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The sparkling Christmas Lights by the artists of Salerno, Campania.

Every year, the world offers us a true magic show at the end of the year, but in Italy there is a very special place that literally lights up the whole city. Today I take you to find out more about the Christmas Lights by the artists of Salerno (Luci d'Artista de Salerno).


The sparkling Christmas Lights by the artists of Salerno, Campania.

Salerno, in Campania, is a city full of beauty! Gateway to the famous Amalfi Coast, the city presents itself in a simple, relaxed way, but without losing the elegance that its history tells us through its buildings and monuments. Today, however, we are going to discover all the end-of-the-year magic that the city offers us: the Christmas Lights by the artists of Salerno (Luci d’Artista de Salerno). Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”.

Amazing video about the Luci d’Artista de Salerno!

NOTE: the information in this post regarding the event refers to the 2021 edition!

Our Introduction

The Campania region is one of the most visited by tourists. It is home to some of the most incredible cities in all of Italy, such as Naples, Amalfi, Capri among many others, and it is in this region that we also find the fantastic Salerno, which, every year, enchants us with its Christmas Lights.

The tradition of Christmas lights by the artists of Salerno (Luci d’Artista de Salerno)

The tradition of Christmas lights by the artists of Salerno (Luci d’Artista de Salerno) is fantastic! It has livened up, brought together and illuminated Salerno for over ten years. The ‘first’ lights were turned on for the first time in 2006; however, officially, the event was released in 2009.

The idea came from Turin and, thus, cities began to ‘exchange’ works of art and illuminate them with various Christmas lights, spreading them around the city. In Salerno, however, the works started to be commissioned from several artists and, over the years, this became a tradition. The event was named Luci d’Artista (Lights by Artists) precisely to emphasize the cultural value of the initiative. The works are artistic installations that decorate the entire urban perimeter of the city, with great added cultural value.

Normally, the lights are turned on on December 3rd and remain exposed until the end of January (the event did not take place in 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic).

In 2021, the works of the event will be exhibited in the main squares of Salerno and, of course, the Christmas tree located in Piazza Portanova deserves to be highlighted. The tree is impressive, 20.80m tall, its base is 7.60m and it has 800 branches; it has been decorated throughout in red and gold, has about 3,400 ornaments, and is illuminated with 72,000 warm and cool white LED lights that flash constantly.

Worth remembering…

It is worth remembering that not all works refer to the end of the year parties: the artists have autonomy – according to the proposed theme – to be able to create their works as they prefer (although some, as already mentioned, are commissioned). This year, four main themes were determined: myth, dream, weather and Christmas, of course!


To get a map that shows us the layout and location of the works, you can go to an INFOPOINT, which works as an information point for tourists. Below I leave the addresses where you can get your physical map – if you prefer, download it HERE!

:: Galleria Capitol, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 193 tel 089 662951 – Luci d’Artista Card

:: Piazza della Concordia, Salerno Mobilità – Luci d’Artista Card

:: Tribuna Arechi, Salerno Mobilità

:: Piazza Vittorio Veneto – EPT Front Office – Luci d’Artista Card

The main squares in Salerno

In Flavio Gioia Square, for example, (also called Rotonda), you’ll find the Tree of Life; in Villa Comunale, there are several mythological figures such as a winged Pegasus, a unicorn and a phoenix.

In Vittorio Veneto Square, to welcome visitors, we meet the Christmas star: a giant Santa Claus, and in Piazza Caduti di Brescia, he has his big hat.

In Torrione, in Gloriosi Square, is Santa Claus’s boot and, along the way, we find flowers, snowflakes, rainbows and colours, many colors, scattered through the main streets of the city.


There is the installation (in Concordia Square) of a Ferris Wheel, which gives the visitor a panoramic view of the city at night! It’s beautiful!

Be sure to visit the markets along the coast of Trieste! They are beautiful!

Useful Informations

  • Hotels and restaurants

Despite the cold at this time of year, the city is crowded and it is common for locals and tourists to get together to see the works, so a tip: if you want to go to Salerno at this time of year, make your reservations in advance! That goes for both hotels and restaurants, especially if you want to spend Christmas Eve in the city!

  • Parkings

It is also common to find crowded parking lots, in addition to long lines to take pictures of the works, however, remember that this is a moment expected by many, so: be patient!

  • Public Transport

It’s also good to remember that, during this period, some streets in the city are closed, so, if you can, tour on foot! Another important point: public transport was limited to taking a maximum of 120 visitors per day – of course, all measures were taken because of the pandemic (remember that this post is from December 2021).

  • Noteworthy Information

Some works are interactive through an application (available for iOS and Android): Ld’A. Through a QR Code near the work, you can access all the information you are seeing and, in some works, there are animations and scenes so you can take the perfect selfie!

It is worth it?

Yes! Especially if you are traveling with children! The city is very lively and the Christmas atmosphere dominates us effortlessly. It is estimated that around 60,000 people visit the facilities between December and January, also moving tourism in the city.


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Christmas is, without a doubt, a magical period and Italy “dresses” to receive its tourists, introducing them to a world of fantasy, lights and beauty, but, as we highlighted in the post, Salerno manages to put on a real show and bring, In fact, all the magic of Christmas close to us!

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