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What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy?

This post is dedicated to all cities and all destinations in Italy that over time have gained tourist importance on a national and international level. Today we are going to present a very special list of the thirty most visited cities in Italy!

Ana Patricia do Viajando para Itália

What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy?

Many people ask: which is the most visited city in Italy? That’s the kind of question that, without thinking, you can’t answer hahaha… even so, after a lot of research and effort, we managed to put together a list of the 30 most visited cities in the boot country. Before continuing to read this post, I advise you to read “quickly” Why should you absolutely, at least once in your life, take a trip to Italy? Anyway, which are the thirty most visited cities in Italy? We’ve put together a perfect itinerary for you! Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


The choice was made based not only on the flow of people, but also according to historical, artistic, architectural and natural factors that characterize the places. This section offers a guide to visit and explore the most beautiful destinations in Italy, where you can see the typical Italian beauties that have made our country one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Read here also WHAT ARE THE MAIN TOURIST ATTRACTIONS IN ITALY?

Next, I will make almost a ranking of the thirty most visited cities in our Bel Paese. For the first twenty, I will make a quick summary, as I had already described it in more detail in the previous texts. See the posts below:

For the last ten I will be more specific. Now it only remains for us to start our journey through the thirty cities of Italy that are worth a visit. Are you ready to pack for travel to Italy? Find out here what to put in your suitcase!

1) What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy? ROME

What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy?
Ana Patricia, in Colosseum.

Let’s start with the first city, which had to be Rome – the capital of Italy. It’s easy to imagine the reasons why this city beats any competition and leaves everyone breathless. In Rome, you breathe art and history in every corner, it is considered an open-air museum and I totally agree.

Its Attractions

From the Imperial Forums to the Pantheon, passing by the Trevi Fountain, to then gaping at the Colosseum or Piazza Navona and, finally, admiring the beauty of St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. Rome is all that and more. READ ALL OUR POSTS ABOUT ROME AND ORGANIZE YOUR TRIP IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE!!

2) What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy? VENICE

What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy?
Ana Patricia, in Venice.

It is also easy to discover which is the second, the romantic city par excellence. We are talking about Venice, a charming city that is undoubtedly one of the most important in Italy and the world, from a historical and artistic point of view. A true pride of our wonderful peninsula, a jewel of stunning beauty.

Its Attractions

The strategic center of Venice is in St Mark’s Square, where we find some of the most famous monuments in the city, such as the St Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace. The Grand Canal, on the other hand, crosses the heart of the city and passes by famous sights around the world, such as the Rialto Bridge, the Bridge of Sighs, the Cà d’Oro, the Basilica of Our Lady of Health, the St Mark’s Bell Tower, among other architectural attractions such as churches, basilicas and historic buildings. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT VENICE!!

3) What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy? MILAN

What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy?
Vittorio Emanuelle Gallery – Milan (Source Pixabay)

The third city that deserves mention is Milan. Italian capital of fashion and business, it is much loved by young people and foreigners, who find here a shopper’s paradise and the greatest Gothic work in Italy: the imposing Cathedral. Milan may not have Rome’s artistic heritage, but it has certainly found the right recipe for success: fashion. This characteristic gave Milan the title of “fashion city”. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT MILAN!



4) What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy? FLORENCE

What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy?
Ana Patricia, in Florence.

Another city that can be considered essential for a visit when coming to Italy is the great cradle of the Renaissance: Florence. A charming city that never tires of surprising you with its masterpieces, the colorful marbles of the churches and all types of architecture that played a very important role in the development of Renaissance art and culture.

Its Attractions

The heart of Florence is in Piazza Duomo, with a monumental complex of the Basilica of Our Lady of Flowers (covered by Brunelleschi’s majestic dome), along with St. John’s Baptistery and Giotto’s Bell Tower – a masterpiece of architecture Florentine Gothic. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT FLORENCE!

