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What places to visit on Lake Como?

The lake attracts a large number of tourists annually, due to its historical importance and the beauty of its landscapes, which inspire calm and tranquility. Do not miss the opportunity to visit this place where you will not be bored among the various activities offered with a magnificent landscape in the background.

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What places to visit on Lake Como?

The magnificent landscape of Lario, another name by which Lake Como is known, has enchanted artists and travelers for centuries, from writer Frances Flaubert to musicians Gioacchino Rossini, Giuseppe Verdi and Vincenzo Bellini, who wrote the work “Norma” in that place. In addition, how to forget Alessandro Manzoni who made Lake Como the land of the famous novel “I promessi sposi” (“The Betrothed”). After all, which places to visit on Lake Como? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

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The lake continues to attract celebrities from the international jet set, who appreciate the beauty of the lake and the spectacular locations that surround it and decide to establish their own home; nowadays, it is one of the most popular goals for both the “VIP” and the common people. Lake Como is a place whose importance is mainly due to its location on the shores of the lake that bears the same name. Located in Lombardy between, the provinces of Como and Lecco, Lake Como is one of the most popular tourist destinations throughout the year. Let’s get to know the Region of Lombardy?

Located in a basin surrounded by wooded mountains, it offers a landscape of several aspects. Along its banks alternate pastures, woods, rough and imposing rocks, picturesque cities overlooking the water and beautiful villages with parks and gardens. Lake Como, with its more or less large cities, is a paradise to be discovered. If you are staying in Milan, make an excursion to Lake Como, it will be very practical and enjoyable; click here to find out more!

Here are the cities that are next to this wonderful reflecting pool and surely worth a visit!

1) What places to visit on Lake Como? COMO

First of all Como, the charming little town rich with roads, monuments and spectacular views. It is easy to visit on foot enjoying the coolness of the lake, next to the wonderful panorama. Como is the city that gave the name to the lake, where it occupies the southwestern end. It is the most important center for art, transport and economics. History tells that this area, before being conquered by the Romans in 196 B.C., was inhabited by the Gauls and Comaschi. The inhabited center was transferred and repopulated by the lake, gradually expanded, was surrounded by walls and was enriched by temples, fortresses and villages.

A little more about Como

The best way to discover the beauty of the lake is to navigate its waters; thanks to the navigation management service of the lakes you can admire the towns and villages, being enchanted by breathtaking panoramas on board boats, ferries and airboats. Great traditional cuisine with great products from fish to cheese to sweets; the perfect combination of lake and mountain is also appreciated at the tables of many restaurants in the area.

2) What places to visit on Lake Como? CERNOBBIO

Around the lake, it is worth a visit to Cernobbio, which has always been a tourist center in Italy, very famous and renowned in Italy. The most famous and fascinating residence is the stunning Villa d’Este, built along the lake in 1568. Since 1873 it has been transformed into a luxury hotel without losing any of its historic features.

Visit Villa Erba

It is also worth visiting Villa Erba, built in the 16th century, as a nunnery and Villa Bernasconi, an important liberty-style sports center. Cernobbio is famous for its villas and hotels, but also because it is an important industrial center. There are many notable churches, such as San Vincenzo, built in the 18th century and renovated in the late 800; inside there is a precious altar from the Baroque period.

Cernobbio is close to Como, at the foot of Mount Bisbino. Since the first decades of this century, Cernobbio has been one of the favorite holiday destinations for wealthy families in Como and Milan, the witness is represented by the large number of villages and gardens scattered throughout the territory. Today, Cernobbio has adapted to the demands of a less elitist tourism, creating an efficient organization, protecting the green, offering visitors a beautiful lakeside.

3) What places to visit on Lake Como? LAGLIO

Another place you can’t miss is Laglio, noted in recent years for hosting George Clooney’s villa, a peaceful village with green woods in which it is pleasant to get lost by walking. Charming city, rich in suggestions that besides being a pleasant location, surprises with surrounding forests and the cave Buco dell’Orso (“Bear’s Hole”), where bones of this animal and other prehistory artifacts were found, some exposed in the city of Laglio.

