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What are the must-see festivals in Italy?

Stay with us and don't miss our special list of the 8 Most Important Festivals that take place in Italy! Build your itinerary and don't miss anything from the country of the boot!


What are the must-see festivals in Italy?

Old and enduring is the tradition of festivals that take place in Bel Paese, especially during the summer season, thanks mainly to the mild climate that characterizes the entire peninsula. There are many entertainment opportunities to experience intense emotions. Let’s go to our post today: What are the must-see festivals in Italy? Stay with us and make the best of the boot country! Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”.

Our Introduction

Traveling to the ‘Italy of Festivals’ further enriches the traveler, adding to the classic itineraries of discovering artistic and scenic beauties, and the various events and festivals that animate the boot throughout the year. In all areas of Italy, there is the music of all kinds, each one with particularity, they are events perfectly designed to marry the landscapes, territories, and places of art that characterize them. Precisely for this reason that if you intend to plan a trip to this beautiful country, it is possible to find a festival or an event and they have become a vehicle to spread the culture of real tourist attractions. At this point, we will travel around the boot, proposing events and festivals to see.

In places where the mountains reign supreme, these manifestations become the natural setting of each event, the spaces of the old manor houses and the sumptuous villas become a stage for concerts, a breathtaking beach or cliff, the background of a string orchestra; indescribable emotions.

1) What are the must-see festivals in Italy? SUDTIROL JAZZ FESTIVAL

We started the tour at Trentino Alto Adige, where we met with the Sudtirol Jazz Festival, the musical event born in 1982 that brings internationally renowned artists to perform in Alto Adige. The Sudtirol Jazz festival now has a permanent place in the European jazz events calendar. Between late June and mid-July, the most famous international stars alternate in splendid shows, causing jazz notes to resonate from the mountains, cellars, castles, and streets. To learn more about the Festival click here!

So will jazz be everywhere in Alto Adige: in medieval castles, on farms, in squares, on the streets, in modern cinemas, in industrial plants during the day and at night. A vast program that explores the various genres of jazz and will welcome internationally renowned artists as well as the most successful Italian jazz musicians. The South Tyrol Jazz Festival is a unique opportunity to combine the best international jazz experience with the beautiful landscapes of Alto Adige in spring.

2) What are the must-see festivals in Italy? SANREMO FESTIVAL

One of the most important Italian festivals is the Sanremo Festival, where the Ariston Theater of Sanremo hosts the ‘Canzone dAutore’ Festival, a historic event in the city of flowers where the most famous Italian music artists take turns. There are millions of spectators for the event that takes place every year and opens the door to the European version, the Euro Festival. The Italian Song Festival, or more commonly the Sanremo Festival, is a singing event that has taken place every year since 1951. It represents one of the main Italian media events, with some commentary also abroad, and is broadcast live on both television and radio. So far, it represents the basis of Italian music.

3) What are the must-see festivals in Italy? FESTIVAL OF TWO WORLDS

Going further into the center, we find Spoleto‘s Festival of Two Worlds, which goes beyond its fiftieth edition and since 1973 has attracted the greatest musicians of the genre, even in its winter edition in Orvieto. The Festival of Two Worlds was and continues to be, one of the most important and innovative cultural events in the world. More famous abroad than in Italy itself, it has no rivals, not even in Europe, that share the path and quality of the events of its many years of life.

To understand its importance, it is enough to think of the many great names that over time have honored the Festival’s long history with their interventions. This important festival was founded in 1958 thanks to the master composer Gian Carlo Menotti and his vision, to unite two cultures and two very different artistic worlds, the European and the American (hence the name), in the name of art in every form and expression, to make life and combine art in all its manifestations.

4) What are the must-see festivals in Italy? ROSSINI OPERA FESTIVAL

As for the opera, music lovers cannot miss the chance to participate in the Rossini Opera Festival, every year in Pesaro. It is the lyrical pearl of summer in Italy, an international event entirely dedicated to the famous Pesaro composer Gioachino Rossini. A festival with a unique formula in the world for the rediscovery of forgotten masterpieces that has an international reputation. Every year in August, at Teatro Rossini and Arena Adriatica, the composer’s masterpieces are put into action. The Rossini Opera Festival Foundation, also supported by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, aims to recover and revitalize the works of Gioachino Rossini, considered an integral part of the Italian cultural heritage. To learn more about Rossini Opera Festival click here!

