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Let’s visit Colline del Prosecco in Veneto

And today we're going to the Veneto region, more precisely to a fantastic place: the home of Italian Prosecco. Today we take you to Colline del Prosecco.


Let’s visit Colline del Prosecco in Veneto

I would like to share with you, my dear readers, a very special guest post. In an exclusive text for Your Travel to Italy, Luca, from the Capturing The World website, prepared this very special post about one of the most beautiful areas in all of Italy: the Prosecco Hills – le Colline del Prosecco. So are you ready? Let’s visit Colline del Prosecco in Veneto. Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”.

Our introduction

The Prosecco Hills are one of the most beautiful areas in the Veneto region. They are located in the province of Treviso, between the cities of Conegliano, Vittorio Veneto and Valdobbiadene, and in 2003 the Strada del Prosecco and Vini dei Colli Conegliano Valdobbiadene was created. Also read: What Are The Types Of Italian Wines?

The landscape is very suggestive: smooth green hills with sinuous shapes, dotted with small towns, villages, towns and wineries where you can enjoy tastings. Here’s what to see in the Prosecco Hills over a weekend.

What to see in Colline del Prosecco?

I’ll leave here some suggestions for walks to enjoy a weekend in the hills.


Conegliano is the second city in the province of Treviso after the capital, and it is a beautiful historic city. Piazza Cima is the heart of the city, dominated by the Palazzo del Comune and the Teatro dell’Accademia. At the highest point is the Rocca, with the former Convent of San Francesco on the left, and is home to the civic museum, while the Cathedral, which dates back to 1435, houses numerous works of art.

The place that connects Conegliano with Prosecco and the hills is the first wine school in Europe, ITIS Cerletti, founded in 1876, and still today a place for training and promoting the region’s wine culture. Also read: How To Bring Wines From Italy In Your Luggage?

Vittorio Veneto

Vittorio Veneto is an elegant town located at the foot of the Treviso Pre-Alps. Unlike other cities, Vittorio Veneto does not have a true historic center, in fact we can say that there are two of them: the neighborhoods of Serravalle and Ceneda have come together over the years, maintaining their own identity and center. The most beautiful square in the city is Piazza Flaminio, where the Loggia Serravallese is not far away.

It is worth visiting the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, the Bataglia Museum, dedicated to the First World War, and the Cenedese Museum with historical artifacts and old and modern paintings. Read our special post: Let’s Visit Barolo And Learn More About Its Wines.

Cison de Valmarino

One of the prettiest villages to visit along the weekend Prosecco hills is Cison di Valmarino. In addition to the beauty of the village, which is very beautiful, many visitors come here to walk the beautiful Via dei Mulini, a long walk that runs along the watermills along the Rujo stream. The arrival point is the Bosque de Penne Mozze, dedicated to Alpine soldiers who fell during the First World War.

Another unmissable place in Cison di Valmarino is Castelbrando, a castle converted into an elegant hotel, where ceremonies of various kinds are held and from where you can enjoy a privileged view of the valley below.

4 kilometers from Cison di Valmarino is the village of Follina and its abbey, a former Cistercian monastery considered an architectural jewel. Inside there is a large wooden altarpiece built by Venetian workers in 1921, the fresco of the “Madonna with Child and Saints” from 1527 and a gigantic wooden crucifix by an unknown artist. The abbey’s cloister predates the abbey itself and dates back to 1268.

Revine Lakes

The lakes are formed by two communicating lakes nestled between the Prosecco hills: they are Lago di Lago and Lago di Santa Maria. They are very popular from March to November, and a vacation spot during the summer, as they are perfect for bathing. The presence of means of accommodation favors a more or less long vacation. Since November 2022, the giant bench nº 181 belonging to the Big Bench community project has been installed. According to a recent legend, the loot from a train that sank during the First World War was at the bottom of the Revine Lakes.

The villages of Rolle and San Pietro di Feletto

Also unmissable are the villages of Rolle and San Pietro di Feletto.


Rolle is very small, but its hillside location offers unrivaled views. The place of greatest interest is the Church dedicated to Saints James and Philip.

