Italy!


What to do BEFORE traveling to Italy?

Before any trip there is that “P.T.S.” (Pre Travel Syndrome), isn’t it? It gives you that anxiety and you can’t wait for the day to come. You pack and unpack “zillions” of times, think and rethink if everything is OK, look at travel vouchers another “zillions” times and want to make sure everything is in order, right ?! Now imagine a “P.T.S.” before a trip to Italy? Don’t panic: it’s normal! To help cooling down spirits, we made this post about: What to do BEFORE traveling to Italy? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

A Bonus for our Readers …

SURPRISE, SURPRISE: WE HAVE A BONUS SPECIALLY FOR YOU! A Check List! I’m sure it will help you a lot and make sure everything is in order for your dream trip to Italy!

Our introduction

Who doesn’t get excited about the dream trip coming up? It’s normal, of course! Especially if it’s our first time going to the chosen destination. With that in mind, I wrote this very special post with some tips on what to do BEFORE your long-awaited trip to Italy!

1) What to do BEFORE traveling to Italy? PREPARING DOCUMENTATION

In addition to all the essential items for your trip such as tickets, etc., the most important thing is the documentation! Always check to see if everything is in order, at least two months before your trip. Also read our post Documentation to enter Italy.


  • Always have photos of your personal documents (passport, driver’s license, ID) in your email and remember to leave a certified copy of all documents with someone you trust in your country. If a theft or robbery occurs in Italy, you will need to request an emergency document at the consulate and you will need these copies both to apply for the new passport and to land in your country.
  • To find out, in detail, the requested documentation, see the post I lost my passport in Italy! What to do?

2) What to do BEFORE traveling to Italy? PAY ATTENTION TO THE SCHEDULES

Pay attention to schedules in Italy! In larger cities, opening and closing times are longer than in smaller cities, so ALWAYS ASK FOR INFORMATION! Shops, tourist attractions, restaurants and breakfast at the hotel can vary widely in smaller cities, including public transport.

Another important thing: don’t be late to take the train! The schedule is followed strictly and they do not expect delayed passengers. If you miss the train, you will hardly get a refund or a new boarding pass, so be at the station at least 30 minutes in advance of your boarding, O.K.?!

3) What to do BEFORE traveling to Italy? TO LEARN SOME WORDS IN ITALIAN

I’m not saying “take a crash course” (lol), but be aware that few Italians speak a language other than Italian and dialect, so take a guide with the keywords to go around Italy with ease and learn some basic words like, “please”, “thank you”, “excuse me”.

Don’t be afraid to ask for information and be at peace, because normally at the hotel, they speak English or Spanish and will be able to help you! If you want to go deeper into the subject, you can read our posts dedicated to this subject, just click on the links below, which we have selected especially for you!


Remember that the voltage in Italy is 200 V, that is, if you plug your devices into the socket without checking the voltage, you can blow them. To avoid losses, remember to opt for bivolt devices, especially cell phone chargers. The socket, however, can be a problem!

To make sure that you will be able to use it without any major problems, take an adapter for European sockets from your country. Read our detailed Post on Sockets in Italy!

5) What to do BEFORE traveling to Italy? CURRENCY EXCHANGE AND CREDIT CARD

Exchange currency IN YOUR COUNTRY! It is not worth exchanging in Italy, as your currency may be not accepted in exchange offices! Also avoid using credit cards in Italy! The tax is high and you pay PER OPERATION, that is: it does not pay off!

My Super Tips:

  • Always follow the Euro quote before your trip and go shopping when the currency presents the best value for money! That way, when the day of departure arrives, you will have money in your pocket and you will be relaxed!
  • Write down your card numbers and the company international emergency phone number. If anything happens, cancel them
  • IMMEDIATELY! Many banks have branches in Rome and Milan. Ask your bank if this is the case, and if not, ask where you can go to get a new card in time!

6) What to do BEFORE traveling to Italy? TO LEARN ABOUT THE TAX FREE

Did you know that you can get “money back”? Find out about stores with the Tax Free system for tourists! In several stores, especially in larger cities, you get tax back on some products! Attention: the store is NOT OBLIGATED to participate in the program, but those who participate have a sticker on the window! To go deeper into the subject, CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!

7) What to do BEFORE traveling to Italy? TO UNDERSTAND THE CLIMATE IN ITALY

Italy had the seasons very well defined, however, with global warming and other climatic factors, the seasons (as in the whole world) currently undergo phenomena that can surprise from time to time! In time: it came out in the press a few days ago that Italy has the climate of a tropical country and, worst of all, nobody knows how to explain exactly why! To learn more about the climate in Italy, just CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!

In other words, it is not difficult to catch a cold day in the middle of spring, just as it is possible to catch a hotter day in autumn. The rains, especially between the end of September and the beginning of December, are MUCH more intense, therefore: Always be informed about the weather forecast! One can never be too careful! Better to be safe than sorry;)

8) What to do BEFORE traveling to Italy? TO WRITE DOWN THE EMERGENCY NUMBERS

It is not difficult to memorize numbers for some people and it can be very useful! If your memory does not record numbers well, take them with you always! They are: 113 of the Civil Police; 112 of the Military Police; 115 is the number of firefighters and for medical emergencies and the 118 that is the number of emergency mobile care service.

9) What to do BEFORE traveling to Italy? TO LABEL THE BAGS

Remove all previous labels to prevent your bag from going to the wrong destination. On the tag hanging on the suitcase, in addition to your address in your country, put the address of the hotel that you will be staying in Italy, because if they are unable to contact you, they will send your luggage to the hotel! If you want tips on how to pack, click right here! It is worth remembering that I have a friend and partner who made several videos for the Youtube Channel – Your Travel to Italy teaching how to pack for a trip to Italy! 

10) What to do BEFORE traveling to Italy? TIPS TO THE SMOKERS

If you smoke, take your cigarette from your country! In Italy it is very expensive and, when you smoke, pay attention to the country’s rules, O.K.?! For more information, CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!


What to do before traveling to Italy?

Check list BEFORE the trip


(  ) – Passport valid for at least 3 months (with copy of the first three pages).
(  ) – Driver’s License or other document with photo (original and copy).
(  ) – International Driving Permit and copy or the driver’s license from your country with certified translation (if necessary, original and copy).
(  ) – Mandatory insurance (original and copy).
(  ) – Round-trip plane tickets (original and copy).
(  ) – Hotel reservation voucher.
(  ) – Voucher for tickets to monuments.
(  ) – Train tickets.
(  ) – Certified copies left with someone you trust (first three pages of passport, document with photo, voter registration card), certified and physical copies for you and sent to your email.
(  ) – Address and telephone number of the hotel in the destination city.
(  ) – Medicines and their respective prescriptions and medical advice (if controlled).
(  ) – Bivolt cell phone charger and adapter for European-type socket.
(  ) – Portable charger, camera and battery.
(  ) – Suitcase for the season at the time of the trip with clothes and makeup bag.
(  ) – Emergency telephone numbers in the destination country

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And if you feel insecure, have no time, and need help to organize your trip, don’t hesitate to contact me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy come true. And how can I do that? Keep reading this post until the end and you will understand how we make your life and your trip much easier ????

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