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The best round trips from Naples

The heart of the Campania region enchants for its historical and cultural heritage, but it also offers excellent options for those who chose Naples as a city.

Naples with the panoramic of Vesuio (Source Pixabay)

The best round trips from Naples

Naples is one of the most charming cities in Italy. With a privileged position, it offers incredible panoramas, museums and historic buildings, not to mention its fantastic and impressive squares; however, if you are thinking of making a round trip from Naples, know that it is possible, practical and fast! Today we will find out the best round trips from Naples . Here at   Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia   you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our   “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


Naples is, indeed, a privileged city: located in the beautiful Italian south, it appears in the heart of the homonymous bay near Vesuvius, one of the still active volcanoes in the world, famous for having wiped out Pompeii with its devastating eruption. Naples was born in the second millennium BC, and has centuries of history of art, architecture, heritage of diverse peoples and natural beauty that impress even the most demanding tourist.

Well structured, Naples offers excellent transport options and houses some relics in its territory, such as the Cathedral of San Gennaro, the magnificent Reale Palace and the historic Maschio Angioino, a 13th century building. It is an excellent base city option for those who would like to visit southern Italy with peace of mind, and today, we will find out the best round trips from Naples.

Golden Tips:

  • If you are planning your trip to Naples and intend to make a round trip, I suggest you to choose a hotel close to any train station. It makes your life a lot easier, since it is possible to visit several cities with this means of transport. In addition to being fast and safe, the values ​​are worth it!
  • When we talk about round trips, consider that the ideal round trip is the one that, considering the travel times – combined – are less than, at most, 4 hours (two to go and two to return). Trips with a travel time of more than 4 hours end up not being worthwhile, because, in addition to having some unforeseen circumstances, you may have little time in the destination city and need to do everything in a hurry, which I do not advise.

Important to Know

  • It is worth remembering that Naples offers a multitude of options for those who want to spend the day outside the city and the city is very well connected with the rest of Italy, both by sea, air and land. Thus, it would be impossible to list ALL the available round trips, that’s why we have gathered the best options here, not necessarily in the order of ‘best to not so good’.

1) The best round trips from Naples: AMALFI COAST

How can we talk about round trip Naples without mentioning the fantastic Amalfi Coast? Well, the Amalfi Coast is made up of some cities like Amalfi, Atrani, Positano, Ravello and others, and maybe you can visit several of them on the same day, as they are small and well interconnected, both by public transport and on foot . The Amalfi Coast does not need any major presentations; one of the most famous regions in the world, and one thing you can be sure of: this place will delight you!

Suggestion of the day

If you have to choose a city, I suggest Positano, which is a delicious mixture of elegance and relaxation! The city is a delight and you can walk with calm and tranquility making strategic stops to observe the incredible panorama that the city offers you. Unmissable? Try Limoncello! You will love it! To know how to get from Naples to Amalfi Coast, I invite you to read this post!

Group Tour Tips to the Amalfi Coast

Map from Naples to the Amalfi Coast

The best round trips from Naples
Source: Google Maps

2) The best round trips from Naples: POMPEII

When we speak of Naples, our thoughts immediately turn to Vesuvius and, automatically, we also remember the sad story of Pompeii, which was devastated by the volcano in 79 AD; despite its sad past, Pompeii is today one of the most important and beautiful archaeological sites in the world. The place is of unparalleled beauty and makes us go back to the past for a few moments, with a lot of history and culture. It is possible to observe the grandeur of Vesuvius that dominates the Gulf of Naples and the panorama, together with the history of the place, is impressive!


  • When Vesuvius erupted and ‘swept’ Pompeii off the map, the city was covered by 3 meters of volcanic ash.

How to get to Pompeii?

To reach Pompeii from Naples, you need to use the Circumvesuviana railway line, which connects Naples and Sorrento with Pompeii. In Sorrento, the Circumvesuviana station is very well located, right in the center of the city, opposite Angelina Lauro Square. People, the ONLY line that STARTS from here is Naples – Sorrento, so there’s no mistake! Trains depart every half hour and the journey time is also half an hour to reach Pompeii. From Naples, you will take the train that leaves platform 3 (*) in Naples, at Piazza Garibaldi station. Attention on the station display that will indicate you when the train “Sorrento – Pompeii” arrives; if you miss the train, you will stop at Sarno, so stay tuned, OK? Also read, How to get to Pompeii from Rome? (*) The platform is usually 3, but pay attention, as it may be that for operational reasons, they change the boarding location.

