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What monuments can be visited at night in Italy?

Did you know that it is possible to visit some tourist attractions in Italy at night? Today we are going to list the monuments of the main Italian cities: Rome, Florence, Milan and Venice.

Duomo Milan

What monuments can be visited at night in Italy?

Italy is the heart of the history, culture and art of the most ancient antiquity, a country that is synonymous with art and history. Its artistic beauties are scattered everywhere and every corner of beautiful Italy has wonderful surprises, because it has one of the greatest cultural and artistic heritage in the world. But would it be possible to see these beauties at night? Yes, it is possible! Shall we get to the post of the day? What monuments can be visited at night in Italy? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our Introduction

In the “Bel Paese” there are numerous testimonies of the past and its civilizations, collected in museums, private collections or archaeological sites. In this regard, more and more initiatives are being spread, which allow the general public to access the art places until late at night.

The night openings

Museums, monuments increasingly enliven the hot summer nights, offering the public an original alternative to spend hours of art, culture and entertainment. These extraordinary night outings to great museums and well-known cultural sites offer the unmissable opportunity to experience cultural heritage under the stars.

The night openings of museums and archaeological sites are multiplied by expansive hours and special routes to attract art and celebrate the enchantment of the night, also possible thanks to technological lighting systems designed to give an incomparable charm to the twilight scene. Be sure to read How to buy tickets to the main monuments in Italy!

1) Which monuments can be visited at night in Italy? IN ROME

We started from the city of Rome, which is first on the list. In fact, the Eternal City is already an open-air museum; imagine what an indescribable experience it will be to visit it at night. Rome at night offers interesting tips for those who want to stroll through the streets, even after sunset.

Venezia Palace and Sant’Angelo Castle

In the beautiful season, it is possible to visit some of the most important museums and archaeological sites, enjoying and enjoying the calm of the night, the lesser flow of visitors and the twilight light transforms everything. High quality engagements between art, architecture, literature, music, theater, can be in wonderful places, such as Palacio Venezia and Sant’Angelo Castle. Also read: What are the top 10 tourist monuments in Rome?

Roman Forum and the Colosseum

In addition, every Friday night, you can admire the Roman Forum which will remain open until midnight to allow access to the Temple of Caesar and the church of Saint Mary Antiqua, full of extraordinary medieval frescoes. And for those who want to experience another fascinating experience, until October you can visit the Colosseum every Monday, Thursday and Saturday night.

Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel

This year there’s another novelty: the extraordinary night opening will continue until December 31st. The visit starts from the floor of the arena, where you can see the depths of the basement, the cavities of the galleries and the succession of the interior arches of the monument, especially attractive by the night lighting.

Always in Rome, you can admire the art collections of the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel until 23:00 every Friday throughout the month of July. These night openings are expanding more and more in time and, in fact, the night openings of the main art venues will certainly be held even in fall and the most important festivals.

2) Which monuments can be visited at night in Italy? IN FLORENCE

After admiring the beauties of Rome, we head to another magnificent city, the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, to see what to see in Florence at night. If you want to rediscover the pleasure of art and choose to see these masterpieces in a different light, it is precisely in these moments that Florence gets its best and the atmosphere is truly spectacular.

Uffizi Gallery and the Accademia Gallery

For example, you can admire the Uffizi Gallery, one of the places that has always been a symbol of the Florentine city, every Tuesday until 10:00 pm during the summer and certainly during the holidays.

Always on Tuesdays, you can also see the Accademia Gallery, which extends the normal opening hours. Until September 24th, it will be possible to stay in the museum until 10:00 pm.


From Thursday to Saturday, until September 23, you can visit the Baptistery from noon until 11:00 pm. A small curiosity: here, in 1266, Dante was baptized, but after him also Vespucci, Machiavelli, Cosimo I of the Medici, Collodi and Meucci.

3) Which monuments can be visited at night in Italy? IN MILAN

The city of Milan also attracts its tourists at night, extending the hours of its main monuments and museums. Softly lit roads that converge into illuminated squares, changing lights and shadows in a series of fantastical and moving images.

Mezzanotte Palace, Sforzesco Castle and the Duomo

Not to be missed is the Borsa Milano Palace and the Mezzanotte Palace, built in the early 20th century to host the stock exchange. Spectacular under the stars is the Sforzesco Castle, magnificent to admire with the lights at night and also the symbol of Milan: the Duomo. Also read How to visit the Milan Duomo terrace? and What are the top ten places to visit in Milan?

Brera Quarter, Academy of Fine Arts and the Royal Palace

Another point of attraction is the Brera Quarter, one of the most interesting in Milan, with the Academy of Fine Arts, which has made the neighborhood very characteristic and, at night, it becomes even more so. Not to be missed: a walk under the stars in the 18th century Royal Palace, which for a long time was the palace of the Visconti and Sforza dynasties.


And how not to take a break in the charming Navigli, in the heart of the city; these places have been meeting places, exchange channels, commercial connections and a source of inspiration for art. Nowadays there are circles, taverns, painters’ studios that alternate from generation to generation, works of hydraulic engineering, such as drawbridges, locks and dams that are witnesses of history and continue the experience of centuries.

4) Which monuments can be visited at night in Italy? IN VENICE

What to do and see in the city of the lagoon that the whole world envy? We are talking about Venice and when the sun goes down and the air gets colder, most of the tourists who throughout the day have been caught in the lanes of the city of the lagoon, leave the place of beautiful Venice at night.

Clock tower

Crossing the illuminated and silent streets, you arrive at the Clock Tower, where you can enjoy St. Mark Square and the wonderful night panorama that this place offers from afar, as you can see during any day in the Serenissima.

Bridge of Sighs, Academy Bridge and the Rialto Bridge

Admiring Venice at night gives your eyes all its splendor. Stop in front of the Bridge of Sighs, where when the sun sets it is even more nostalgic, cross the Accademia Bridge and look out over the Grand Canal, where the lights reflect the dark water at night, long and sparkling between the moored gondolas and the Rialto Bridge, one of the most fascinating shows in Venice, unique and indescribable sensations. Also read How much is a gondola ride in Venice?

La Fenice, Goldoni Theater and Malibran Theater

Venice by night is also theater and music, with shows and concerts filling the calendars at La Fenice, Goldoni Theater and Malibran Theater.

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What monuments can be visited at night in Italy? Italy offers great attractions and, in this text, it was possible to see how in some important cities the masterpieces of each of them are particularly impressive by the darkness of the night and the moonlight.

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