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Typical foods you must try in Rome


Typical foods you must try in Rome

When we talk about gastronomy, Italy doesn’t fool around! FACT! One of the most admired and reproduced cuisines in the world, Italian food is really very special and offers options for all tastes. Each region has a special cuisine and, amazingly, each city prepares its dishes in a unique way, even if they are similar. Today we are going to get to know Typical foods you must try in Rome, our dear Eternal City, our beloved and admired Rome. Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”.

Our Introduction

Rome is impressive in every way. Historic, classic, elegant, beautiful city and, of course, with impeccable cuisine! Roman cuisine offers us delicious and often super simple dishes, but full of almost magical flavors and aromas! Rome offers its visitors divine gastronomic experiences and, rest assured, you can eat very well in most parts of the city and, best of all, you don’t have to spend that much, as there are options for all budgets.

Democratic, Rome offers us amazing restaurants, magnificent dishes and excellent values! So, without further ado, today we are going to discover the typical dishes not to be missed in Rome! Check out our other posts about Typical Foods in: Florence, Venice, Milan and Naples.

Good to know

  • The term “Enogastronomic” (you can also find it written as “Enogastronomy”) means “food and wine tourism”. Essentially, it is an Italian word and it is also a “new” and not very common word “YET”! Click here for restaurant tips in Rome!

1) Typical foods you must try in Rome: CARBONARA

A symbol of Roman gastronomy par excellence, the pasta Carbonara is a splendor! It is a very simple dish, but extremely tasty. The sauce is prepared with cheap ingredients and the end result is amazing! It has a unique and intense flavor, and according to the Romans themselves, it is one of the most wrongly reproduced dishes around the world, as its variations do not even remotely resemble the traditional and classic Roman Carbonara. The most common types of pasta that receive the egg and cheese-based sauce are spaghetti and rigatoni. The sauce has eggs, bacon and pecorino Romano. Never, ever and under no circumstances use pancetta, garlic, onion and other condiments besides salt.

2) Typical foods you must try in Rome: TRIPPA ALLA ROMANA

It is not a pleasing dish to all palates, but it is one of the favorite dishes and one of the most loved by the Romans! It’s a very traditional dish and it causes a certain ‘Yuck!’ face for those who are not used to it, although it is delicious! As it is a heavier dish, I suggest you leave it to taste at lunch, so you have time to digest until bedtime.

Trippa alla Romana consists of, of course, tripe, made with different parts of the bovine stomach and, in the typical Roman recipe, it is cooked in a well-incorporated, tasty, well-seasoned tomato sauce, and it also has some mint leaves, which offer a certain freshness to the dish.

3) Typical foods you must try in Rome: SPAGHETTI CACIO AND PEPE

After the ‘pasta em bianco’ (pasta with butter and sage), it is perhaps one of the simplest dishes in the universe, but it has such a special flavor, but so special that: MY GOD! It is the simplicity that draws attention to this dish, both in its preparation and in its flavor. But, unfortunately, not everyone can reproduce this delight at home, as the chefs have their special little secrets to make the creamy sauce with pecorino and pepper and leave the pasta in perfect condition!

4) Typical foods you must try in Rome: ABBACCHIO SCOTTADITO

Lamb! Delicious, elegant and very special meat! The lamb here is the key to this amazing dish and is widely used in all Roman feasts. The scottadito recipe consists of a quick cooking of the meat that makes it crispy on the outside while keeping it soft on the inside. When eating, don’t make ceremonies, use your hand! Roman tradition! The flavor is not strong, the seasoning used is not super strong, usually just a little salt and pepper, and the texture of the meat is impeccable.

5) Typical foods you must try in Rome: AMATRICIANA

Hard not to like this SPLENDID dish! With more-than-simple ingredients, the dish is delicious, tasty and pleases even the most demanding palates. The ingredients for the sauce are simple: Abruzzo guanciale and Roman pecorino, but over time, tomato was added to the recipe, which made everything even more delicious! And so we have pasta amatriciana. The pasta used is usually bucatini, which is a thicker spaghetti with a hole in the middle! You can also find the dish named Bucatini alla Gricia.

6) Typical foods you must try in Rome: CARCIOFI ALLA ROMANA / CARCIOFI ALLA GIUDIA

Artichoke is a dish you either love or hate! There is no middle ground! Artichokes are a flowering vegetable and are very popular in Italy, especially Rome. In the Eternal City you will find two ‘versions’ based on artichokes: the “artichokes alla giudia” and the “artichokes alla romana”. Artichoke alla giudia is a traditionally Jewish dish that consists of whole artichokes fried in hot oil; artichoke alla romana is cooked in a vegetable broth and seasoned with parsley, mint, garlic, salt and pepper. Both one and the other are very tasty and, if you like artichokes, of course, it’s a field day!

7) Typical foods you must try in Rome: SALTIMBOCCA ALLA ROMANA

Because a classic IS a classic, ladies and gentlemen! Saltimbocca alla romana are delicious thin slices of filled and cooked veal, closed with a toothpick. The detail of this delight: it must be fried in butter. Its name, Saltimbocca, says it all: the pieces of meat ‘jump in your mouth’, they are so delicious. It is one of the children’s favorite dishes, as it has a delicious flavor, they are soft and small pieces. They love it!

8) Typical foods you must try in Rome: CODA ALLA VACCINARA

Coda alla vaccinara is one of the tastiest dishes in the world! The veal tail is slowly cooked in a tomato sauce and is VERY, VERY, VERY tender! The Romans say that when this dish is done well, you don’t even need a knife to cut the meat, as it comes off the bone without any difficulty. It is one of the favorite dishes of the Romans, but not much requested by tourists who are often unaware of the existence of this ‘deity’ on Earth.

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Top Typical Foods in Rome – Eating in Rome is indeed a UNIQUE experience! With dishes for all tastes, it offers us simple dishes, but full of flavor. In Rome, aromas and flavors blend in an impeccable way, which enchants and makes our taste buds receive a little gift with every bite!

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