5) What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy? BOLOGNA

What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy?
Bologna (Source Pixabay)

We now move to another important city: Bologna – home of the oldest university in the world. It had to be a city dedicated to culture, and for this reason it is also called “The Erudite”. The center of Bologna is a place where you can walk for hours, in the cool shade, typical of the city: on corners, towers and churches of great interest. It was the European Capital of Culture in 2000 and in 2006 was declared the “Creative City of Music” by UNESCO. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT BOLOGNA!



6) What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy? NAPLES

What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy?
Plebiscito Square – Naples (Source Pixabay)

The sixth worth-visiting city is in Southern Italy: Naples. Overseen by Vesuvius and facing a beautiful gulf, its beauty has been a source of inspiration for many artists. A charming place, where colors, flavors, perfumes, culture and history mix together to form a pleasant cocktail of knowledge, joy and fun. A city of many facets. With a variety of landscapes that is capable of winning over any tourist, from art and history buffs to nature and sea lovers. It appeals to those who like fine food, passionate about gastronomy and also those who prefer the oldest traditions. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT NAPLES!


7) What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy? SORRENTO

What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy?
Sorrento (Source Pixabay)

We still stay nearby to admire another masterpiece: the city of Sorrento. A small part of the coast that, due to its majestic and natural beauty, has gained worldwide fame. The Sorrentine Peninsula is definitely one of the places to visit when you come to Italy. Its elegance has received famous residents such as poets, artists, philosophers and distinguished characters from the European cultural point of view, among them: Goethe, Keats, Nietzsche, Lord Byron, Dickens, Wagner and Ibsen. It is also the birthplace of Torquato Tasso. With its coastline, Sorrento can be considered the true sight of paradise. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT THE CITIES ON THE AMALFI COAST AND SORRENTO!

8) What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy? VERONA

What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy?
Arena di Verona (Source Pixabay)

We return to the North to admire the city of Romeo and Juliet: Verona. Famous throughout the world also for being the city of lovers; it all started with Juliet’s house and the famous balcony, which remind us the tormented love story told by the great Shakespeare.

Its Attractions

However, Verona’s postcard is the Arena, Italy’s third largest Roman amphitheater, which during the summer becomes the stage for great shows, concerts and opera seasons. Listed by UNESCO since 2000, Verona is a great example of urban, architectural and artistic integration of the different historical periods that have passed over these two thousand years. The great proof is the Square of Herbs, with Roman, Medieval and Renaissance architectures perfectly integrated with each other. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT VERONA!

9) What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy? SIENA

What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy?
Siena (Source Pixabay)

Now let’s stop at a particularly interesting destination; I mean Siena. A beautiful art-city with typical neighborhoods, alleys, towers, craft workshops and historic buildings that make Siena a must-see destination for both Italian and foreign tourists. WHAT TO DO IN ITALY IN 15 DAYS?

Its Attractions

Siena is famous for its Palio (horse race), recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for its great artistic wealth. Piazza del Campo dominates the historic center; it is one of the largest medieval squares, shaped like a shell, stage of the famous competition. Here there are several monuments of great historical value, such as the Public Palace (13th-14th century), a true treasure of Gothic art. It also has the Civic Museum, as interesting as the chapel in the square, next to the Mangia Tower and the marvelous Gaia Fountain, by Jacopo della Quercia. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT SIENA!

10) What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy? SYRACUSE

What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy?
Theater of Syracuse (Source Pixabay)

Another worth-visiting place in Italy is the beautiful Sicilian city Syracuse. A trip to this tip of Sicily provides profound sensations, like crossing the limits of time and returning to the past, millennia ago. At least, that’s how it looks when walking through the streets of Syracuse, where the precious relics remind us of the splendor of Magna Graecia and, tiptoeing, accompany the visitor in the following epochs that had a strong impact on the history of Syracuse. Squares, streets and alleys draw the tangle of this little treasure, with palaces, churches, temples, walls and facades that decorate every corner. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT SYRACUSE!


