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The Best Beaches in Capri

Today you will get to know the best beaches in Capri, because we created this post choosing the best beaches in Capri for you to be sure to include them in your Travel Itinerary to Italy!

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The Best Beaches in Capri

Capri is a sure destination for anyone looking for fantastic beaches with crystal clear waters and fresh breezes. Located in the Campania region, Capri is a charm! We have gathered the best beaches in Capri so that you only have one problem when you are there: choose which one to stretch your towel on (laughs)! Let’s go to our Post of the day? The best beaches in Capri?  Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


The Italian sea has a magic touch: calm waters, beautiful beaches and cool breezes. In Capri, likewise, this is no exception! Capri is one of the most visited cities during the Italian summer, especially because of the “body of work”; the city is a masterpiece! In Capri, the sea is an achievement. Although there are no big beaches, Capri has a multitude of small beaches and great options for those who like to be in contact with the sea. Discover our section on Climate in Italy!

Access is not always easy: some small trails, narrow roads, a little hilly, but when, at last, you find the sea so close to your feet: it will be worth it! The paths immersed in nature transport us in a delicious and almost magical way. Therefore, get ready because today, we are going to visit Capri’s most beautiful beaches. Also read, What to visit in Capri in one day? and What to visit in Capri in two days?

Good to know

Some beaches in Capri are paid and entitle you to chaises and parasols, the service costs between 25 and 30 euros; some beaches have a more complete structure, with shower and restaurant and the price varies between 80 and 120 euros per person. Oh, get there early! The beaches are CROWDED! Also read, How to get to Capri from Rome?

About our selection …

The list below does not follow an order from the most beautiful to the least beautiful, we will give suggestions of free beaches, that is, where it is not necessary to pay to access them (only to use services if available), and private beaches that, despite having to pay to use their services, everything is much more comfortable. Private beach facilities offer services such as showers, restaurants, bars, chair and umbrella rentals. Free ones, not always! Also read, Romantic Restaurants in Capri?

1)The Best Beaches in Capri? MARINA GRANDE

Marina Grande Beach: at the entrance to Capri is where you find Marina Grande Beach, just after the pier. It is the largest beach on the island and, despite its proximity to the port, the water is always crystal clear; of course, it is one of Capri’s most frequented beaches. The beach is suitable for children and is accessible for wheelchair users. How about a boat trip on Capri? Click here to learn more!

2)The Best Beaches in Capri? PALAZZO A MARE

Palazzo a Mare: The Palazzo a Mare beach is next to Marina Grande and to get there you can go by boat, bus or on foot, through a walk through the narrow streets next to the Da Paolino restaurant.

3) The Best Beaches in Capri? MARINA PICCOLA

Marina Piccola Beach: In Marina Piccola, one of the great advantages is the view of the Faraglioni of Capri and is, therefore, one of the most beautiful beaches. The bay of Marina Piccola is to the south and is ‘protected’ by Mount Solaro, so the wind is not so strong here. TIP: great place to watch the sunrise! To get there, a short walk from Via Mulo; if you want, you can go by bus.

4) The Best Beaches in Capri? FARAGLIONI DI CAPRI

Faraglioni di Capri: At the foot of the Faraglioni of Capri you will find only a rocky coast, but it is ideal for those who like to dive, in fact it is the only way to literally enter the sea (or through strategically placed stairs). Because it has deep waters, it is not suitable for children. To get there, follow the path that begins at the Belvedere of Punta Tragara if you are on foot; or use the bus, if you prefer.

5) The Best Beaches in Capri? GROTTA AZZURRA

Grotta Azzurra beach: it is also a rocky coast for those who like to dive (you get to the sea, too, either by diving or by side stairs). Because it has deeper waters, it is not suitable for children. The ideal is to arrive by boat.

6) The Best Beaches in Capri? GRADOLA

Gradola: another beach for those who like to dive. The calm and deep waters are delicious. It’s small, kind of ‘tight’, but great for those who like ‘adventure’ a little more. It is not suitable for children.

7) The Best Beaches in Capri? FARO BEACH

Faro Beach is the most beloved seaside resort in Capri. It is a bit distant from mass tourism flows, but here you can stay until sunset; in fact, here is the only place on the island where you can admire the sunset over the sea. It is not suitable for children, as it also has deep waters.

8) The Best Beaches in Capri? BAGNI TIBERIO

Bagni Tiberio (La spiaggia dell’Imperatore): one of the great advantages of choosing a private beach is, definitely, the structure that it offers us. In Bagni Tiberio, you will find a restaurant, bar and you can opt for a boat trip, they offer great service.

9) The Best Beaches in Capri? DA GIOIA

Da Gioia (Marina Piccola): another excellent structure for those who do not want to worry about leaving the beach to look for a restaurant. Da Gioia offers a bar, restaurant, chair and parasol rental.

10) The Best Beaches in Capri? LA CANZONE DEL MARE

La Canzone Del Mare: with an impeccable structure, here you will find a dressing room, shower, restaurant, bar and salt-water pool. The waters here are not so deep and the place is delicious!

11) The Best Beaches in Capri? OF GEMMA

Da Gemma: another beach club that offers great structure in Capri. With its shallower waters, it is great for those with children. It also has changing rooms, showers, bars and restaurants.

12) The Best Beaches in Capri? LO SMERALDO

Lo Smeraldo Capri: on a beautiful beach, Lo Smeraldo offers great options for those seeking comfort. Restaurant, bar, shower, changing room and chair and parasol rental.

Important Tip

  • The so-called beach clubs, where we pay to access services, can end up being very worthwhile for two reasons: for the convenience of having the services available in one place and second for the amount. If you do all the calculations for the ‘separate’ services, that is, rent chairs in one place, have lunch in another … in short, the amount will be approximately what you will spend directly at the beach club, therefore: do your math right, ok ?! 🙂

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Capri’s best beaches? Spending a whole day on the beach in Capri is a well-deserved ‘prize’ to crown your trip! Observing people, the movement of boats that come and go, the blue sky, the sea that invites us in a sweet and gentle way to take a dip is something, really, unforgettable, especially in Capri!

And if you feel insecure or have no time, and need help to organize your trip, do not hesitate to look for me! I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy. And how can I do that? Continue reading this post until the end and you will understand how can we make your life and journey easier.

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