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Month-by-month climate in Italy!

Italy is also suffering from global warming and the climate in Italy is changing. Today we will provide an overview of the month-to-month climate in Italy. See here our month-by-month table of temperatures in Italy!

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Month-by-month climate in Italy!

In recent months, many are debating the drastic changes in the global climate. Global warming and the series of natural tragedies in the world over the past few months were no accident: climate change exists and directly affects all continents. Let’s get to our post of the day, Month-by-month climate in Italy! Stay with us and make the best of Italy! Organize your dreamy travel itinerary here! Discover our section on Climate in Italy! Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patriciayou make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our introduction

Fires, torrential rains, violent hurricanes. Nature is revolted and, with good reason, it is increasingly rebelling. The global climate situation is so serious that at the 74th United Nations General Assembly (UN), which takes place in New York, in the United States, the subject could not fail to be mentioned. Scientists are concerned and governments urgently need to take action to try to “stop” problems such as, for example, the greenhouse effect, pollution of rivers and oceans and so many others. Despite several agreements signed between various nations, the matter seems to be far from being resolved, since not all of them respect the agreements signed and, worse, not all of them sign them.

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After all, what is going on with the weather?

Well, part of that change is the result of the Earth’s natural evolution cycle. Many scholars claim that the planet is still “coming out” of the last ice age, it was over 20,000 years ago. The records show that the temperature increases, year by year, come from 150 thousand years ago, but, because of human actions, the speed has tripled, with consequences, sometimes, disastrous.

Polluting gases, garbage and many other factors make the Earth’s atmosphere retain more heat from the sun, which is when the greenhouse effect occurs. The result: higher temperatures and less and less defined seasons. In some parts of the world, the inhabitants deal with the four seasons of the year in one day, the thermal amplitude exceeds 15 degrees, and rain and sun fight for space. To give you an idea: during the 20th century, the average global temperature increased by 0.6 degrees Celsius. It seems a derisory value, but it is extremely worrying! While some regions have heated up, others have cooled down, and this change has a direct impact on fauna and flora. Furthermore, the impact is felt directly on people’s health. In other words, climate change ruthlessly affects EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.

How are the seasons in Italy?

Well, the seasons of the year in Italy were always very well defined. THEY WERE! Until the page two! For a few years now, the stations have become more and more “confusing”; it rains when it should not, it is sunny when it should be snowy, in short, everything is a bit messy! Last August, for example, high Italian summer there were some storms in several Italian cities and even hail, which “dyed” some coastal cities, such as Genoa, in white. For this reason, I can already say that it is quite complicated to say exactly how the months will be in Italy when we talk about the weather, everything can change overnight and, unfortunately, the weather forecast is not always right.

To give you an idea: in the Dolomites, the Italian mountain range, the average temperature, even in summer, was 20 or 23 degrees. This year, during the summer, the temperature reached an impressive 28 degrees at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level! The figure that most impressed Italy, however, was the month of June; normally, at night, temperatures were between 18 and 20 degrees. This year, in some locations, during the night, the temperature hit 30 degrees! That is, in general, the average temperature in Italy increases by about 2.5 degrees PER YEAR! It’s too much! Let’s see, in the table below, the month-to-month climate in Italy.

Table of temperatures in Italy

January10°C – 0°CFrom 5 to 8 days – with a chance of snow
February12°C – 4°CFrom 3 to 5 days – with a chance of snow
March16°C – 8°CFrom 2 to 6 days
April20°C – 10°CDe 2 a 6 dias

From 2 to 6 days

May25°C – 15°CFrom 2 to 4 days
June28°C – 18°CFrom 0 to 2 days
July38°C – 25°CFrom 0 to 2 days
August40°C – 25°CFrom 0 to 2 days
September28°C – 20°CFrom 6 to 8 days
October20°C – 15°CFrom 8 to 12 days
November18°C – 14°CFrom 6 to 10 days – with a chance of snow
December14°C – 8°CFrom 6 to 10 days – with a chance of snow

*Approximate values (Source: Nasa)

Important to Know…

It is worth remembering that the temperatures and rainy days mentioned are approximate values, based on averages with data from the last 10 years. It can cool and heat up in the summer, nothing prevents it, but they are changes that last between one and three days. The intensity of the rains can also vary, as well as the intensity of the snow, especially in places with high altitude.

Therefore, it is very complicated to answer questions such as “if I don’t want to get rain, when should I go to Italy?“. It is all very subjective, it depends on your destination, the time of year and the strength of nature. An important tip: ALWAYS check the weather forecast! Before leaving and while there, always remembering that they may also be wrong! We cannot promise you that you will not have any surprises with the weather, so: go prepared! Take a cardigan in your summer suitcase and little lighter clothes in your winter suitcase. You never know! Alternatively, use a sudden change of weather to go shopping! Here’s the tip! ; ) SOURCES: Agri Regioni Europa, ONU Italia, Greenpeace Italia, Il Giornale and Nasa. Also read ou special post about The seasons in Italy: How to Pack?

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Month-by-month climate in Italy! The climate of the world is desperately asking for help. It sends us, in a not always subtle way, signs that we need to help him. Thinking about things like recycling, sustainable living and so many others, is not silly and, you can be sure, even if you do the least within the small society that is your home, neighborhood, city, you will already be contributing, without even realizing it, to a cleaner, healthier and more stable world.

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