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Let’s visit Barolo and learn more about its wines

The city is home to one of the best wines in the world, in addition to being full of beauty. Here you will find our tips with the best wineries of Barolo!


Let’s visit Barolo and learn more about its wines

Barolo is one of the most famous cities in Italy for being home to the homonymous wine produced there, but it goes far beyond wines: its beauties enchant travelers and its cultural heritage is worth a visit. The city is home to one of the best wines in the world, in addition to being full of beauty. Read our post: Let’s visit Barolo and learn more about its wines.  Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

1) Let’s visit Barolo and learn more about its wines – VISIT  THE FALLETI CASTLE

Barolo has about 800 inhabitants (yes! That’s all!), But it is ‘huge’ when it comes to beauty. One of the most beautiful places in the city is the Falletti di Barolo Castle, from the 10th century. The landscapes that form from the top of the hill are unique. Inside the castle, the tour has numerous attractions, one more beautiful than the other, and you have the opportunity to taste a wine produced in the city. Where to sleep on the Piedmont wine route?

2) Let’s visit Barolo and learn more about its wines – VISIT THE MUSEUM OF WINE AND THE MUSEUM OF CORKSCREW

There is also the Museum of Wine, which is unmissable! The ticket to the museum costs 8 Euros and to participate in a tasting, in addition to a small class on Barolo wine, you pay about 10 Euros. Check availability on the museum’s website. The tasting takes place inside the wine shop, which is also located in the Castle. On the way to the Castle, you can visit the Museum of Corkscrew (Museo dei Cavatappi) which features a huge collection of openers with pieces, including from the 16th century. There is also a wine cellar with very precious vintages, ask about availability for tasting. Visit the city of Alba, which is very close to Barolo, click here and discover Alba and its precious white truffles!

3) Let’s visit Barolo and learn more about its wines – VISIT THE WINERIES

The highlights of the city are, definetely, the wineries. It is one more beautiful than the other and the atmosphere, odors and flavors will conquer you in an absurd way! Be sure to stroll through the center and fall in love with the various shops selling typical products! Tip: the cookies sold there are spectacular! When is the best time to visit Italian wineries?

A little about Barolo

Before ‘getting to know’ some of the best wineries in the region, let’s talk a little bit about this gem that is Barolo. The wine is made from Nebiollo grapes, which gets its name for having a slightly gray skin, which resembles the fog that predominates the region in some periods of the year. How about a guided tour of the winery with bicycle and app in Barolo? Click here to learn more!

The maturation time of the wine varies a lot and can reach 10 years! The predominant aromas of this unique wine are those of violet, licorice and a sweet touch of currant, however, the more aged, the more the aromas of pepper, flowers, fruits, tobacco and tar are noticeable. Nowadays it is possible to find young wines suitable for consumption, but the best are the aged ones, where it is possible to feel all the aromas and flavors in a clear and delicious way! Almost a massage on our taste buds! Also read What are the types of Italian wines!

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The Most Important Wineries

Some of the most important, beautiful and imposing wineries, we will list below. Also read How to bring wines from Italy? and Where to buy wines in Rome, Florence and Milan?

Marquesi Barolo Winery

With 200 years of history it is the most famous in the city. With award-winning labels, it offers tours of the vineyards (depending on the time of year), tasting, has a restaurant, souvenir shop, canteen and wine shop. It is in the main castle of the city and, legend has it, that the first bottle of Barolo in history was made there!

Ettore Germano Winery

They have been producers since 1815 and are one of the oldest and most traditional wineries in the region, passing from generation to generation. In addition to Barolo, they also produce white wines and a few bottles of Chardonnay. They also offer tours and tastings.

Vietti Winery

Imposing from the top of a hill, the Vietti winery is one that produces the largest variety of wines in the region. The construction is beautiful, it is also a family heritage and offers tours through the vineyards that are impeccable! One of the most beautiful open to the public!

Fontanafredda Winery

This is the famous King’s Winery. This place was born in 1858 and was a love gift from the King of Italy, Vittorio Emanuele II, to his lover Rosa Vercellana. Vittorio presented his beloved with this place so that she could live far from prying eyes and, here, the couple began to produce the so-called “Wine of the King, and the King of Wines”: the unique, incomparable, and splendid: Barolo. To see more about this enchanted place, click here!

Ratti Winery

Famous for its beautiful Albeisa bottle, created in 1973, Renato Ratti, founder of the winery, was responsible for a revolution in the production of Barolo. With his team, he brought new techniques, improved maturation times, and – to this day – is able to offer lovers of good wine one of the best Barolos in all of Italy! Want to know more about this splendid place? Read our special post about the Ratti Winery.

Marrone Winery 

With its privileged location, the Marrone Winery is one of the most important of all those that produce Barolo. Immersed in nature, in an atmosphere of peace and a fairy tale, the Marrone Winery attracts not only its wine, but also its magnificent panorama. Want to know more? Come find out everything reading this post!

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