11) What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy? PALERMO

What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy?
Palermo Cathedral (Source Pixabay)

We stay in Sicily to visit its capital: Palermo, located in the Gulf of the same name, surrounded by the orange groves of Conca d’Oro. It is a picturesque city, full of colors in the marbles of the palaces, in the Arab domes, in the lively fairs of Vucciria and Ballarò and in the evergreen flowering areas (such as the Favorita and Villa Giulia Parks and the Garibaldi Gardens).

Its Attractions

In the historic center there are incredible monuments, relics of its illustrious past. Among them, the sumptuous Norman Palace (or Royal Palace – with the Palatine Chapel, filled with mosaics and ancient decorations), the Church of San Giovanni degli Eremiti (covered by five red domes) , the cathedral (an imposing structure, full of works of art, which houses the Imperial and Royal Tombs). LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT PALERMO!

12) What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy? ALGHERO

What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy?
Alghero (Source Pixabay)

Now we go to perfect Sardinia and visit the city of Alghero. Alghero is a perfect city. With its Catalan-style housing projects, its streets steeped in history, the white-sand beaches and crystal-clear water that surrounds the city, it is certainly a unique place in Sardinia. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT ALGHERO!



13) What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy? TURIN

What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy?
Turin Cathedral (Source Pixabay)

We now return to the North to describe the city of Turin. The whole territory is filled with memories of the Saboia family kingdom, evident in the wonderful mansions of the House of Saboia, surrounded by immense parks and recognized by UNESCO in the list of historical heritage of humanity. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT TURIN!

Its Attractions

The strongest mark of the power of the Saboia is certainly in Turin, this eclectic city that like an open-air museum brings together baroque palaces, monuments linked to the golden times and contemporary architecture – a dynamic place where different realities coexist harmoniously. There are countless surprises in this land, where history, culture and nature create an enchanting set.

14) What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy? GENOA

What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy?
Genoa Aquarium (Source Pixabay)

We remain in the North, where we will enjoy the city of Genoa. The sea has a very deep connection with Genoa. The Lighthouse, with its 76 meters high, is perhaps the symbol that most represents the maritime routine of the past, the dominant element in the history of Genoa and the Genoese. WHAT IS THE BEST TIME TO TRAVEL TO ITALY?

Its Attractions

One of the city’s treasures, which attracts thousands of visitors every year, is the Genoa Aquarium, where fun and spectacle come together for the sake of knowledge and environmental education, to offer a complete program, suitable for all ages. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT GENOA!

15) What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy? TRIESTE

What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy?
Trieste Canal (Source Pixabay)

Let’s go a little further north to visit the city of Trieste. The province of Trieste extends along the entire southeastern edge of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, between the Adriatic Sea and the Slovenian border. The peculiarity of the place, the historical treasures, the art, the strongly Central European character, all this makes Trieste an extraordinary destination.

Its Attractions

Trieste is an enchanting art-city facing the sea, surrounded by spectacular karst relief. The historic center has at its disposal many relics and works of art, including the Arch of Riccardo, the Roman Theater, the Cathedral of Saint Justus (from the 14th century, all decorated in mosaic) and the Castle of Saint Justus. The Unification Square of Italy has a special charm, with a visible Viennese influence, surrounded on three sides by neoclassical buildings, the fourth side facing the sea. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT TRIESTE!

16) What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy? FERRARA

What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy?
Castle in Ferrara (Source Pixabay)

Another worth-visiting Italian city is Ferrara. Being in the city of Ferrara is traveling in the elegance of refined architecture and works of art, the greatest expression of the medieval and Renaissance period.

Its Attractions

Since 1995, UNESCO has included the historic center of Ferrara on the World Heritage List. The historic center, the hot spot for major cultural events in the region, has always been known around the world as the postcard of this city. Ferrara should be “savored”, discovering the products of its centuries-old gastronomy, a city that worth the price of the ticket, to be visited calmly, leaving the clock at home. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT FERRARA!


17) What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy? PISA

What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy?
Ana Patricia in Pisa.

We stay in Tuscany to visit a very beautiful city: Pisa, on the banks of the Arno river. Pisa preserves in its precious architecture the marks of its heydays of the Maritime Republic. This beautiful and versatile landscape is home to archaeological finds, romantic-style architecture, historic villages and incredible monuments. Among all the monuments, the most characteristic is the Tower of Pisa, the hanging tower that is the symbol of the city. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT PISA!

