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Milan Central Station: Hotel Tips!

One of the best locations to stay in Milan, without a doubt, is close to the central station. With easy access to the subway and railway lines, there are excellent accommodation options there.


Milan Central Station: Hotel Tips!

Milan is the capital of Italian fashion and also of the beautiful Lombardy region. The city offers us several tourist attractions, including museums, parks, churches, theaters, as well as iconic neighborhoods such as Navigli. Being a big city, it also has excellent public transport options, that is: even if you choose a hotel a little further from the center, it is possible to move quickly, safely and economically using public transport. Today I bring you a brief list of some of the best hotels to stay near Milan Central Station. Shall we go to our Post of the day? Milan Central Station: Hotel Tips! Today we are going to discover the best cooking courses in Milan. Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our Introduction

Choosing a hotel in Milan can be quite complicated, not for lack of options, but – perhaps – for the excess of them: there are MANY options! Milan is an immense city and offers alternatives for all budgets, in different locations, in the most diverse neighborhoods, in the most diverse ways: large hotels, inns, small hotels, famous hotels, little known ones. Fact is: Milan is very democratic.

Good to know!!!!

Staying in the center of Milan can be a little (very!) expensive, so for those on a tighter budget, I suggest you choose a hotel a little further away, but close to a train and/or metro station to facilitate travel both within the city and to other regions. And, with that in mind, today I bring you a short list with some suggestions for hotels close to one of the busiest stations in Milan: the Central Station.

This is not a post sponsored by any hotel mentioned in it. The choice was made according to notes available on booking.com and we are not responsible for any problems that may exist between the parties involved in the reservation.

1) Where to sleep near Milan Central Station? AT MYTHOS HOTEL

I’ll start with the hotel I stayed at on my last trip to Milan. Super well located, the rooms are very comfortable, well lit, and the service is excellent! It is practically next to the central station and is easily accessible. Address: Via Carlo Tenca 21, Central Station, 20124 Milan.

To find out more about the hotel and book, click here!

2) Where to sleep near Milan Central Station? NO ENJOY MILANO SKYLINE

Very close to the central station, it offers excellent access to the station. The hotel has free Wi-Fi, coffee maker in all rooms, elevator, heating/air conditioning, and the rooms are very comfortable. Address: Viale Sondrio 5, Bicocca – Zara, 20124 Milan.

To find out more about the hotel and book, click here!

3) Where to sleep near Milan Central Station? AT THE SPICE HOTEL MILANO

Another worthwhile hotel close to Milan central station. It offers comfortable and practical accommodation less than 5 minutes’ walk from the station and is housed in a charming 19th-century building. Address: Via Vitruvio 48, Central Station, 20124 Milan.

To find out more about the hotel and book, click here!

4) Where to sleep near Milan Central Station? NO BIOCITY

Just 1 km from the central station, the Biocity is an elegant house from the early 1920s. Focused on being eco friendly, it offers ecological technologies and materials, as well as charm, good service and functionality. Address: Via Edolo 18, Central Station, 20125 Milan.

To find out more about the hotel and book, click here!

5) Where to sleep near Milan Central Station? AT THE HOTEL SOPERGA

600 meters from the central station, the hotel offers comfortable accommodation with several facilities around the structure. Nearby you will find supermarkets, bars, restaurants and shops. Breakfast is very good and service is very friendly. Address: Via Soperga 24, Central Station, 20127 Milan.

To find out more about the hotel and book, click here!

Useful information about Milan

I will leave here some important and pertinent information for your stay in Milan.

Where is Milan Central Station?

The station is at Piazza Duca d’Aosta, 1. For reference, from there to the main points of the cities, the distances are as follows:

  • To the Duomo and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II: by metro, 7 minutes using yellow line 3 and getting off at San Donato station;
  • To the Sforzesco Castle: by metro, 10 minutes using the green line 2 and getting off at the Abbiategrasso station;
  • To Bosco Verticale: on foot, 15 minutes; by metro, 7 minutes using the green line 2 and getting off at Abbiategrasso station.
  • To Navigli: by metro, 25 minutes using green line 2 and getting off at Assago Milanofiori Forum station.
  • That is: the distances are not at all absurd as we could observe.

How much does the subway cost in Milan?

The ticket costs €2.20 and is valid for 90 minutes; if you prefer the one valid for 24 hours, you will pay €7.60, and for 3 consecutive days, €13.00. You can buy in loco, directly at the ticket office or at the totems available at the stations.

What is the big advantage of staying close to a central station?

The ease to move around! The central stations of cities that offer trains and subways have options for moving both within the city and outside, such as other nearby cities and/or regions. Therefore, if you intend to visit other locations and will use the train, staying close to a central station can be a great deal!

The same goes for those who intend to use the subway: the central stations have transfers for all the main lines, which facilitates the journey to important or more distant tourist attractions. Discover our Section: Traveling in Italy by Train.

Is it worth staying outside the historic center?

If you want to save money, yes! This is because the more central hotels, which offer you the possibility to get to know the city more quickly, cost a little more, HOWEVER, remember that the cost-benefit will also depend on the days you will spend there, as well as the places you want to know. Find out here: How to save on accommodation in Italy.

Remember this!

Even a little further away from the center, you can choose to take a walk to the nearest tourist attractions; if you prefer, you can walk and return by subway, for example.

Advantages of staying outside the Historic Center

One of the great advantages of staying a little further away from the center is avoiding the ZTLs! If you have a car, it is good to remember that traffic in some areas of the city is restricted and, choosing to stay further away, you can avoid getting a fine and, normally, hotels offer customer parking. Learn all you need to know about the ZTL’s here!

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Milan Central Station: Hotel Tips! Going to Milan is always a treat! Knowing which hotel to choose, your stay in the city will be even more pleasant, you can be sure!

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