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The best Pizzerias in Milan

Today we're going to Italy's most cosmopolitan city: charming Milan, where we'll discover the best pizzerias in Italy's fashion capital!

Milan Duomo

The best Pizzerias in Milan

As you explore the bustling streets of Milan, you can’t ignore the irresistible lure of local pizzerias, where every slice is a celebration of authentic Italian tradition. Famous for being the Italian capital of fashion, Milan surprises us with its excellent pizzerias and today I bring you a list the best pizzerias in Milan! Stay with us and make the best of boot country! Here at the Travelling to Italy we make the trip of your dreams come true!! Also get to know our Section Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your Vacation!

Our Introduction

If you love Italian cuisine, you know that pizza in the country is a sacred experience that transcends the boundaries of this simple yet delicious food! And if you’re going to Milan in the Lombardy region, you need to know the best pizzerias in town! Also read our posts with the Best Pizzerias in: Naples, Venice and Florence. Also Read: The best pizzerias are in Caserta!

1) The Best Pizzerias in Milan: DRYMILANO!

Set in a modern setting, DryMilano offers more than a pizza experience. In addition to the delicious pizza creations, this spot is famous for its craft cocktails that perfectly complement the intense flavors of the pizzas. A fusion of tradition and modernity that is sure to please sophisticated palates.

  • Official Website: DryMilano
  • Address: Via Solferino, 33, 20121 Milano MI, Italy. Taking the metro to get off at Moscova Station M2 (Orto Verticale Zone), it’s only a 500-meter walk.
  • Tip: the ideal is to book!

2) The Best Pizzerias in Milan: CONFINE MILANO!

Confine Milano, is a pizzeria and canteen, awarded the 11th place for Best Pizzeria in Italy. Confine Milano is a “synthesis, a new dimension of concreteness”. With this phrase, the Border menu opens. Menu that continues with a series of very complex proposals, combinable in various ways, which go beyond the limits of a  “normal” pizzeria  and at the same time fit very well.

  • Official Website: ConfineMilano
  • Address: Piazza Guglielmo Massaia, 20123 Milano MI, Italy. Disembarking at the Duomo Metro Station, just walk about 650 meters.
  • Tip: the ideal is to book!

3) The Best Pizzerias in Milan: PIZZERIA POSITANO MILANO!

Considered one of the best pizzerias in Milano! Classic or gluten-free Neapolitan pizzas, salads and desserts in a contemporary two-level lounge. A different concept of pizzeria compared to the others, making everyone feel at home, including celiacs thanks to the wide range of gluten-free pizzas. They pamper every customer from the moment they call to the moment they pay the bill, always looking to offer the most positive of experiences.

  • Official Website: PizzeriaPositanoMilano
  • Address: Pizzeria Positano Milano, Via S. Vito, 5, 20123 Milano MI, Italy. Disembarking at the Missori M3 Metro Station, just walk about 650 meters.
  • Tip: the ideal is to book!

4) The Best Pizzerias in Milan: FROM ZERO!

When you enter the restaurant, whether it’s the one in via Bernardo Luini or the one in via dell’Orso, you’ll feel like you’re going directly to the Campania. Delicious pizzas, fearsome crusts and an atmosphere of conviviality and priceless well-being. Every day Da Zero brings to the table good pizzas that are good for you, prepared with the best ingredients of the Mediterranean Diet.

  • Official Website: DaZero
  • Address: Via Bernardino Luini, 9, 20123 Milano MI, Italy. The pizzeria is close to the Basilica of St. Ambrose, disembarking at the S. Ambrogio Metro Station, just walk about 750 meters.
  • Tip: the ideal is to book!

5) The Best Pizzerias in Milan: MODUS!

Pizzeria Modus, This is a true gastronomic temple that pays homage to Italy’s rich culinary heritage. With a welcoming atmosphere, this pizzeria is known for its thin and crispy crust, combined with fresh and authentic ingredients. Each visit is an experience that rescues the essence of Italian tradition.

  • Official Website: PizzeriaModus
  • Address: Via Andrea Maffei, 12, 20135 Milano MI, Italy. Disembarking at the Porta Romana Metro Station, just walk about 850 meters.
  • Tip: the ideal is to book!


For lovers of authentic Neapolitan pizza, I’ll leave as a bonus two pizzerias with flavors from our beloved Naples!

Pizzeria Dantò

Pizzeria Dantò is a must-see. This pizzeria transports customers directly to southern Italy and offers magnificent pizzas! With bubbly dough and top-notch ingredients, each pizza is a tribute to Neapolitan tradition.

