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What are the main concert venues in Italy?

Most of the concerts take place in arenas, stadiums and, of course, in modern, safe and well-located venues! Today we have prepared a list of the main venues in Italy, especially for you who don't want to miss the best of Italy!


What are the main concert venues in Italy?

Watching a concert in Italy is fantastic: the structure is excellent, most of the venues are super well located and it’s a unique experience. And for you to enjoy these wonderful environments in Italy, we prepared a special post for you, let’s go? Our Post of the Day: What are the main concert venues in Italy?  Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”.

Our Introduction

Italy is full of culture and many national and international artists perform throughout Italy throughout the year, but which are the most famous concert halls in the country of the boot? Let’s get to know the show houses in the main Italian cities: Rome, Naples, Florence, Venice, Milan, Turin, and Verona.

1) What are the main concert venues in Italy? IN ROME

One of the most highly rated venues for concerts in Rome, mainly jazz concerts and symphony orchestras, is the Auditorium Parco Della Musica. In the summer there is a special program with several festivals, including rock festivals, and there are also museums, bars, and restaurants on-site. The structure is fantastic! Also know 5 places to see an opera in Rome

Another place that draws attention is the Palalottomatica. At first glance, it looks like a huge stadium and, although it hosts sporting events, the house’s forte is concerts by names like Laura Pausini, Negramaro, and Emma Marrone, among others. It also features special programming during the summer and the place is packed with tourists and locals alike!

2) What are the main concert venues in Italy? IN NAPLES

One of the most famous and well-structured venues in Naples is the Palapartenope. It was founded in 1975 and went through several adaptations to become one of the biggest and best Neapolitan showhouses. In addition to concerts by big names, it presents plays, and orchestras and has a theater school. It also has a special schedule in the summer. Attached is Casa Della Musica, which is geared towards more independent projects and up-and-coming artists. Find out here when is the best time to go to Italy?

3) What are the main concert venues in Italy? IN FLORENCE

One of the most modern and beloved houses in Florence is the Nelson Mandela Forum. The structure is huge and hosts concerts, sporting events, and even games. It is one of the most modern and new Italian houses. The summer program is also special and the options are very diverse. Obihall is the most modern structure for concerts and cultural events. Opened in 2002, it is one of the places in Florence that receives the most national and international artists. The structure is fantastic and the place accommodates a large number of people safely and comfortably. It also features special programming in the summer.

4) What are the main concert venues in Italy? IN VENICE

Classic by nature, Venice is home to the very traditional Teatro La Fenice, which features dance shows, orchestras, and plays, as well as several operas. The beauty of the theater is breathtaking and watching a show there is a unique experience!

5) What are the main concert venues in Italy? IN MILAN

The most famous concert hall in Milan is the Mediolanum Forum. Moderna hosts national and international shows in addition to the most varied sporting events. It has a total capacity of 12,400 people. Incredible structure! With classic programming, the Teatro Alla Scala is one of the most famous in the world! The theater hosts operas, plays, dance performances, and symphony orchestras. A separate show is the theater itself, which is also a tourist spot in the city.

6) What are the main concert venues in Italy? IN TURIN

With national and international presentations, as well as hosting the most varied sporting events, Alpitour is one of the biggest and best venues in Turin. The place is huge and holds thousands of people with comfort and safety. Hosting more classic shows such as ballets, orchestras, and operas, it also hosts other types of shows. The Teatro Colosseo is one of the most complete in terms of structure in Italy and in addition to being beautiful, it is modern and has a very varied program, even in the summer. Know more about Turin!

7) What are the main concert venues in Italy? IN VERONA

In Verona, the most classic place where international and national concerts take place is the famous and beautiful Arena di Verona. With a fantastic structure, the place is an Italian classic! It also hosts philharmonic and dance shows, in addition to being a tourist spot.


  • Bring little to the show! There is security control at the entrance of the places and they are very implicating; wear light clothing and comfortable shoes.
  • Schedule your round trip itinerary and be at the venue at least an hour in advance.

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What are the main concert venues in Italy? Just choose the city, the show, pack your bags and have fun!

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