Its Attractions

The Complex of the Square of Miracles (declared by UNESCO as a “World Heritage Site”) is a monumental space of great value and tourist appeal that brings together the most representative buildings in the city. Among them, we can mention the white buildings of the Cathedral and the Baptistery (both in the Romanesque style of Pisa), the Monumental Cemetery and the Bell Tower (known as the Tower of Pisa). The belfry inclination (caused because a part of the land collapsed a little) made the monument famous all over the world, and to this day it is the symbol of the city.

18) What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy? LECCE

What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy?
Lecce (Source Pixabay)

We return to the South to describe this beautiful city of Salento: Lecce. One of the most interesting places in the Apulia region, both for its architectural structure and for its typical 17th-century style. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT LECCE.

The city is known for two golden moments: one in Roman times and the other during the Kingdom of Naples. It was during this period that a great development took place in relation to the construction of buildings, monuments and mansions, all characterized by a rich architecture with luxurious decoration, achieving the title of “Baroque of Lecce”. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT LECCE!

19) What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy? CATANIA

What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy?
Catania (Source Pixabay)

Let’s return to beautiful Sicily to visit the city of Catania – pearl of Eastern Sicily. Located in a vast green area, the city of Catania stands out for its grand squares and wide streets, with its architecture all in volcanic stone and shades of gray. A fantastic historical and artistic heritage that, together with the warm welcome of the people of Catania, makes this city a special place for all visitors. TIPS ON CATANIA?

In the small centers of this land, we find signs of different cultures. Traces of a history that absorbed influences from various domains, as shown by the architectural features of the palaces, churches and monuments. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT CATANIA!

20) What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy? MANTUA

What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy?
Mantua Cityscape, Lombardy (Source Pixabay)

We now return to the North to enjoy the beautiful city of Mantua. Under the rule of the Gonzaga family dynasty, which made it a royal city of great splendor, it preserves the memories of the glory years. The city is on the right bank of the river Mincio. Thanks to Luiz Gonzaga, Mantua began a period of great cultural and artistic development. Ten tips for traveling to Italy!

Its Attractions

Filled with priceless artistic treasures and the birthplace of the poet Virgil, Mantua needs to be appreciated with care, as every street in the old center houses vestiges of the powerful Gonzaga family, who presented it with elegantly decorated palaces made by the greatest masters of art, among them Mantegna. It is also worth visiting the Doge’s Palace, the Te Palace, the Rotunda of St Lawrence and the Cathedral. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT MANTUA!

21) What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy? MATERA

What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy?
Ana Patricia, in Matera.

After having briefly analyzed the first twenty Italian cities, we will now get deep into the weeds of the other ten wonders of our peninsula, starting with the city of Matera. We are in the south again, in Basilicata, to enjoy the city of Matera – Capital of Culture 2019. When it comes to Matera, we cannot fail to mention the famous “sassi”, who made Matera a world famous city, and by themselves, the trip to Basilicata is worth it.

Its Attractions

On the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1993, the “Sassi of Matera” are houses superimposed on top of each other, connected by curved streets and huge staircases, inhabited from antiquity to the middle of the last century. Only the façade is made of masonry, the rest of the construction was carved out of the rock. In front of the sassi, there is an imposing ravine that offers an unforgettable spectacle. In addition to the houses, the architectural view is completed with a series of churches, also carved into the rock. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT MATERA!


Among the most relevant monuments are: the Church of St Peter ‘Caveoso’, the small stone church of Saint Lucia ‘alle Malve’ (founded by a Benedictine community around the 8th century), the church of Saint Mary of Idris (which goes to the crypt of St John in Monterrone, filled with prominent frescoes from different periods), the Cemetery in the Malve district and the four stone churches of the Convicinio of St Anthony. In Matera, it is also worth visiting the Cathedral (built between 1268 and 1270 in Romanesque style), the Lanfranchi Palace (the greatest expression of 17th century architecture in Matera) and the city’s numerous museums, including the National Archaeological Museum.

