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One of the best restaurants in the world is in Italy: Osteria Francescana di Bottura

Refinement and good food! That's how we can define one of the best restaurants in the world ... And it is here in Italy!

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One of the best restaurants in the world is in Italy: Osteria Francescana di Bottura

The dream of all chefs, restaurant owners and gastronomic professionals is to get at least one star in the Michelin Guide. Massimo Bottura, a renowned Italian chef, achieved a feat: he received THREE stars from the Guide in 2012. But, after all, what is the Michelin Guide? The Michelin Guide is the reference guide for hotels and restaurants, printed with the utmost secrecy and with a circulation and distribution unknown throughout the world. It is the most respected in the world and the highlight of an establishment is to have its name printed on it. Shall we visit now one of the best restaurants in the world? Osteria Francescana di Bottura!

Watch this video to get to know Massimo Bottura’s Osteria Francescana

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1) One of the best restaurants in the world is in Italy: Osteria Francescana di Bottura  – MEET THE CHEF

Well, let’s get down to business! The Osteria Franciscana di Massimo Bottura. First, let’s talk a little bit about the renowned chef who masters the place. Massimo Bottura was born in Modena in 1962 and reached its peak in 2012, when his restaurant received three Michelin stars. In addition to this recognition, he has received several personal titles, as best chef, and has made several appearances on the list of the 50 best restaurants in the world, reaching first place in 2016!

Osteria Reservations

As if such success was not enough, the chef had one of the episodes of the series Chef’s Table, available on Netflix, dedicated entirely to him. It is good to be aware that it is not an easy task to make a reservation at the restaurant, and that the waiting can take months! To try your luck, click here!

2) One of the best restaurants in the world is in Italy: Osteria Francescana di Bottura – DISCOVER THE RESTAURANT AMBIENT

I will tell you a little bit about what you will find there! First, let’s talk about the ambient: it is sober and its gray walls, very smooth, remind us that the main characters there are the dishes. Despite everything, the decor is extremely elegant, minimalist and very welcoming. When you arrive, they ask you if you want to be served in Italian or in English. The halls have very few tables and all are very well located. The wine list is an attraction in itself! It costs from 120 Euros to request the pairing with the chosen menu, and they all harmoniously match all the dishes.

3) One of the best restaurants in the world is in Italy: Osteria Francescana di Bottura  – APPROXIMATE VALUES

How much does a dinner at Osteria cost? What’s the menu? There are two types:

Tradizione in Evoluzione (Tradition in Evolution)

This is the simplest and costs 180 Euros. It includes the celebrated and innovative Cinque Stagionature di Parmigiano Reggiano antipasto (Five textures of Parmigiano Reggiano) where he offers us the Parmigiano Reggiano (“Parmesan Cheese”) in 5 different presentations and a dessert whose name has a curious origin: Oops! Mi è caduta la crostata al limone! (Oops! The lemon pie fell!), which was baptized after the fall of a piece of pie in the kitchen (he tells this story in the Netflix episode!)! The full menu includes 10 dishes.

Sensazioni (Sensations)

It costs 200 Euros and has 13 dishes on the menu. Neither dish is repeated between the two options. If you prefer, there is an ‘alla carte’ menu, but for the value and options, it is not so worth it: individual dishes, without a drink, are around 70 Euros. The antipasto alone costs 60 Euros! Bottura’s main idea has always been to modernize traditional Italian dishes and, at the beginning of his career, he received a lot of criticism for that. Ironically, today he is one of the ambassadors for Italian cuisine in the world!

Massimo, when he is in the restaurant, is very kind and makes a point of greeting ALL, that’s right, ALL the customers present! Your kindness and friendliness delight us as much as your food! Ah, another show is the dinnerware used for the services: beautiful, white and full of elegance! The layout of the food and the contrasts of colors and textures, in addition to the exceptional service, make us understand why it is one of the best restaurants in the world! To learn more and fall in love right away, visit the Official Website of Osteria Franciscana.

Watch this video and make your mouth water!

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About The Michelin Guide

The Guide was created by André Michelin, a French industrialist who founded the popular Compagnie Générale des Établissements Michelin, that’s right: the tire brand! The objective was to promote tourism to the growing French car market, and that is when you ask yourself: how did a tire manufacturer become a reference in gastronomic and hotel directions? Read our section on Food in Italy and don’t get bored! Click here!

Michelin Guide First Edition

Well: in 1900, the year of publication of the first edition of the guide, André indicated several places for people who wanted to repair the car. As some came from outside the city, he started to include hotels and restaurants in the guide. André never flaunted the brand, he flaunted the place: service, location, menu, quality of the rooms. Thus, the guide gained fame, importance and, to this day, is a world reference for quality accommodation and gastronomy. The stars range from one to three and a star means that, within its segment (in the gastronomic case!), the establishment is very good, two stars means that the place features excellent dishes and wines, and three stars…

Michelin Guide 3 Stars

Well, to receive three stars is to make sure that the establishment is practically a ‘masterpiece’! Dishes, services, wines and everything else are impeccable; it means that your experience in that place will be unparalleled! However, one should not deal well with the idea of ​​losing a star in the guide: in February 2003, Chef Bernard Loiseau committed suicide by shooting himself in the head, aged 52, desperate with rumors from the press that his restaurant would not be able to keep all three stars in the Guide.


One of the best restaurants in the world is in Italy: Osteria Francescana di Bottura – Ask someone who has never been to this restaurant: is it expensive? The answer will probably be: “A lot!” Mainly because it is Italian food (in Italy, you eat VERY well at great prices!)! Now ask the question to someone who knows this restaurant: is it expensive? “No!” Consider the dishes, the location, the chef, the wines and the service! It is an exceptional investment in a beautiful, unique, tasty and unforgettable experience!

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