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The Main Typical Foods of Naples

Naples is a spectacular city when it comes to gastronomy, but do you know its typical dishes? Shall we learn more?

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The Main Typical Foods of Naples

The Italian cuisine is splendid and each city is proud, and insists, on taking care of its own typical dishes as a mother takes care of her children and, today, we are going to discover the typical dishes of Naples, one of the most fantastic cities in all of Italy. Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


When we talk about Naples and gastronomy, it’s impossible not to get our mouth watering! The sparkle in the eyes appears almost automatically, and we can almost feel flavors and aromas as we talk about the incredible dishes that Naples offers. Famous for its pizza, Naples goes beyond offering us incredible options of typical, delicious and, best of all, super affordable. Today I bring you some typical food from Naples. Also read: the best round trips from Naples.

1) The Main Typical Foods of Naples: PIZZA

Symbol of the symbols of Neapolitan gastronomy, of course, it deserves a prominent place! Pizzas are all over the world, but the TYPICAL ITALIAN PIZZA is Neapolitan! There are pizzas for all tastes, of course, but the two most traditional are the marinara, which includes tomatoes, oregano and garlic; and, of course, the already famous Margherita, our tricolor pizza that includes tomato, mozzarella and basil.

The most traditional filling in the world was created by Raffaele Esposito, a cook at the Brandi pizzeria, and was a tribute to Margherita di Savoia, who visited the city in 1889. But there is evidence that this pizza existed much earlier and that the name was given on account of the ‘design’ of the mozzarella, which resembled the shape of the daisy. Also read: the five best pizzerias in Naples?

2) The Main Typical Foods of Naples: FRITTATA DI PASTA

Our classic omelet, in Naples, is made with noodles! That’s right! There is a long Neapolitan tradition of durum wheat pasta production and, to this day, some of the best Italian pasta factories are in the city. Spaghetti is one of the symbols of Naples and one of the most famous preparations in the city is Frittata di Pasta. Made with leftover pasta, cheese, salami and, of course, eggs are mixed with it; everything goes into a frying pan with oil and it’s done! It’s delicious! Check out our section with Tips on Drinking and Eating in Italy!

3) The Main Typical Foods of Naples: SPAGHETTI PUTANESCA

In Naples, it is also called “aulive e cchiapparielle”. Puttanesca is a typical sauce from Naples based on tomato, black olives from Gaeta, garlic, capers and oregano. The main pasta that receives the sauce is, of course, spaghetti, but it can be made with all types of pasta. There are some theories about the appearance of the dish and some of them say that the owner of a dating house in the Spanish Quarter had the idea of ​​this sauce to please his customers, while others say that the dish refers to the colors used by prostitutes to attract customers. Whatever its origin, the dish is one of Naples’ favorites and has an incredible flavor and aroma!

4) The Main Typical Foods of Naples: RAGÙ NAPOLETANO

In the dialect, it is called “O rrau”, which is also the title of a poem by Edoardo De Filippo. We’re talking about the magnificent Neapolitan ragù that, together with Bolognese and Potentino, make up the trio of the best Italian sauces! Although there is no ‘agreement’ on the best type of meat to be used in its preparation, nor on the type of tomato, the process is always the same: seasoning and about SIX hours of cooking. The meat in this ragout is whole, not minced or ground, and the sauce has an impressive flavor! A true classic!

5) The Main Typical Foods of Naples: A PARMIGIANA DI MELANZANE

Although it is a very famous dish in Sicily, Naples also offers us a WONDERFUL eggplant parmigiana! Today there are also light versions of Parmigiana, with grilled eggplants instead of fried ones, but without changing its prestigious flavor in any way. The original recipe calls for the eggplants to be fried twice: once cut into slices and the second time breaded with flour and egg. To the fried eggplants we add tomato sauce, mozzarella, parmesan and basil! I don’t need to say anything else, do I?!