22) What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy? PERUGIA

What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy?
Perugia (Source Pixabay)

Now let’s go a little further to the center to discover the city of Perugia. In this city, you can breathe an ancient air among the narrow streets of the medieval villages, the palaces, the castles and the rocks of the charming villages. Located in central Italy, this is the largest province in Umbria and occupies two thirds of the regional territory.

Its Attractions

The city of Perugia once had several domains, all of them witnessed by the various archaeological finds. The first were the Etruscans, who founded the city. The influences of the following domain, from the Roman period, are present in the streets of the city, due to the material used in the floor, the forum, the Roman amphitheater, the thermal baths and a supposed mausoleum under the bell tower of the church of St Peter.

Perugia is on top of a hill 500 meters above sea level and part of the historic center is surrounded by an Etruscan wall and the other part by a medieval wall. The medieval outer wall remains intact for a few kilometers and there are several gates along the way, such as the Porta Sant’Angelo Bridge. Farther in, there is an Etruscan fence built of huge rocks. However, only the ruins of the old city remain, a large part of the urban center is already in medieval style. The historic center is in itself a medieval village, one of the most beautiful in Italy. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT PERUGIA!

23) What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy? ASSISI

What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy?
Assisi at night (Source Pixabay)

We continue in the region to make a stop in one of the most beautiful villages in Italy: Assisi, the land of the man who gave up everything to dedicate himself and help those most in need. We are talking about St Francis – the patron saint of Italy.

Its Attractions

The beautiful basilica is dedicated to Saint Francis, symbol of Christianity, located on Mount Subasio, overlooking the great valley. In addition to being a great tourist attraction for millions of believers, the basilica is also a monumental complex of great artistic importance. The Basilica of Assisi is composed of two superimposed churches and a crypt with the tomb of the saint. In the upper church, you can see the life cycle of St Francis (work by the great Giotto), the Old and New Testament scenes (which cover the entire nave) and three other beautiful frescoes made by Cimabue and Torriti. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT ASSIS!

The Basilica of St Clare

Another character that deeply characterizes this place is St Clare. There is a basilica dedicated to her with a white stone facade. The frescoes in the interior of the basilica are very interesting, and there is also a crypt, where you can see the remains of the saint, through a dome. Among the various beauties that Assisi offers, the Temple of Minerva is certainly worth a visit, for two reasons: first, because it is a monument from the 1st century BC; second, because the construction is in perfect harmony with the other buildings that surround it.

24) What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy? URBINO

What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy?
Urbino (Source Pixabay)

Now we are going to visit another special and very interesting village: Urbino, a city of immense historical and artistic wealth. It’s easy to get lost there with your head in the air when strolling through the historic center.

Its Attractions

The city is surrounded by a brick wall and is filled with sandstone buildings. Thanks to the work of important artists, from a simple village, Urbino becomes the “cradle of the Renaissance” and, even today, strolling through its historic center, it is possible to breathe the air of the 15th century. Thanks to this characteristic, it achieved the honor of joining the list of the “Historical Heritage of Humanity” in 1998. No wonder the city was considered a meeting point for the distinguished scholars and artists of the Renaissance, both Italian and foreign, who transformed it into an exceptional urban complex.

Federico di Montefeltro

It was mainly thanks to the contribution of Federico di Montefeltro that Urbino achieved a monumental and artistic position of prominence, known throughout Europe. During his duchy, Federico was able not only to transform Urbino into a magnificent royal court, but also to bring out the best in culture and the great names of the human sciences of the Italian Renaissance era. Among them, we can mention Piero della Francesca, Luciano Laurana, Leon Battista Alberti, Francesco di Giorgio Martini, Girolamo Genga and Raffaello’s father, Giovanni Santi.

