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Experiences in Tuscany: Luminosità Winery – between Brazil, Italy, love and wine!

Today I present to you a very special place in the heart of Tuscany: the Luminosità Winery. With a Brazilian heart and an Italian soul, between vineyards and hospitality, this place seems to have been made by divine hands! Let's meet?


Experiences in Tuscany: Luminosità Winery – between Brazil, Italy, love and wine!

Tuscany region is full of amazing wineries, but one of them is a very special one. Located in Casole D’Elsa, province of Siena, Luminosità is one of the most beautiful wineries I have ever visited in my life. Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”.

See some photos of the winery!
Credit: Luminosità Winery

Our Introduction

That the Tuscany region is full of amazing wineries goes without saying, but one of them is a very special winery. Located in Casole D’Elsa, province of Siena, Luminosità is one of the most beautiful wineries I’ve ever visited in my life – and in addition to taking a tour, you can stay there! Let’s meet?

Fun Fact:

  • Brazilian singer Daniel fell in love with the winery when he chose it as one of the locations used for the music video for the song Você Não Vai Me Encontrar (which you can watch by clicking HERE!).

A little about Casole D’Elsa

Casole D’Elsa is a small town in the province of Siena and it has 3.892 inhabitants. Casole is very charming, full of beauty and offers us attractions such as the Berignone forest, which is a natural reserve, the Museo Civico Archeologico, and the Collegiata.

Luminosità Winery – between Brazil, Italy, love and wine!

It’s even hard to start talking about this magical place, because it is, in fact, VERY special! Luminosità is located in the middle of the iconic hills of Casole d’Elsa, province of Siena, and covers approximately 150 hectares. With its privileged location, the grapes grown on the site are unique: fed by a soil composed of clay and limestone, at an altitude of 350 meters above sea level, another factor that influences the quality of the vineyards is, without a doubt, the temperature. Despite varying considerably between night and day, they are almost always constant and thus provide a perfect climate for perfect grapes! Also read: How to bring wines from Italy in your luggage?

Accommodation at Luminosità Winery

The place has three houses for your accommodation: Casa Lavanda, which is PERFECT for families and larger groups – sleeps up to 8 people! This is the largest of them and has 4 suites, large rooms, fireplace, full and spacious kitchen.

Casa Girassol is also a great option for families of up to four people. It has 2 suites, a rustic decor full of charm, and it’s delightful!

For those looking for something smaller, but without giving up comfort, a great option is Casa Rosmarino, which accommodates up to two couples! It’s also a delight to stay there!

Whichever option you choose, be sure: you will fall in love with this place!

See some photos of the accommodation
Credit: Luminosità Winery

Gold Tip:

  • It is the ideal place for those who would like to have a destination wedding full of magic, beauty and authenticity. It sounds good? Contact us!

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Luminosità Winery: the history

But the great charm of this place is its history. The owner of Luminositá Winery is a Brazilian passionate about wines: Nick Salussolia. Nick is the son of Italian immigrants, and his parents arrived in Brazil at the beginning of the last century, coming from Piedmont and Bologna. Nick’s parents already had a great passion for the world of oenology and, thus, they brought to Tupiniquin lands an excellent know-how about the production of excellent wines.

Nick grew up in the midst of this passion and, at the beginning of this century, he was chosen to carry out land sales in Tuscany, located between San Gimignano and Volterra, but the love for wines, and for Italy, created a spark in the heart of the Brazilian! He simply fell in love with this universe and, already in Italy, understood that his destiny was to own a winery!

The winery lands

As not everything is flowers, the place chosen by him, to fulfill his dream, was far from perfect. Once there, Nick found land and rural houses (over 400 years old!) abandoned, and even though he knew he had an immense challenge on his hands: he went deep! He knew the job would be exhausting, but he took on the challenge: right at the entrance to the property, Nick had a glimpse of what it could all become. With the secular cypress trees typical of Tuscany, Nick was a visionary and knew that this could all turn out to be stunning! And so it was!

The revitalization of the Luminosità Winery

The process of revitalizing the property required time and dedication, taking years, but at the end of the battle, the result came: a splendid place, full of magic and beauty, ready to welcome other wine lovers. The three rural houses, today, are beautiful, comfortable and excellent lodging places; the vines are abundant and they are transformed into magnificent wines, and Nick remains in love with this universe of hospitality and oenology in a constant and passionate way!

Currently, together with his agronomist, his canteen, his faithful winemaker, his dedicated employees, and his wife, Nick, literally, gets his hands dirty, follows every step, and is personally dedicated to the production of one of the most delicious wines I’ve ever tasted in my life!

He was also responsible for the decoration of the agritourism and, it is not uncommon, that he receives guests personally, with that hospitality that only Brazilians have.

Knowing more about Luminosità Winery

With a lot of love and passion, Luminosità Winery is a Boutique Winery, that is, it produces between 18 and 20 thousand bottles a year, thus offering the sure guarantee that each bottle will have unquestionable quality.

Nick and his winery are responsible for two internationally awarded wines: the incredible AluSSinante and the magnificent InSSieme. Both carry at their core a piece of Nick’s passionate history; both are undeniably impeccable!

The wines produced there are full-bodied, dense, delicate and unique, presenting themselves with a lot of personality, strength and perfection. Also read What are the types of italian wines?

How about a tasting at Luminosità Winery accompanied by someone who speaks English and will give you all the details you need?

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About the agriturismo

Agritourism is a very popular type of accommodation in Italy; the agriturismo offered by Luminosità is divine! It’s no exaggeration! Staying here is an experience that deserves to be lived.

With a silence surrounded by beautiful panoramas, an unusual peace, and a unique beauty, spending a few days here will bring you the rebalancing that your mind, soul, and body need. You will, in fact, live very special days, being able to experience everything that experience tourism can offer you.

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Experiences in Tuscany: Luminosità Winery – between Brazil, Italy, love and wine! When Brazil and Italy unite with passion, dedication, love, and determination, it is evident that something great will emerge and, thus, Luminosità was born. I really wanted you to know place to you because, in fact, a special visit to this unique place is really worth it!

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