5) What are the must-see festivals in Italy? UMBRIA JAZZ FESTIVAL

Another event that attracts many fans is the Umbria Jazz Festival in the heart of Italy. An event that offers a variety of genres and famous names since 1973. Who doesn’t know Umbria Jazz, one of the most famous and important jazz festivals in Italy? Ten days during July, Perugia is dedicated to and embraces the best of jazz, not just Italian and international. Click here to find out more about Umbria Jazz Festival!

The formula of the event of the first years is certainly different from the current one, which has become itinerant and free, among some of the most beautiful places in the Green Heart of Italy such as Piazza del Popolo di Todi, Piazza IV Novembre in Perugia, the Roman theater in Gubbio, the Albornoz fortress in Spoleto and Piazza San Francesco. The heart of Perugia becomes, for ten days, a village of global music, where every hour you hear intense notes between palaces and medieval quarters.

6) What are the must-see festivals in Italy? RAVELLO FESTIVAL

We head south to the undisputed king of summer music festivals, Ravello, the pearl of the Amalfi Coast. The concerts held in Ravello, on the Amalfi coast, are particularly enchanting, especially due to the exceptional location, where the Wagner Concert and the Concert at Sunrise, overlooking the splendid coast of Campania, stand out. The Ravello Festival is not just another one of classical music, but also includes dance, literature, and sculpture. Plus, it’s not just another summer festival.

It is one of the highlights of the event, which every year enlivens the village’s summer, alternating music, jazz, and dance shows. In Ravello, moreover, art is part of the ‘house’ and can be found everywhere. It is full of prominence and goes through Piazza Duomo, in the heart of the village, where the charming Norman bell tower of the Cathedral is, walking through the obscure streets that smell of lemon and rosemary, among the baroque architecture of churches and monasteries, walking in the gardens from Villa Cimbrone, dotted with fountains, nymphs, temples, and pavilions, reaching the infinity terrace with breathtaking views of the coast. A weekend full of art. Find out where to stay on the Amalfi Coast here.

7) What are the must-see festivals in Italy? TARANTA FESTIVAL

Always in the south, there is another magnificent event, the Festival of Taranta in Puglia. The festival is the biggest in Italy and one of the most expressive events of popular culture in Europe. It takes place in Salento and is dedicated to the rediscovery and appreciation of traditional Salentian music and its fusion with other musical languages, such as rock, jazz, and symphonic music.

It takes place in several municipalities in the province of Lecce and Grecia Salentina, especially in Melpignano, where it reaches its climax in August with the final concert that registers a total of about 300 thousand spectators. La Notte della Taranta is a crossroads of cultures and traditions from the past that revive the dancing souls of those who participate in the event. Fragments of the past revisited in a modern key: culture, art, and identity that mix to the rhythm of the Salento pizzica, followed by frenetic dances and the sound of vibrating tambourines and strings. An interesting and magical show.

8) What are the must-see festivals in Italy? ROCCELLA JAZZ FESTIVAL

And we end this tour with the singing events in our region with the Roccella Jazz Festival. Roccella Jonica in Calabria hosts an important jazz music festival, the Roccella Jazz Festival with a billboard that annually includes world-renowned artists and presents itself as a place for experimentation and creativity. Since 1981, this festival has offered unique posters of its kind, combining original productions (often exclusive or international premieres), cultural meetings, and precious opportunities to contest with musicians, thanks to seminars and master classes. One of the longest Italian events dedicated to Jazz, always a place of creativity and experiments, takes place in the most fascinating and almost untouched places in the province of Reggio Calabria.

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What are the must-see festivals in Italy? Certainly, arriving in the beautiful country, you will never get bored, between art, history, culture, and music, and in this text, all this is witnessed by the various musical events that make Italy even more attractive.

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