Walking through the steep and narrow streets of Urbino, you can see several buildings from the Renaissance period: the former St Clare Monastery, the church of St Dominic, the Mausoleum of the Dukes in the church of St Bernardine of Sena, the Boghi Palace and the majestic Doge’s Palace, which houses Urbino’s greatest treasures. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT URBINO!

25) What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy? SAN GIMIGNANO

What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy?
Ana Patricia, in San Gimignano.

We return to Tuscany to admire another charming village: San Gimignano. Considered one of the most beautiful and known historic centers in Italy and the world, located on the hill of Val d’Elsa, in the province of Sena, it has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Its Attractions

San Gimignano keeps several treasures in its historic center, from the old Conservatory of Santa Clare to the churches of St Francis and St Peter. In addition to the religious sites, in the village it is also possible to visit various public buildings such as the Casa Salvestrini, the Public Palace and the Podestà Palace (now home to the civic museum and the art gallery).

Medieval Tuscan Village

Many tourists from all over the world visit this beautiful Tuscan medieval village. People go to San Gimignano to admire its unique beauty and unmistakable towers such as the Rognosa Tower (51 meters high), the Podestà Tower (the tallest of all, also known as the “Grossa Tower” at 54 meters in height) and the two Ardinghelli Towers (13th century, located in Cisterna Square).  In addition to being one of the most beautiful places in Tuscany, this village will enchant everyone with its artistic and natural beauty, providing a journey back in time, with all the splendor of medieval times. In general, the great wealth of San Gimignano allows tourists to immerse themselves in a series of events, artistic and cultural beauties and never-forgotten traditions that offer unforgettable moments. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT SAN GIMIGNANO!

26) What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy? PADUA

What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy?
Padua (Source Pixabay)

We head to the Veneto region to visit Padua, one of the oldest (and at the same time dynamic) cities in Italy. Founded over 3,000 years ago, today it shows itself as a modern and cosmopolitan city, especially known for its glorious University and countless works of art.

Its Attractions

The best way to visit the historic center is to get around on foot, strolling along the streets with the famous porticoes, in order to cross the beautiful squares and the old bridges. The perfect starting point are the squares: mainly Praça das Ervas and Praça das Frutas. These two squares are home to one of Padua’s iconic monuments: the Palace of Justice (also known as the “Salone”), a unique work of its kind.

Nearby is also Piazza dei Signori, an elegant square with a Renaissance touch. It is surrounded by famous monuments such as the church of St Clement, the Commandant’s Palace and the imposing tower that houses the famous Astral Clock, designed in the 14th century to keep time and the minutes, but also the month, the day, the phase of the moon and the astrological “place”. Also nearby, we have the Duomo Square, characterized by the majestic Cathedral and the old Baptistery dedicated to St. John the Baptist. During your visit to this beautiful city, you cannot miss the famous Chapel of the Scrovegni, a masterpiece of the great Giotto, who with this project reached the highest point of his career.

The Famous Caffè Pedrocchi

Another place that is a symbol of Padua is the famous Caffè Pedrocchi, inaugurated at the beginning of the 19th century at the request of Antonio Pedrocchi, still today a place loved by locals and home to cultural events and exhibitions of great tourist appeal. Opposite the coffee shop, we have the Bo Palace, home of the prestigious University of Padua – the second oldest university in Italy, where he taught the great Galileo Galilei, symbol of science and culture. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT PADUA!

27) What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy? BERGAMO

What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy?
The walls suorranding the upper town of Bergamo. “San Giacomo” door (Source Pixabay)

We continue in the central part of Italy to visit the city of Bergamo. It is an ideal destination for those who love art and culture, but also for sports fans, thanks to its efficient tourist infrastructure.

Its Attractions

The city is completely enclosed by walls and is on a hill. Even today, Bergamo retains the style of a medieval village in the design of its streets, surrounded by strong walls built by the Venetians in the 16th century. A time that is present in well-preserved palaces, churches and squares, such as the center formed by the Cathedral, the Colleoni Chapel and the Baptistery, just to name a few (as well as the Old Square and the Palace of Justice). Also unmissable is the Carrara Academy (one of the main Italian art galleries) and the Donizetti Theater (dedicated to the most famous citizen of Bergamo: Gaetano Donizetti). In the other regions of Bergamo, the medieval soul alternates with the more recent constructions, still preserving relics of great value. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT BERGAMO!

