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Motorcycle itinerary through Calabria

Have you ever imagined visiting Calabria by motorcycle? Today we are going to learn the best itinerary through Calabria for those who want to explore the region by motorcycle.

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Motorcycle itinerary through Calabria

Calabria, on the Italian map, is the ‘toe of the boot’. Calabria is a region rich in history and culture, as it has legacies of different peoples who passed through the region over the centuries. Today I take you to discover the splendid region of Calabria by motorcycle! Shall we? Discover our Motorbike Itinerary through Calabria!  Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”.

Our Introduction

The Calabria region is one of the most beautiful regions in all of Italy! It is a region that offers us several historical, architectural and cultural beauties, heritages of different peoples who left their signature there. Calabria is the region where the name Italy came from, and despite not being so sought after by tourists, it deserves special attention. In the south of Italy, the region is also famous for its undisputed natural beauty that offers us cinematic panoramas. Like other Italian regions, it is a full plate for all tastes, as it offers beaches, mountains, museums, history and architecture. If you had any doubts about whether or not to include Calabria in your itinerary, your doubts will end at the end of this post. Check out other motorcycle itineraries through Italy here: Sicily, Campania and Sardinia.


  • First of all, it is important that you rent a motorcycle from a reliable operator. There are companies specializing in motorcycle rental only! Just a quick search on the internet and you will find several companies specialized in the subject. Also read: Traveling by motorcycle in Italy?

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Important information

Anyone who is passionate about motorcycles, surely already knows how to handle the machine, but it never hurts to remember important details, such as, for example, double checking EVERYTHING before leaving. The top priority, in addition to renting the motorcycle from a reliable company, is to wear appropriate clothing and equipment, especially if you are traveling during the coldest seasons of the year. Also remember to bring your IDP (International Driving Permit), which is mandatory and you must have had specified your authorization to ride motorcycles! Find out here which are the 10 places you need to know in Calabria!

Another important point:

When signing the rental agreement with the company responsible for the motorcycle, check the clauses referring to the vehicle insurance. Make sure the motorcycle is insured against theft, accidents, fire, natural disasters, etc. Also find out about parking for motorcycles at the hotel where you will be staying, do this in advance: some hotels offer their own parking spaces (sometimes for free), others do not. If, by any chance, your hotel is in a ZTL (Limited Traffic Zones), please confirm with the hotel that your license plate has been reported to the authorities, as motorcycle traffic is also prohibited in certain locations, O.K.?!

Be sure to check that the bike is in perfect condition! Italian roads are very well maintained and well signposted, but in some stretches, especially in smaller cities, you may find roads that will require a little more attention especially if the weather is rainy or snowy so: be extra careful!


  • Remember to rest! Don’t hit the road when you’re tired or sleepy, O.K.?!

A little about our Motorcycle Itinerary

The itinerary that we will present today is just a suggestion: Calabria is a region that has numerous cities and they are all beautiful in different ways. Of course, there are different itineraries for you, and feel free to include or exclude cities as per your needs. Therefore, a reinforcement: the itinerary below is only a suggestion. If you want a specific itinerary, talk to me! Hire my services! It will be a pleasure to help you organize your dream motorcycle trip through Calabria. Let’s go on our motorbike itinerary through Calabria? Find out here: how to plan a trip to Italy? and Best Travel Advice to Italy!

1) Motorcycle itinerary through Calabria: REGGIO CALABRIA

We start our tour of Reggio Calabria. Many think that Reggio Calabria is the capital of the region, but it is not! The capital is Catanzaro, but Reggio is one of the largest and most important cities in Calabria. It is in Reggio that you will find a historical gem: the Riace Bronzes. The bronze statues are in the Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria, which is a magnificent museum and offers an infinity of contact history through various artifacts, works of art and images.

A little more about the Riace Bronzes

These extraordinary sculptures were found by an amateur diver a few meters off the coast of Riace and, according to historians, they represent the strength of ancient warriors. The origin of the images is not known for sure, but their beauty is indisputable. I would dedicate a day or two to visit the city calmly, as it is a city that deserves special attention. Reggio Calabria was devastated by an earthquake in 1908 and completely rebuilt, that is to say, it is indeed a city steeped in history. To give you an idea of ​​Reggios beauty, the city was described by Gabriele dAnnunzio as the most beautiful kilometer in Italy. Corso Garibaldi is Reggio’s main street and this is where everything happens! Bars, restaurants, shops and clubs liven up the city, especially during high season.

 A little more about Reggio Calabria!


After an invigorating night, we continued our journey to explore the beautiful Aspromonte National Park. This is one of the most important parks, and one of the most beautiful, in the region. Walking through the park, we arrive at Gallicianò, which is an ancient Hellenic village: don’t be surprised if you see some people speaking Greek, literally, many of them still speak the language of the settlers in the area. Here you can also see a small orthodox church and, a little secret: watch the sunset from here! It’s impressive!

Leaving there, we’re back on the road!

We continue to the charming Villa Romana de Casignana, which can be accessed via the SS106 road. At 10 hectares, this is one of the most admirable examples of the Roman era in southern Italy and is well worth a visit. From there we head north, along the coastal side. We’re going to Locri towards the countryside of Gerace. Here you will find an extraordinary cathedral that dominates the entire square. This is a cathedral of Byzantine origin that was remodeled by the Normans and presents us with a high vault. Inside the church you will find several artistic treasures, all impressive.

Continuing our tour

You can take a day or two to explore the region more calmly, but if you don’t feel like it, head to the summit of Marina di Gioiosa Ionica and, from there, head to Mammola. The place is charming, small and can be a great choice for a strategic stop for lunch! After a short tour of the village, go! And now we go back to the SS106 and head towards Marina de Monasterace, from where we head again inland. We are on our way to elegant Stilo, where you will find the famous Cattolica di Stilo. The building is entirely in Byzantine style and appears itself majestically before our eyes.


  • Explore the area around there! There are several very interesting places to see there, such as the Marmarico waterfall and the Thermal Baths of Bagni di Guida.


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3) Motorcycle itinerary through Calabria: LE CASTELLA

Let’s go to our last destination: Le Castella. Here you will find a small isthmus of land that joins the beach to the castle and offers us an unforgettable view! It’s stunning! As we said: Calabria offers many interesting places and it would be impossible to put them all together in a single itinerary, but remember that you can start your itinerary in the south and include other cities; you can choose to take a route along the coast or all through the Calabrian interior. This will depend, of course, on your tastes and interests, but be sure: whichever itinerary you choose, you will not regret it and you will discover a fantastic world of history, culture and beauties!

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Motorbike itinerary through Calabria Traveling by motorbike through Calabria is an excellent option! Despite being a region with a certain number of tourists, Calabria does not offer very efficient public transport (although it does exist!), that is: it is the perfect region to be explored either by car or motorcycle! Have a good trip!

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