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What are the best apps for traveling to Italy?

The cell phone can be a great ally during an international trip, especially if you know which applications can help you. Thinking about it, today we'll tell you which ones are essential! Check out our list of apps now!


What are the best apps for traveling to Italy?

Cell phone: the indispensable apps for your trip through Italy! It was a phone, it became a cell phone and today we call them smartphones! Without a doubt, they are very ‘smart’ as it is possible to do (almost) everything through them! With the most varied functions possible, smartphones have conquered the world and, by the way, have made our lives MUCH easier in several aspects, especially with the blessed apps. But after all, what are the best apps for traveling to Italy? Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”.

Our Introduction

Applications are software that aim to help users to perform the most different tasks with efficiency, time saving and extreme precision. It is important to know that the available links are NOT from the operating system stores, but from the websites responsible for the services. To download from your cell phone, access the store responsible for the applications directly on your cell phone. Also Read Is Uber Worth Using in Italy?

1) What are the best apps for traveling to Italy? MOOVIT

Moovit – is undoubtedly one of the best apps for those who prefer to use public transport or walk around cities. The application shows all public transport lines, indicates where the bus stops are, stations, how long the transport will take to arrive, if there were delays, problems, etc. It is excellent! Furthermore, it is possible to use it as a GPS and include your departure and arrival points so that it offers you the best itinerary. Available, free, for iOS and Android.

2) What are the best apps for traveling to Italy? WI-FI-ITALIA

Wi-Fi Italia – is an Italian government application that automatically connects your cell phone to all available free Wi-Fi networks (public and/or private); it works throughout the Italian territory including shops, squares, bars, etc. It’s extremely useful, especially if you don’t have mobile internet available. To use it, just make a quick registration, accept the terms of use and enjoy! Available, free, for iOS and Android.

3) What are the best apps for traveling to Italy? TRENÌT

Trenìt! – Another essential app is intended for those who will use trains while traveling. We are talking about Trenìt!. There are actually several train apps, but this one is considered the easiest, most efficient and most accurate. It shows train timetables, values, distances, travel times and all information about Italian trains across the country. Available, free, for iOS and Android.

4) What are the best apps for traveling to Italy? GOOGLE PHOTOS

Google Photos – sounds silly, but believe me, it’s not! It backs up all your photos and organizes them by day, location, and you can access them from anywhere! A “savior of the nation” for those who like to take photos, as it does not store the photos in the cell phone memory. It stores it in the cloud and leaves your physical memory of the device very light; not to mention that your photos will be saved and, in case something happens with your cell phone, you will have all the photos preserved, without losing ANY! To use the service, just have a gmail account, download the app and log in! Available, free, for iOS and Android.

5) What are the best apps for traveling to Italy? GOOGLE TRANSLATOR

Google Translator – Another es-sen-tial app is Google Translator. It is complete, efficient and very, very, very helpful. There are several functions such as translating conversations, words, sentences, writing the word by hand and you can even photograph a sign that it automatically translates for you. If you believe your knowledge of Italian is not the best and prefer not to risk it, bet on this app! It will help you a lot! Available, free, for iOS and Android.

6) What are the best apps for traveling to Italy? TRIPADVISOR

TripAdvisor – did you have a question of where to eat? Did you decide to sleep in a city and didn’t book a hotel in advance? Then this app is for you! It presents several suggestions with customer opinions about restaurants, bars, hotels, flights and even tourist attractions. You can filter results by values, reviews or distance from where you are. It’s great, light and efficient! Available, free, for iOS and Android.

7) What are the best apps for traveling to Italy? WAZE

Waze – in Italy, rented cars charge the GPS separately. The cost of renting the GPS can reach 15 EUROS per day (depending on the rental company), that is, IT IS VERY EXPENSIVE! So what’s the solution? Our good old friend Waze! Despite its ease of use, as we are already familiar with it, remember that to use it you must have mobile internet on your cell phone, but for that you can buy an Italian chip or contact your operator in your country to find out about the values ​​of mobile internet services abroad. One of Waze’s biggest advantages (besides all the ones we already know about!) is that it indicates where the dreaded ZTLs (Limited Traffic Zones) are located. Available, free, for iOS and Android.


  • Google Maps also has GPS function and, best of all, OFFLINE, which means you don’t need to have mobile internet available. However, the difference between it and Waze is that Waze’s information is in real time, which makes our life much easier, especially in high season to know the best way to escape traffic, for example, where there are detours and closed ways! When in doubt: download both! They are light and work great!

8) What are the best apps for traveling to Italy? GROUPON ITALY

Groupon Italia – oh the discounts! Who doesn’t like it? In Italy there is also Groupon and the discounts are great! There is a discount on everything: food, shops, markets, bookstores, tickets, etc. and in several Italian cities. Tip: read carefully EVERYTHING that is offered BEFORE making the purchase, ok? Available, free, for iOS and Android.

9) What are the best apps for traveling to Italy? XE CURRENCY

XE Currency – do you want to convert any value, in any currency, instantly, without stress and know how much would be in your currency? So, XE Currency is the best option. Updated almost every minute, the app tracks the fluctuation of the financial market in terms of currencies and converts various combinations instantly. It is simple to use and very useful when ‘doing the math’. Available, free, for iOS and Android.

10) What are the best apps for traveling to Italy? TOUCEHNOTE

Toucehnote – Maybe it’s the coolest of all the apps (though in fact it’s not the most useful! Hahaha). This app allows you to make your postcards to send to your friends and family. How it works? Super simple: you make your photo, customize it with the various font options, stickers, among others, and then you just have to request, online, the printing and sending of your postcard wherever you want. The service is paid, but it’s still cheaper than sending a postcard purchased and posted in Italy (it takes time to get to Brazil and it’s kind of expensive, I admit!). If you prefer, save it to your mobile album and post it on your social networks: it’s a charm what it can do with the photos! ; ) Available, free, for iOS and Android.

What are the best apps for traveling to Italy? Tips!

  • To speed up your check-in at the airport and avoid ‘extra’ lines, download the app of the airline where you purchased the ticket; It helps A LOT when saving time at the airport, as there is usually a line just to drop off the luggage once the check in is done. The main airlines offer this service and, of course, it’s free!
  • Invest in two things: a good cell phone case (like: almost armored!) and a powerful power bank (those portable chargers), especially if you use the blessed ‘apple phone!’. You know that one who ‘eats’ half the battery just by unlocking it? So, this one! Avoid running out of battery, even for safety reasons, in case you need to make an emergency call. Remember to take your charger and check the voltage of your charger and the hotel so you don’t blow your equipment, ok?!


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What are the best apps for traveling to Italy? As we’ve already said, even if you’re not such a fan of the cell phone, knowing how to use it correctly, it can be an EXCELLENT ally during your trip!

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