San Pietro di Feletto

San Pietro di Feletto, on the other hand, is a scattered municipality of 5,000 inhabitants, where the points of interest of this small municipality are the religious buildings: the Church of Rua, the Church of Santa Maria, the Church of San Michele, the Church of Bagnolo, but above all the Parish Church of San Pietro. The latter houses five precious frescoes: Sant’Antonio Abate, Virgin with Child, Virgin with Saints, Sacrifice of Cain and Abel, Christ of Sunday.

Croda windlass

A place that has become iconic and is now an unmissable stop if you travel the Prosecco hills road. The Molinetto della Croda in Refrontolo has always been a source of inspiration for artists and visitors alike. It was used to produce flour by milling wheat, but over the years it was abandoned and later recovered. Today it is a destination for curious people and visitors who want to admire its interior and take a souvenir photo. Also read: Where To Buy Wines In Rome, Florence And Milan?

Tasting at Col Vectoraz and Osteria Senza Oste

The last stop on the itinerary is located a few kilometers from Valdobbiadene: here is the farm and winery Col Vectoraz and a few steps away is also the Osteria Senza Oste.

The Col Vectoraz winery almost exclusively produces Valdobbiadene DOCG and Cartizze DOCG.

It has rooms for tastings and meetings and is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm; on saturdays all day from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, closed on sundays. Best to book in advance.

A few steps away is the Osteria Senza Oste

It is a small inn located on the slope of the hill. Inside, visitors will find homemade products such as eggs, salami, bread and wines. You go in, take what you want and leave a free gift. There are also outdoor tables available to visitors with a beautiful view of the hills and vineyards.

Advice for visiting a winery

I’ll leave here some useful information and advice for visiting a winery in that area. Also read:  Experiences In Tuscany: Luminosità Winery – Between Brazil, Italy, Love And Wine!

For wine lovers, the region lends itself very well to a day visit with tasting. So what I suggest is visiting one of the many wineries present in Zona, especially around Valdobbiadene.

See how to proceed:

  • Plan your visit to the cellar well in advance.
  • Schedule the tasting by phone, email or on the company’s website.
  • In August, many wineries are closed, do your research.
  • Do not go on a visit to a wine cellar without prior reservation: priority is given to those who have made a reservation, so those who do not book will have a long wait or may not even be able to make the visit.
  • The visit can last between half an hour and a few hours. It may include just the tasting, but others also include a visit to the entire cellar and vineyards.
  • Better to do the tasting in the Valdobbiadene area.
  • There are also other places to visit near Valdobbiadene: for example, I recommend visiting Asolo, known as the village of 100 horizons, located not far away. To learn more about Asolo, click here!

How to get to the Prosecco hills?

The best way to travel this route in stages is by car. Reach Vittorio Veneto or Conegliano via the A4: just after Mestre in the direction of Trieste, take the A27 in the direction of Treviso. From here, exit at Conegliano or Vittorio Veneto. I hope the information is useful for your visit and helps you!


I’m going to leave here two curiosities about Prosecco.

But what is Prosecco?

From a strictly technical point of view, prosecco is a DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) or DOCG (Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin) white wine, and used by wines from Montello and Colli Asolani or Prosecco di Conegliano Valdobbiadene.

And what is the difference between Prosecco and sparkling wine?

Aside from the denomination, there’s no difference to be honest; Prosecco and sparkling wine – with regard to the varieties – are influenced by the level of sugar present: for both we speak of dry, raw and the various nuances in between.

But isn’t prosecco considered a sparkling wine?

Yes, in fact, it can also be sparkling, but in a version with “less bubbles”, or it can also be called still, the latter being a perfect white and ideal for aperitifs or light dishes. It has a straw yellow color and a very fresh flavor, also thanks to the fruity notes.

The Your Travel to taly team would like to thank Luca for his collaboration on this magnificent article! Grazie mille, Luca!

And for those who want, below, you will find all his contacts:

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Let’s visit Colline del Prosecco in Veneto – How about an amazing weekend in one of the most beautiful areas of the Veneto region? Don’t miss the Colline del Prosecco.

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