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The most beautiful beaches in Ischia, Campania

In the Gulf of Naples, in Campania region, a splendid island emerges from the sea: Ischia, and there is the place where we are going to today! Let’s find out the most beautiful beaches in this very special area.

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The most beautiful beaches in Ischia, Campania

The Campania region, in southern Italy, is beautiful! With locations full of beauty, one of them deserves to be highlighted: the Island of Ischia. Today I bring you a list with the most beautiful beaches on one of the most amazing volcanic islands in the world: discover the most beautiful beaches in Ischia! Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”.

Our Introduction

The Italian south is home to true gems. Campania, one of the best known regions of southern Italy, is where we find a very special city: Ischia. The island of Ischia is a volcanic island and, legend has it, that it emerged as the personification of Tifeo, a rebellious giant condemned by Jupiter to live imprisoned for eternity under the island.  How about an Excursion to Ischia and Procida by boat? Click here to learn more!

A little about Ischia’s history

In prehistoric periods there was little knowledge about the population of Ischia; Neolithic materials are few and far between, but the most consistent finds on the island were made in Cilento. In the region of the island they found several ceramic fragments, terracotta weights for fishing nets and stone tools, such as knife blades and rests from the processing of flint and obsidian tools. The island is believed to have been inhabited since 3500 BC. and gained prominence with the Greek colonization, in the 8th century BC. Several other peoples also left their mark on the island such as Etruscans, Byzantines, Normans, Angevins, Aragonese and Romans, among others.

The island so amazing that is almost difficult to put into words and it is practically unnecessary to say that the beaches of Ischia are wonderful, but some of them deserve special attention and, therefore, I bring you a brief list of the most beautiful beaches in the city. Let’s find out what they are NOW!


  • The list does not follow a special order, it is just a reference. It is also important to mention that most Italian beaches are PAID, that is, if you do not want to pay, look for public beaches, but remember that private beaches offer structure that we often do not find on free beaches, so, maybe, it’s worth the investment, especially if you want to spend the day there, ok?!

1) Fisherman’s Beach (Spiaggia dei Pescatori)

Spiaggia dei Pescatori is undoubtedly one of the most famous and beautiful beaches in the city. This beach is close to the port and a few steps from the old Vila Ponte. Here you can take advantage of the crystal clear waters that are framed by magnificent panoramas such as the Aragonese Castle on one side and the colorful houses on the other. Looking into the background, you can easily identify the islands of Procida and Vivara.

2) Maronti Beach (Spiaggia dei Maronti)

Spiaggia dei Maronti is one of the most famous on the island. The beach here has a stretch of almost 3 kilometers of white and fluffy sand, in addition to being bathed by an impressive blue sea. It is a true gem located between the sea and the mountains, which offers us a breathtaking panorama.

3) Saint Angelo Beach (Spiaggia di Sant’Angelo)

One of Ischia’s postcards is, without a doubt, the Spiaggia di Sant’Angelo. The place is wonderful and its pastel colored houses look like a painting contrasting with the blue of the sea. It is actually an island within an island. With its charming seaside village, seeing the sunset from here is unforgettable.


  • Also visit Vila Succhivo, next to the beach. Succhivo is a timeless and little-known place, but it will make you fall in love!

4) Cava Ruffano Beach (Spiaggia di Cava Ruffano)

Another beach worth mentioning is Spiaggia di Cava Ruffano! This is one of the most majestic beaches on the entire island. Located in the municipality of Serrara Fontana, it is surrounded by an immense rock ridge overlooking the sea. From the top the landscape is something almost unbelievable! The beach water is crystal clear and, as you move away from the coast, it takes on emerald tones. When the sun hits the sea, the sight of the water seems to sparkle and does not leave us indifferent: it is almost a work of art.


Sorgeto Bay (Baia di Sorgeto)

From here you can observe the island’s fumaroles. The beautiful Baia di Sorgeto is one of the most popular destinations on the island. Here we have a true natural park of thermal waters, where balneotherapy is offered to its visitors in an irresistible way. To get there: 250 steps separate you from this unique place! Good news: this beach is public, but get there early as it gets CROWDED!

6) Citara Bay (Baia di Citara)

Baia di Citara presents us with rocks, translucent waters and an exuberant atmosphere! Legend has it that, here, it would have been the place chosen by Ulysses to spend peaceful days under the Campania sun and, between the tours, his favorite activity was to take a dip in the beautiful blue sea that surrounds the beach!


  • Before going down to the sea, or when going up, enjoy the awesome pools of the Poseidon Gardens, the largest thermal park on the island. It is splendid!

7) San Francisco Beach (Spiaggia di San Francesco)

Spiaggia di San Francesco is very elegant. With an excellent structure, it presents itself in a discreet but splendid way. It is small, with only 300 meters of coastline, but it offers us a dream view: from the hill where the beautiful Sanctuary of Santa Maria di Montevergine is located. The architectural beauty of the Sanctuary is something that mixes with the turquoise blue of the sea, the golden of the sun and the blue of the sky: breathtaking! The sunset seen from here? Unforgettable!

8) San Montano Bay (Baia di San Montano)

This is a beach that would make any Caribbean beach jealous! Baia di San Montano is an imposing beauty! With its emerald sea, majestic cliffs, exuberant nature, golden sands and exotic air, this beach is something out of this world! In the municipality of Lacco Ameno, the beach is a few meters from the center and is at the foot of Monte Vico. Here is also the incredible Negombo Park, behind the beach. The park is a thermal oasis and deserves special attention.

Our tour in Ischia!

Good to know…

  • It is obvious that Ischia offers us, in addition to incredible beaches, a lot of culture, history and many other attractions. The entire island is uniquely beautiful and, whatever location you chose, trust me: you will fall in love with this place!
  • Want a detailed itinerary of Ischia? Let me know! I am a travel consultant and together we can create a dream itinerary for you!

Are you going to stay in Ischia?

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Where to stay in Ischia? 

We have separated two accommodations that are great indications for sleeping in Ischia, check them out:

1st Option: Aragona Palace Hotel & Spa

Aragona Palace Hotel & Spa has a beautiful view of the city, has an outdoor pool and free Wi-Fi. Perfect for those looking for comfort!

  • Rating: 8,3 (Very Good!)
  • Location: The hotel is a 3-minute walk from the beach.
  • Address: Via Porto, 12, Ischia Porto, 80077 Ischia, Italy

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2nd Option: Hotel Villa Panoramica

This 3-star hotel is ideal not only for its beauty and luxury feel, but also for its excellent location.

  • Rating: 8,2 (Very Good!)
  • Location: The hotel is a 2-minute walk from the beach, 600 meters from the center of Ischia and 10 minutes by car from the Port of Ischia.
  • Address: Traversa Mirabella 13, Ischia Porto, 80077 Ischia, Italy

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The most beautiful beaches in Ischia, Campania! Ischia is a beauty that is hard to describe, however, once there, you will understand much better what I am talking about: Ischia is a very special island and deserves to be on your itinerary!

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