28) What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy? SPOLETO

What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy?
Spoleto (Source Pixabay)

Now we will visit a municipality in Umbria, belonging to the province of Perugia: Spoleto. An interesting destination for tourists who want to relax and who are looking for an opportunity to experience a trip dedicated to fun of all kinds. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT SPOLETO!

Its Attractions

Get ready to take a trip back in time, which will surpass the expectations of the most curious tourists and lovers of local history. A charming city, where nature and art have found a perfect place to show the best of Umbrian’s legacy. Spoleto, which also shows visible influences from the Roman period in the urban sphere, maintains its medieval aspect practically intact, due to the period when the Duchy Lombardo was in high demand and was an important center of the Papal State. Another attraction of great interest is St. Peter’s Basilica, mainly due to the bas-relief technique that decorates the 13th century façade. Without a doubt, it will be unforgettable for those lucky enough to visit these places in the entire Cathedral complex, built in the 12th century, also characterized by the richness of details in the interior decoration and the Byzantine mosaics on its façade, next to the Romanesque church of St Euphemia.

29) What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy? LUCCA

What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy?
Lucca (Source Pixabay)

We return to Tuscany to visit Lucca, a city of ancient origins, surrounded by a 16th-17th century wall. This grandiose work of military engineering, with its earthworks and bastions, is today a unique panoramic space, overlooking the entire city.

Its Attractions

The historic center is very attractive and preserves its medieval aspect with its typical alleys and squares with towers and tower houses made of stone, houses built with bricks, as well as galleries and palaces. Among the most characteristic streets are via Fillungo (main avenue of the medieval village, surrounded by mansions and ancient towers – such as the famous Tower of the Hours) and Via Guinigi (where the housing complex from medieval times is located).

St. Martin’s Cathedral

The highlights of the religious architecture are the Cathedral of St Martin (with a magnificent façade and an interior full of precious works), the Cathedral Museum (which houses paintings, liturgical articles and sculptures), the Church of St Michael in the Forum (unique example of Pisa-Luca architecture) and the beautiful Basilica of St Fridianus. Among the most outstanding monuments, you cannot miss the house of musician Giacomo Puccini, which has been transformed into a museum containing relics and documents of the conductor. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT LUCCA!

30) What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy? RAVENNA

What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy?
Ravenna (Source Pixabay)

Now we are going to Emilia-Romagna to visit the thirtieth Italian city on our list: Ravenna. It had great importance in the 1st century BC, when it became the capital of the Western Roman Empire in 402 AD. Even in the following centuries (from V to VI AD), it played a very prominent role, both during the rule of the Ostrogoths and under the Byzantine Empire.

Its Attractions

Evidence of this illustrious past remains in a complex of Paleo-Christian religious monuments of extraordinary artistic value, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. A common element of all of them is the precious mosaic decoration, which gives Ravenna the title of “City of Mosaics”. Few people know that Ravenna has eight UNESCO monuments. Furthermore, Dante’s remains are not in Florence, but preserved in this city.

The Basilica of St Vitalis

You cannot miss the Basilica of St Vitalis, a temple with an octagonal architectural plan that is among the most important monuments of Paleochristian art in our country. In this basilica, among the most beautiful things to see are the wonderful mosaics. Another worth-visiting basilica is the Basilica of St. Apollinaris in Classe, which is among the most imposing basilicas in this city. You eat very well in Ravenna and it’s great to travel to the beach in summer, along the thirty-five kilometers of coastline. Ravenna is a beautiful town that attracts many tourists from around the world, especially art lovers. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT RAVENNA!

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What are the thirty most visited cities in Italy? In conclusion, we can only say that we should schedule the trip in our Bel Paese. Certainly, there will be plenty of opportunities, fun, art, culture and traditions. We wait for you! Do you agree with me? Which cities do you think are missing from this list???

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