  • Official Website: Dantò
  • Address: Dantó – Il pizzaiolo di Spaccanapoli, Via Legnone, 65, 20158 Milano MI, Italy. Disembarking at Dergano Metro Station, just walk about 450 meters.
  • Tip: the ideal is to book!

Pizzeria Napule è – Fratelli Coppola

Pizzeria Napule is a wonderful option for those staying in the vicinity of Milan Central Station. This pizzeria will also transport you to the south of Italy and will leave nothing to be desired from the other pizzerias in Milan! At the end of this post you can watch my video tasting a delicious Neapolitan pizza.

  • Official Website: Napule
  • Address: Napule è – Fratelli Coppola, Via Alfredo Cappellini, 23, 20124 Milano MI, Italy. Close to Milano train station. Disembarking at Milano Centrale FS Metro Station, just walk about 550 meters.
  • Tip: the ideal is to book!

But how did pizza get to Milan?

The history of pizza in Milan is fascinating, as the city has played an important role in the evolution of this delicious Italian delicacy. Although Milan is situated to the north, outside the region traditionally associated with pizza, as Naples, its gastronomic influence has spread throughout the country, creating a unique and diverse pizza scene.

The Arrival of Pizza in Milan

Pizza has its origins in Naples, where it was initially enjoyed as a quick bite for local workers. However, the growing popularity of pizza has led it to cross borders and reach other regions of Italy. Milan, as a major commercial and cultural center, was no exception. Pizza began to gain prominence in Milan during the twentieth century, when the city became a cultural and gastronomic melting pot.

Evolution of the Pizza Scene in Milan

Unlike traditional thin-crust Neapolitan pizzas, Milan has seen a diversification of styles and techniques. Local pizzerias began experimenting with new ingredients, innovative toppings, and distinctive brewing techniques. This has given rise to an eclectic range of pizza options, ranging from the classic to the more modern and gourmet. Of course, Milan needed to give the traditional Neapolitan pizzas a makeover, right?!

The Influence of the Neapolitan Tradition

Despite the experimentation, the Neapolitan tradition continued to play a key role in the pizza scene in Milan. Many pizzerias in the city have chosen to maintain the authenticity of the Neapolitan recipe, using wood-fired ovens and high-quality ingredients to create an experience that pays homage to pizza’s historical roots.

The City of Gastronomic Innovation

Milan, being a city known for its innovation and design, has also influenced the pizza scene with contemporary elements. Some pizzerias have introduced new creative approaches, incorporating gourmet ingredients, specialty plates of pasta, and innovative cooking methods.

Pizza as a Cultural Experience

Today, pizza in Milan isn’t just a meal; it’s a cultural experience. Pizzerias offer varied atmospheres, from traditional venues to modern establishments, creating an atmosphere that reflects the diversity of the city. Although the city is not traditionally known as the birthplace of pizza like some other regions of Italy, in Milan it has been adopted and gained several new versions.

In the beginning, pizza was not as prominent in Milan as it was in other parts of Italy, as Milan was very famous for using local ingredients and remaining very devoted to its cuisine; dishes such as risotto, polenta, and meat-based dishes have always been the darlings of the Milanese, but as internal migration in Italy intensified throughout the twentieth century, especially after World War II, the culinary traditions of different regions began to merge.

The 1980s marked a significant turning point for pizza in Milan.

Pizzerias began to multiply, introducing a variety of styles and flavors, including traditional Neapolitan pizza, gourmet pizza, and other culinary innovations. As we said, Milan became a field of experimentation for talented chefs looking to reinvent pizza, often incorporating local ingredients and contemporary techniques.

Good to know!

Today, pizzerias in Milan offer a wide range of options, from the most authentic to those that explore gastronomic frontiers. The city has become a hotspot for pizza enthusiasts who want to try unique and creative interpretations of this beloved dish, while still preserving respect for Italian tradition. This evolution continues to tell the dynamic story of pizza in Milan, which goes beyond regional boundaries and embraces a delicious fusion of tradition and innovation.

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The Best Pizzerias in Milan – Milan, known for its fashion and design, is also a paradise for pizza lovers. From Neapolitan traditions to gourmet innovation, this city’s pizzerias offer a variety of dining experiences. By exploring these establishments, visitors have the opportunity to not only indulge their taste buds but also immerse themselves in the rich Italian culinary culture.

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