4) What places to visit on Lake Como? LECCO

If we move to the southeast of the lake, it is certainly worth a trip to Lecco, known worldwide for being the city in the book “I promessi sposi” (“The Bethroted”). Lecco is panoramic the most beautiful city on Lake Como, where Adda leaves the Lario River, forming Lake Garlate, and there is a group of extravagant rocky mountains around. The celebrity of Lecco is mainly related to Alessandro Manzoni who lived as a young man in the 18th-century Caleotto country house (today the Manzoni Museum) and here he was inspired by so many pages of “The Betrothed”. In Lecco it is possible to follow an interesting itinerary about Manzoni, discovering places linked to this literary work.

5) What places to visit on Lake Como? VARENNA

Also on this side of Lake Como is Varenna, another tourist location that hosts numerous villas used for conferences and important events, such as the beautiful Villa Monastero. A village facing one of the most beautiful lakes in the city, spectacular and incredible places, suitable for the deepest relaxation.

6) What places to visit on Lake Como? BELLAGIO

We will be able to visit another famous locality. It is Bellagio, called “the pearl of the lake” for its charming beauty. It preserves a historic center protected by old walls with small narrow roads that run over the lake’s edge across the promontory and a lakeside area with many luxurious hotels and refined shopping streets. TIPS ON BELLAGIO?

A little more about Bellagio

Its age-old origin is witnessed by the Romanesque 12th-century cathedral of St James, which preserves the aspect of now. At the top of the promontory, there are Villa Serbelloni and Villa Melzi, a beautiful example of mansions in the style of the 18th and 19th centuries. Do not miss a visit to the great period parks, where you can enjoy a wonderful panorama.

7) What places to visit on Lake Como? COLICO

Lastly, it is worth a visit to Colico, which has become the most welcoming and accessible city in the metropolis and neighboring Switzerland, in a short time. Colico preserved its military fortresses (Forte di Fuentes), a mandatory stop for tourists. It is advisable to stroll along the lake with its square and bubbling fountain, lit at night, the numerous bars, pizzerias and restaurants in a rustic style, with typical Valtelline cuisine and great local wine.

Citys to visit on lake Como

What Places To Visit On Lake Como?
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How to get to Lake Como?

Como is well accessible by all means of public and private transport. It is located in a strategic geographical position that allows easy access to a wide range of important alpine passages.

1) How to get to Lake Como? BY AIRPLANE

It is possible through three airports:

However, if you are arriving from other airports, also read our Special Posts on Airports in Italy:

2) How to get to Lake Como? BY TRAIN

Trains from Germany, Switzerland and direct to Milan Central stop at Como San Giovanni station. Trains from Milan Central to Como depart hourly. Did you know that Trenitalia is the main Italian company dedicated to the management of railway transport? lso find out “What is the difference between trains in Italy?”. Would you like to save? So buy your ticket online in advance and save a lot, read the Post “How to buy a train ticket in Italy?“.

3) How to get to Lake Como? BY CAR

A9 Highway Milan – Como – Chiasso. If you are renting a car, be sure to read our posts in the section Driving in Italy on the blog Your Travel to Italy.

Traveling by car in Italy

How about if I give you a rental car option? Are you ready for it? If you are renting a car be sure to read our posts in the section Driving in Italy on the blog Your Travel to Italy. In addition to car itinerary tips, we have everything about signage, tolls, roads and many more tips.

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What places to visit on Lake Como? Como attracts a large number of tourists annually, due to its historical importance and the beauty of its landscapes, which inspire calm and tranquility. From the windows of the perched and colored houses in an all-Italian style, you can enjoy the incredible view and the blue tones of Lake Como. Do not miss the opportunity to visit this place, where you will not be bored among the various activities offered with a magnificent landscape in the background.

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