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What is the climate in Italy?

Its location in the center of the Mediterranean Sea means that a large part of the Italian territory has a Mediterranean climate. With hot, dry summers and mild winters and rains are usually concentrated in the winter (Central, Southern Italy and Islands). Let's get to know everything about the Italian climate?

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What is the climate in Italy?

Italy borders the Alpine arc, from east to west, with Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland and France. The rest of the territory is surrounded by the Adriatic, Ionian, Tyrrhenian and Ligurian seas, extending into the Mediterranean Sea, where we find the two large islands (Sicily and Sardinia) and several other small islands along the coast. But what is the climate like in Italy? Below you will find the stations in Italy with their respective periods. Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patriciayou make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

1) What is the climate in Italy? LOCATION AND CLIMATE

Its location in the center of the Mediterranean Sea means that a large part of the Italian territory has a Mediterranean climate, with hot and dry summers and mild winters; the rains are usually concentrated in the winter (Central, Southern Italy and Islands). Then, the altitude and distance from the coast create other climatic situations. The most pronounced are those of the alpine climate, along the mountain range of the Alps, characterized by cold winters and abundant snowfalls and cool summers with frequent rains, and the Apennine climate similar to that of the Alps, but significantly attenuated by the influence of the sea. Find out here when is the best time to go to Italy and when to travel in Italy!

2) What is the climate in Italy? LEARN THE PERIOD OF THE SEASONS

As we mentioned earlier, global warming has also affected the climate in Italy. Not infrequently, the weather simply turns and can take travelers by surprise: at times in the summer it can rain and the temperature can drop, while in the winter it can be that – some days – it is less cold. However, the big change was in the seasons themselves, ie: extremely hot summers and much colder winters than they used to be.

Let’s get to know the periods of the seasons in Italy.

  • Summer: from June 21st to September 22nd
  • Autumn: from September 23rd to December 20th
  • Winter: from December 21st to March 19th
  • Spring: from March 19th to June 20th

3) A little more about the Italian climate

The climate in Italy is also defined by the fact that the country is between the North Pole and the Equator. With the influence of the Mediterranean Sea, temperatures vary between its altitudes, coasts and plains.

The Alps protect the area against the cold air masses of northern Europe, while on the marine slopes of the Tyrrhenian and Adriatic, the sea exerts a strong influence of winds in the nearby areas (being warmer winds during the summer and freezing in the winter) .

In the Alps and Apennines, rains are more present in winter, and temperatures drop considerably. Incidentally, the volume of rain also varies according to the areas of the peninsula: they decrease as we move from north to south.

Taking all these factors into account, Italy has six distinct climate types:

  • Climate of the Alpine Region characterized by long and cold winters, with abundant snow; summers are generally short and cool, with frequent rains.
  • Climate of the Padano-Veneto Region which is characterized by being continental (not influenced by the sea); it has long, cold and cloudy winters, while summers are short, hot and muggy; rains are frequent in spring and autumn.
  • Climate of the Liguria-Tyrrene region, which has mild winters and hot, but very muggy summers.
  • Climate of the Adriatic Region that offers wet and cloudy winters with hot summers and little rain; the southern part of the Adriatic coast is greatly affected by the mild Mediterranean climate, which keeps temperatures pleasant. Rainfall is abundant in spring and autumn.
    The climate of the Apennines Region presents itself with cold and rainy winters, and very hot and dry summers.
  • Climate of the Mediterranean Region that brings mild, short and rainy winters, while its summers are very hot, long and dry.

Important considerations

A valid advice that I always give to my clients: if you are traveling during the summer, be sure to bring a heavier blouse. If you are traveling during the winter, remember to bring lighter clothing. Yep! The weather can turn and surprise you so: why not be ready?

Another important point to highlight: when organizing your itinerary, choose the season that suits you best! If you don’t handle high temperatures well, for example, avoid traveling during the summer! And the same goes for those who don’t handle the cold weather well: forget about winter!

Trips during spring and autumn are perfect for those who like cooler temperatures. If you are traveling during the “turn of the season” months: pack your suitcase “mixed”, because in these periods the temperatures are not stable yet and you may be surprised by either a hot wave or a cold one. Read this post: The seasons in Italy! How to pack?

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What is the climate in Italy? The weather in Italy, in general, offers us cold winters and abundant snowfall, and very hot summers! Of course, the weather will always be pleasant when you choose the season that suits you best to travel! There are those who like to enjoy the cold and there are those who like to enjoy the heat, and Italy offers you all the options for an unforgettable trip! 😉

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