6) The Main Typical Foods of Naples: PASTA E PATATE

Pasta e patate (pasta and potato) is one of the most delicious “comfort foods” in the world! You know that grandma soup? Well then: pasta e patate can be compared to that! Formerly it was considered a dish of the poorest classes, but the flavor and simplicity received several reinterpretations over the years, but without losing its essence of ‘grandma’s food’! Its birth dates back to the 17th century, when the poorest didn’t have much option to eat and made a big stew of potatoes and spices and then added pasta. The richest ones began to add meat to the stew and thus enriched the dish.

7) The Main Typical Foods of Naples: CASATIELLO

It is similar to crackling bread, but Casatiello is made with lard, flour, eggs, cheese and “cicoli” (ciccioli – ‘crackling’ in Italian). A typical dish, especially on Neapolitan festivals (especially Easter), the origins of this rustic bread date back to before the 17th century, although they have never really confirmed its origin. Its traditional shape resembles the crown of thorns of the crucified Christ and there are still those who make it in the wood-burning oven. In the dough, you can also add mortadella or ham. It’s a spectacle!

Look at the candy coming there! Let’s get to desserts….


Let’s go for candy? Neapolitan cuisine is incredible in terms of sweets! The most traditional is the delicious Sfogliatella, which is one of the most representative dishes of Naples. However, it is good to know that there are two types of this sweet: the puff pastry and the ‘broken’ dough ‘curly’. The birthplace of this dessert was the monastery of Santa Rosa da Lima, on the Amalfi coast, in the 18th century, and it all happened because a nun wanted to use a little of semolina dough leftover, so she mixed it with dried fruit, limoncello, sugar and wrapped it in a puff pastry. When she took it out of the oven, the surprise came: the dough was all ‘drawn’ with thin ‘layers’ on top. However, it was only in 1818 that a cook managed to get his hands on the recipe and, after changing it a little here and there, ‘released’ it to the public.


Neapolitan food typical of Christmas and Carnival, but found all year round in the city, Struffoli are dough balls fried in oil and covered with honey and colored sprinkles. The struffoli dough is very simple and includes eggs, flour, lard, anise liqueur and a little sugar. Even though it is typical of the Campania region, it is widespread throughout southern Italy. Its origins go back to the time of Magna Graecia, although many defend the thesis that, in fact, it was inspired by Andalusian cuisine. In any case, it is, without a doubt, one of the Neapolitan flagships!


This sweet is typically Neapolitan, but its origins come from Poland and France. As far as we know, Babà was created by Stanislao Leszczyński, a Polish king who liked to eat well but had some minor dental problems and therefore could not eat very hard foods; then he came up with the idea of ​​bathing the sweet in Hungarian wine making it soft and juicy. Some say that he actually took a piece of cake and dipped it in a glass of rum, and that the ‘experience’ worked so well that the palace cooks adopted the ‘recipe’. From there, the dessert would have gone to Paris at the hands of the notorious French confectioner Nicolas Stohrer, who created a fruit version and named it baba savarin. When the recipe arrived in Naples, in the 19th century, it would have been very successful with the sweet and the city ‘adopted’ the sweet as one of its typical sweets.

People, as I always say:

Avoid ordering typical dishes from other regions in the region you are visiting. For example, ordering a Carbonara pasta in Naples is death for them! They feel quite offended, because they think their dishes are not enough to please you; so much so that, not difficult, there are some dishes from other regions that you don’t find on the menus of some restaurants throughout Italy, only in traditional restaurants and in certain areas. Also avoid adding spices to the dish that the waiter places in front of you! I know it sounds like ‘fussiness’, but Italians cherish their typical dishes TOO MUCH, and are super sad when someone adds something to the dish delivered and made with so much care. This is cultural, it’s nothing personal!

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The Main Typical Foods of Naples – Eating in Naples, as in all of Italy, is taking an incredible journey in the discovery of flavors, colors and aromas. Both savory and sweet dishes will surprise you! Neapolitan cuisine has dishes for all tastes and, best of all, none of the dishes presented above cost a fortune! Are you going to Naples? Indulge yourself and try at least two dishes from this list! You will not regret it!

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