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The top five restaurants in Rome

When you talk about Italy, you think about gastronomy! Rome, the eternal city, leaves nothing to be desired in this regard! We have put together a list of the five best Roman restaurants for you, dear reader.

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The top five restaurants in Rome

Italy is a land full of cultural, historical, natural and, of course, gastronomic attractions! The capital of the Boot country has a huge range of amazing restaurants! Some have won several awards and it is not difficult to find one of them among the best in the world! Today we will find out which are the top five restaurants in Rome. Find out here which the best five restaurants in Rome are. Stay with us and make the best of Italy! Here you take the trip of your dreams! Visit our Section on Food in Italy!  Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patriciayou make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

1) The top five restaurants in Rome –  LA TERRAZA

La Terrazza: Elegant, the restaurant mixes tradition and charm! Chef Fabio Ciervo presents a unique selection of dishes and wines and delights with dishes of the highest level! The view from the restaurant is another attraction apart! It earned a star in the Michelin guide. Where is it? Via Ludovisi, 49 – Rome.

2) The five best restaurants in Rome –  IL PAGLIACCIO

Il Pagliaccio: Charming atmosphere with charming dishes: this is how we define Il Pagliaccio! The discreet decoration and the black-and-yellow checkered floor make us understand that the protagonists here are the dishes! The restaurant has an extensive wine list with options for all tastes. It owns two Michelin stars! Where is it? Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 129th – Rome.

3) The five best restaurants in Rome – MAJESTIC ROMA

Majestic Roma: The black chairs ‘mixed’ with the white towels give the perfect contrast and the ideal balance between elegance and simplicity. The restaurant has two menus, one for lunch and the other for dinner, and the tables outside, in the warmer months, remind us of fairy tales: it is charming! Owner of one Michelin star. Where is it? Via Vittorio Veneto, 50 – Rome.

4) The five best restaurants in Rome –  LA PERGOLA

La Pergola: Owner of three Michelin stars, it is impossible to talk about the ‘top five’ and not to mention La Pergola; it is one of the most celebrated restaurants in the eternal city, and super demanded. Elegant, with an enviable wine list and magnificent views, the restaurant is considered the best in Rome. Reservation is required. It earned three Michelin stars. Where is it? Via Alberto Cadlolo, 101 – Rome.

5) The five best restaurants in Rome – PER ME GIULIO TERRINONI

Per Me Giulio Terrinoni: Innovative! A simple word defines the style of the Per Me restaurant. With minimalist decor and impressive dishes, chef Giulio Terrinoni manages to touch our soul through his impeccable food! The available wines seem to have been born to harmonize perfectly with all the dishes on the menu! Owner of one Michelin star. Where is it? Vicolo del Malpasso, 9 – Rome.

Useful information

People, it is worth remembering that some hours may change according to the season, so check before going to the location. A good suggestion is to book in advance, mainly on two occasions: during the summer, in high season, when the city is CROWDED, and for dinner, which is usually the busiest time. Find out here How to book a restaurant in Italy?


Obviously, the city offers a wide range of restaurants: the more centralized, the more expensive! If you want more affordable places, move away from the center a bit or look for them in the adjacent streets, those little known by tourists. One suggestion is to ask if the hotel where you are staying has any indication; sometimes they are affiliated and even offer a discount. Also, ask if the hotel has a restaurant: sometimes they have restaurants and it ends up unnoticed in our madness to find a good and cheap restaurant.

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The top five restaurants in Rome? Regarding prices, I would like to clarify: being among the best in the world is not an easy task! Receiving one Michelin star is already a great achievement; receiving the maximum score, the desired three stars, is a glory! Thus, the work of the chefs and restaurants mentioned in this list deserves, definitely, all recognition!

It is important to stress that lunch, or dinner, in any of these restaurants is a unique experience for all of our senses and should be seen as an investment, not a ‘waste’ of money! Tell me; have been to one of them? How was it?

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