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Ten castles to visit in Italy

Italy has many precious monuments and many architectural beauties, but its castles are certainly the most evocative in terms of charm. For today, we have prepared a list of 10 castles in Italy for you to choose from and include in your Travel Itinerary!

Castel Miramare, Friuli

Ten castles to visit in Italy

What to talk about Italy’s castles? Beautiful! These fortresses, large or small, bring to mind images of princesses, knights and battles. Usually, these wonders are located on the heights, in very fascinating villages or historic centers; others are perched on cliffs that meet the sea, in a fabulous landscape. In large and small cities, we find many fortified places that were protagonists of historical events, sometimes very relevant for the whole of Italy. Let’s get to our post today: Ten castles to visit in Italy! Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


In this text, we will analyze the ranking of the ten most beautiful castles in our boot country. Italian castles are different, but they tell distant stories, on the border between reality and legend; so, what are you waiting for? Let us take you on a journey through suffocated walls, towers, curiosities and ancient characters.

1) Ten castles to visit in Italy! SCALIGER CASTLE OF MALCESINE

Well, let’s start this journey by visiting a medieval castle located on a rocky spur, on the romantic shores of Lake Garda : it is the Scaliger Castle of Malcesine , which really deserves a visit. Rebuilt by the Scaligeri family, in 1300, on a previous base, the castle, which has several museums inside, has a real structure and a spectacular position, where you can admire the sustenance, the dovetailed battlements, typically scaligere and, once inside, you will have an incredible view of the intense waters of the lake; unexplained emotions.

A little more about the Castle

The castle has, over the centuries, been in the hands of Longobards, Franks, Scaligeri, Venetians, Visconti, French and Austrians and was also famous for the drawings and descriptions provided by the German writer Goethe on his trip to Italy between 1813 and 1817 The museum it is dedicated to the writer and has a bust, in his honor, in one of the rooms of the castle. T he visit to the Castle, in addition to offering a cultural and relaxing break, can offer, from the top of the tower, a complete and fascinating view of the entire territory, a grandiose spectacle that will certainly remain imprinted in your memory.

(Source: Stunning Videos)

2) Ten castles to visit in Italy! CASTLE OF ROCCA CALASCIO

Another castle that you need to visit is Rocca Calascio, in Abruzzo. Located within the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park, Rocca di Calascio is a very particular medieval fort that draws attention due to the beauty of its structure with an imposing central male figure that dominates the four angular towers. Its location is truly spectacular and the landscape that you will enjoy here is magnificent. Its undeniable charm has become a perfect set for several films, such as ‘Ladyhawke’, ‘The name of the rose’, but also the most recent ‘The American’, with George Clooney.

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3) Ten castles to visit in Italy! SIRMIONE CASTLE

One of the most complete and best preserved castles in Italy is Sirmione Castle, in Lombardy , a rare example of fortification on the lake. The castle is bathed on all sides by the waters of Lake Garda, one of those magical places that can conquer us immediately. The walls and the three main towers have chains lined up. Behind, the imposing presence emerges, with the cells for the prisoners below. It is possible to access, through the walkways, and reach the top, in addition to enjoying the splendor of the dock. A feature of the castle is the dock, which is still active today . A sad love legend that, on stormy nights, Ebengardo’s soul travels the castle in search of Arice.

(Source: Vic Stefanu – Amazing World Videos)

4) Ten castles to visit in Italy! ESTE CASTLE

Another castle that deserves mention is the Este Castle, in Ferrara. It represents the majestic symbol of Ferrara with the four towers surrounded by the moat; red bricks, elegant white barricades, prisons and rooms for court games and fun add the final touch. Built by Nicolò D’Este, in 1385, it is located right in the center of the city. Originally built as a defensive and military structure, it became the residence of the Este family and ducal residence.

A little more about the Castle

The imposing towers, placed in the four corners of the castle, are still visible in the city today, an indelible symbol of the greatness and magnificence of the D’Este family. Now it is a permanent museum where you can admire, inside, the ducal rooms, the old prisons, the Tower of the Lions, the Garden of the Oranges, the ducal kitchens and works of art that pay homage to the magnificence of the Prince.

(Source: Pietro Pecco)

5) Ten castles to visit in Italy! CASTLE OF THE MOUNTAIN

Now we head to Puglia to admire one of the most mysterious castles in Italy, namely Castle of the Mountain (‘Castel del Monte’), built on the basis of the number eight. The castle is an inexplicable condensation of symbols and formulas that hardly reconciles with the purposes commonly attributed to it and that, from time to time, identify it as a hunting lodge, stronghold of defense of the territory, a place of delight and edification that celebrates the power of Frederico II.