Pompeii Group Tour Tips

Map from Naples to Pompeii

The best round trips from Naples
Source: Google Maps

3) The best round trips from Naples: CAPRI

You didn’t think we were going to talk about the return trip from Naples without mentioning Capri, did you? People, impossible! Capri is an entity in the Campania region and is one of the most beautiful and visited places in southern Italy. Capri is a jewel that is just a few kilometers away from Naples and presents itself in an elegant, charming and beautiful way. It is difficult to find someone who has gone to Capri and has not loved with passion.

Attractions in Capri

Among its beauties, the nature of the island deserves to be highlighted! The emblematic Blue Grotto, known for its blue waters, enchants and is stunning! The small city center is full of life, especially in the summer, and very elegant. Everything there is divine! Click here and discover the five must-see attractions on the Island of Capri!

How to get to Capri?

To go from Naples to Capri is very easy and we will know how now! In Naples, you will find two ports from which ships toward Capri depart: Molo Beverello and Calata di Massa. The port of Molo Beverello is opposite the Maschio Angioino, in Municipio Square; the Calata di Massa is further to the east, on the left. There are some shipping options. Hydrofoils leave from Molo Beverello, while fast ships and ferries leave from Calata di Massa. Despite their name, ‘fast ships’ and ferries travel more slowly than hydrofoils. Hours and prices vary frequently and according to the season. One tip is to check on site, on the eve of departure, all the information.

Good to know

  • It is also good to know that, due to bad weather, the transport may not operate for safety reasons; When the sea is very rough, hydrofoils stop circulating and operate only ships and ferries. The journey time also changes: with hydrofoils, the travel time is about 40 minutes, while with the ship and the ferry, the travel time can be almost 1h20!
  • If you suffer from seasickness, I suggest you use either the ferry or the ship, as the hydrofoil rocks more! And take your medicine! It will be useful!

Capri Group Tour Tips

Map from Naples to the Island of Capri (ferry boat route)

The best round trips from Naples
Source: Google Maps

4) The best round trips from Naples: PROCIDA

Do you want to visit a beautiful place? Then your destination is Procida! Near the coast of Naples, the city has remained largely intact over time and, this delay in being ‘discovered’, has left it extremely well preserved. This small island is the smallest and least tourist city in the Gulf of Naples, but it is one of the most beautiful.

How to get to Procida?

The historic center deserves to be highlighted, as well as its marinas, charming! To go from Naples to Procida you can use the ferry, which takes you there in 1 hour – leaving either from the port of Calata Porta di Massa or from Molo Beverello; you can also take the hydrofoil, which takes you to Procida in 40 minutes and also leaves both Calata Porta di Massa and Molo Beverello.

Group Tour Tips for Procida

Map from Naples to Procida Island (ferry boat route)

The best round trips from Naples
Source: Google Maps

5) The best round trips from Naples: ISCHIA

Talking about Naples and not talking about Ischia is practically a crime! Ischia is one of the most beautiful islands in the region and invites us, without any pretension, to fall in love with it! It is practically in front of Capri, and is the largest island in the Gulf of Naples. Ischia is a volcanic island and offers abundant nature, with unique beauties! There, in addition to historical attractions, you will find deserted beaches, excellent restaurants and splendid views.

How to get to Ischia?

To reach Ischia from Naples, or from the port of Calata Porta Massa or the port of Molo Beverello. The journey takes about 2 hours, but, believe me, it’s worth it! Tip: leave early, to get the most out of this very special place!

Ischia Group Tour Tip

Map from Naples to Ischia Island (ferry boat route)

The best round trips from Naples
Source: Google Maps

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The best round trips from Naples. There is a saying that ‘Rome is the heart of Italy, but Naples is the soul of the country!’; no wonder: Naples and its surroundings enchant and attract our attention not only for its beauty, but also for all its historical and cultural heritage! Are you in Naples? Did you choose Naples as your base city for visiting the southern Italy? Great! You have, in your hands, great opportunities to get to know more than one of the most beautiful regions of our beloved Italy!

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