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Let’s visit La Spezia in Liguria?

A few kilometers from the beautiful Tuscany, La Spezia, located in the Liguria Region, presents itself in a discreet but charming way. Excellent base for anyone exploring Cinque Terre. We have prepared a list of the best attractions in La Spezia!

Panoramic View

Let’s visit La Spezia in Liguria?

La Spezia is one of the most charming cities in Italy. An excellent destination for those on the way to the Cinque Terre, La Spezia has an excellent tourist structure and is also a great option for a base city. Today we are going to visit La Spezia in Liguria! Stay with us and make the best of the boot country! Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”.

Our Introduction

Between sea and mountains, La Spezia is characterized by cinematic beaches, cliffs, villages, and impressive nature! La Spezia, after all, is the gateway to the Cinque Terre, but do you know where to start your visit to the city? Today we will discover La Spezia and its attractions. From La Spezia: Full Day Boat Tour to Cinque Terre.

1) Let’s visit La Spezia in Liguria?GET TO KNOW THE CASTLE OF SAN GIORGIO

La Spezia, with colorful houses, huddled together that seem to touch the sky, is the perfect city to visit on a weekend. Full of interesting sights, one of them is the splendid Castle of San Giorgio, located at the top of the Colle del Poggio. The Castle dominates the city and can be reached via Via XXVII Marzo, which crosses the old walls used, for a long time, as protectors of the city.

2) Let’s visit La Spezia in Liguria? GET TO KNOW THE ANCIENT CITY

Stroll through the old city and look up: your eyes will be drawn to the perfection of some historic buildings, many of which have unique styles, combined, they draw a dreamscape for visitors. One of the best tips I can give you: don’t be afraid to get lost in the streets of the heart of the city, including Via del Prione, which is where important buildings are located, such as the Civic Theater.

3) Let’s visit La Spezia in Liguria? GET TO KNOW VIA DEL PRIONE

Via Del Prione is one of the oldest streets in the center of Spezia and today it is the commercial center of the city. There you will find bars, cafes, shops, and a characteristic liveliness. The name of the Via probably means big stone, in memory of the stone from which, perhaps in 400, the envoys read the decrees of the Genoese Republic.


Piazza SantAgostino, with the 19th-century palace of Countess Oldoini, is also home to the Baroque church of San Giovanni and Agostino and the church of Santa Maria Assunta, which was once the citys cathedral. Everything enchants! The church of Santa Maria Assunta is another must-see! Characterized by a black and white facade, it has unfortunately been destroyed several times throughout history, but still preserves evidence of a flourishing past, such as works of art from the Genoese school and Sarzana.

5) Let’s visit La Spezia in Liguria? GET TO KNOW THE PIAZZA DEL MERCATO E MORIN

Head to the beautiful Piazza del Mercato, the largest market in the city and characterized by buildings with undulating roofs of unparalleled charm. Another tour that is worthwhile and one of the most beautiful in the city by the sea is the tour of Morin.

Revel Bridge

There you can access the white and modern bridge, the Ponte Revel that attracts the eyes of those who come from the sea or by land. At night it presents us with a beautiful view and seems to play with the city lights. Built in 2014, it is a drawbridge with a contemporary and interesting concept, connecting the tourist port with the historic center of the city through public gardens. It is over 150 meters long and is uniquely beautiful!

6) Let’s visit La Spezia in Liguria? GET TO KNOW THE PUBLIC GARDENS

La Spezia has a great variety of botanicals, arts, sculptures, and architecture from the era of freedom, the avenues, and extensions of the Public Gardens of La Spezia, offer the possibility of a pleasant walk between the green of nature and the center of the city. One of the statues that stand out is that of Garibaldi. During the summer, many festivals are held in the gardens, which get crowded.

7) Let’s visit La Spezia in Liguria? KNOW THE MUSEUMS

Close to the port, don’t miss the Navy Arsenal Museum. La Spezia is a small town, but it has numerous museums. In addition to the Navy Museum, another interesting museum is the Civic Archaeological Museum of Formentini, which preserves important moments in the history of La Spezia and is located inside the aforementioned Castle of San Giorgio.

One of the most interesting museums is the Civic Museum Amedeo Lia. It is housed in a former hospital and contains works by Canaletto, Tiziano, and Tintoretto. A few steps away there is another beautiful example for history buffs: the Naval Museum. There you will find more than 150 models of ships and vessels in addition to 2000 documents from different periods.

8) Let’s visit La Spezia in Liguria? GET TO KNOW THE STAIRS OF LA SPEZIA

Another very interesting way to get to know La Spezia better is to explore its stairs that connect the lower part of the city with its hills. To reach the aforementioned Via XXVII Marzo, if you prefer, you can also take the elevator (everything is close: Via Prione, Via Biassa, and Church of Santa Maria). From the stairs, you can have a fantastic view from above, as well as details that are sure to catch your eyes! One of the most charming stairs is the Cernaia staircase, which has undergone a renovation, but does not affect the coming and going of people.

9) Let’s visit La Spezia in Liguria? GET TO KNOW THE PIAZZA VERDI

Back on Via main, Prione, you can go to Piazza Verdi. The square underwent a recent restoration, which caused a lot of controversies, but in the end, it presents itself in a modern and well-kept way. The square has some views that amaze our eyes, even at night. In Piazza Verdi is the Palazzo delle Poste, designed by the architect Angiolo Mazzoni who was one of the greatest urban architects in the Fascist period. Inside the Palace are imposing futuristic mosaics by Fillia and Prampolini. However, unfortunately, the mosaics can’t always be visited, but you’re lucky!


A few meters from Piazza Verdi, walking along Via Veneto, you will find the architectural complex of Piazza Europa and the Cathedral. The new Cathedral of Christ the King is a magnificent structure that dominates the top of the square. The small staircase that leads to the building to visit the church presents itself in an unusual and somewhat confusing circular plan, but soon you find yourself. If you want a panoramic view of the Cathedral, go to the Piazza Europa space, which is opposite the Palazzo Comunale.

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Often underestimated, La Spezia losesits shine to the nearby Cinque Terre, but with a closer look, you will discover a city full of charm, beauty, culture, history, and magic!

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