A little more about the Castle

Castle of the Mountain is an icon in the Italian landscape, so much so that it was also declared a World Heritage Site. The castle has an octagonal outline and the towers have the same shape, which creates a rigorous and attractive geometry. Dominated by symbology and surrounded by the mysterious charm of a glorious moment, a place that is really worth visiting.

(Source: TreccaniChannel)

6) Ten castles to visit in Italy! MIRAMARE CASTLE

At this point, we go to an Italian castle par excellence, where you can feel a prince or princess for a day. We are talking about Miramare Castle, in Friuli Venezia Giulia. A prestigious building with a charming view that overlooks the sea, which has the Gulf of Trieste as a backdrop. A luxurious noble residence that has preserved its original fine furniture. He was commissioned by Archduke Ferdinand Maximiliano of Asburgo to share it with his wife Carlota of Belgium. Surrounded by a lush park, f ull of rare plants and treated with details , the castle shows the original furniture of one of the most beautiful noble residences in Italy, kept within a white and refined structure that inevitably refers to an imaginary fairy tale.

(Source: LIFE and ADVENTURE)

7) Ten castles to visit in Italy! FÉNIS CASTLE

Another must-see masterpiece is Castle Fénis , which is located in the city of Fénis in the Aosta Valley, one of the most famous and beautiful mansions in all of Italy. You will be fascinated by its pentagonal outline, with towers in every corner and double walls, as beautiful as they are elegant, a scenographic building that, together with its position at the top of the hill, suggests a more defensive representation function. The atmosphere is magical; let yourself go for a swim in the past. The strongest parts of the castle are, without a doubt, the balconies (whose access was closed so as not to ruin the frescoes) and its staircase, which overlooks the entrance courtyard. It is one of the best-preserved medieval castles in Italy.

(Source: DroneScapes By Atellani)

8) Ten castles to visit in Italy? EGG CASTLE

We head to the city of Naples to give credit to the magnificent ‘Egg Castle’ (Castelo dell’Ovo), which is also the oldest castle in the city and, surprisingly, is one of the prominent elements in the famous panorama of its gulf . It no longer has its original appearance due to several reconstructions over the centuries, but it is always a good view. The name of the castle is linked to the legend, according to which Virgil hid an egg in the foundations of the castle, stating that ‘all the facts and fortunes of the castle of Marino depended on the egg’.

A little more about the Castle

Among the most fascinating elements of the Castle , the Maestra Tower, the Norman tower, the cells of the monks carved in the rock, the five rows of columns belonging to the village of Luculo and the ruins of the Church of the Savior. The Egg Castle connects to the seafront of the city of Naples through a bridge over the sea and is surrounded by the picturesque Burgo Marinaro, animated by restaurants and bars in the morning and evening. The castle can be visited every day; admission is free and allows many visitors to admire its architectural features, exhibitions and displays of various types that it receives periodically.

(Source: Saidorus Travels)

9) Ten castles to visit in Italy! SFORZESCO CASTLE

This list could not miss the Sforzesco Castle, one of the main symbols of Milan and its history. Pure defensive engineering, combined with rigorous and elegant aesthetics, makes this place one of the most visited monuments in Italy, as well as one of the largest castles in Europe. It was built in the 15th century, by Francesco Sforza, on the remains of an earlier fortification. Over the centuries, it has undergone significant transformations. The outer ring of fortifications, called ‘Guirlanda’, is the oldest part; the four corners are made of towers, oriented according to the cardinal points. Its remarkable Filarete Tower, the largest and most central, constitutes the main entrance. After visiting the fort, you can relax on the green lawns of Sempione Park.

(Source: Pino Meola)

10) Ten castles to visit in Italy! SANT´ANGELO CASTLE

The list of Castles to visit in Italy ends with the unmistakable Sant’Angelo Castle, in Rome. Sant’Angelo Castle is perhaps one of the most beautiful spots in Rome, a suitable structure for beautiful, lonely and charming photos. Built along the Tiber River, you can reach it by crossing the famous Ponte dos Anjos (which at night is beautiful for photos); it is also called the Mausoleum of Hadrian, because it was born as a funerary monument for the emperor.

A little more about the Castle

Built on a cylindrical base, the monument is made of tuff and travertine , while pilasters, marbles and statues are the details that have embellished it over the centuries. During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, it was modified several times, until it reached the current structure: from a funerary monument to an advanced location, it was then a prison, a Renaissance residence and a museum; two thousand years of history and beauty. In front of these masterpieces, there is no need to say anything else.

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Ten castles to visit in Italy? These fortresses, these castles perched on the hills, these walls that crossed the destiny of important families and famous characters, represent an immense artistic and architectural heritage among the most representative of our country.

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