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Lanciano and the Eucharistic Miracle

In Abruzzo, the city is famous for its beautiful Eucharistic Miracle. Today we are going to talk about its history, attractions and how to get to this beautiful sanctuary!


Lanciano and the Eucharistic Miracle

Italy is a “kingdom” of saints, faith, miracles and beauties. In Lanciano, one of the most famous and oldest, recognized by the Catholic Church, attracts thousands of tourists every year! How about a visit to the Shrine of the Eucharistic Miracle? Shall we get to know Lanciano and the Eucharistic Miracle? I guarantee you won’t regret it! Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”.

1) Lanciano and the Eucharistic Miracle: ITS HISTORY

Lanciano is a small town in Abruzzo (or Abbruzzi), where the Eucharistic Miracle took place in a small church. In the city of Abruzzo, in the first half of the eighth century, while a priest celebrated Mass, at the time of consecration, the Host became flesh and the wine turned to blood; this is essentially Lanciano’s Eucharistic Miracle.

The relics

The relics of the phenomenon, the most famous of its kind, are preserved inside the church of St Francis, in the historic neighborhood of Borgo. The extraordinary event is documented by a stone tombstone still found in the church of St Francis, built on the site of the miracle and where the relic has always been kept.

The subtle section of the human heart and the ancient blood clot are preserved in this sumptuous shrine to recall the feeling of the vast and indefinable that surrounds us always and everywhere. Therefore, it represents a case beyond the many miracles reported, described or filmed, since the findings are still visible to the eyes of all after centuries of conservation, without mummification or treatments of any kind.

The Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano

The Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano is the oldest Eucharistic Miracle recognized by the Catholic Church, having been given, according to tradition, around the year 700. Since 1809, the miracle has been protected by the Brotherhood of the Holy Rosary which has its place in the side chapel of the St. Francis church. Since then, the Franciscan friars began their patient work to publicize the extraordinary marvel preserved on the walls of the city of Lanciano throughout the world. The facade is rectangular with square stones. The belfry is 31 meters high and is the oldest in the city. The interior has a single nave with two side altars and beautiful canvases along the walls. Beautiful biblical scenes are painted on the way. A large eighteenth-century biblical crucifix is noteworthy.

2) Lanciano and the Eucharistic Miracle: ITS BELIEVERS

Every year, the Shrine of the Eucharistic Miracle sees tens of thousands of believers from all over the world. The Church of St Francis, located in the center of Lanciano, near Plebiscito Square, built in 1258 in a Romanesque-Burgundian style, preserves the testimony of this ancient Eucharistic miracle in the Catholic world. Today it is rebuilt in Baroque-style with its simple and solemn configuration from the 18th century, and it is one of the first convent churches in Abruzzo.

For the believers, what is preserved in the Church of St Francis in Lanciano is the result of a miraculous event that occurred, among other things, at a precise historical moment and that remains clearly documented. Skeptics, of course, reject the meaning of God’s miraculous intervention, but they still bear the tangible streak of a scientifically highlighted, inexplicable fact, technical analysis and historical data. Certainly, something that invites you to think.

3) Lanciano and the Eucharistic Miracle: Where to eat in Lanciano?

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How to get from Rome to the Lanciano Sanctuary?

Reaching Lanciano from Rome to discover this city in Abruzzo is also not difficult, because the distance between Rome and Lanciano is 200 kilometers and you can find several travel options and travel in the best possible way between these two cities. The wide choice of possibilities will allow you to organize your trip according to your needs, depending on what you are looking for, be it the fastest, most comfortable or even the most convenient solution.

1) How to get from Rome to the Lanciano Sanctuary? BY AIRPLANE

One of the ways to reach Lanciano from Fiumicino is definitely by plane. You can travel from Rome Fiumicino airport to the nearest airport, which is Pescara airport. The average price of a flight from Fiumicino to Lanciano is 69.12 Euros. To travel from Fiumicino to Lanciano by plane, an average of about four hours is necessary, however, it is also necessary to calculate the time to get to the airport and carry out all the security checks.

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2) How to get from Rome to the Lanciano Sanctuary? BY TRAIN

For example, taking a train from Rome to Lanciano, your journey will take about six hours, on average, and the cost of the ticket is approximately 13 euros. It is a regional train that makes two daily trips.

Did you know?

Trenitalia is the main Italian company dedicated to the management of rail transport. Find out here “What is the difference between trains in Italy?”. Buy your ticket online in advance and save a lot, read the Post “How to buy a train ticket in Italy?”.

3) How to get from Rome to the Lanciano Sanctuary? BY CAR

For those coming from Rome, take the A24-25 motorway towards Pescara and then take the A14 exit, towards Bari, following the signs to the aforementioned exits. Also read THE BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN ITALY BY CAR!

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Traveling by car in Italy

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Important to know

  • Also, it is important to know that in tourist cities there are places (historic centers) where PARKING IS PROHIBITED , and it can only be used by people who live there! That’s why it’s important not to go to these places so as not to take unnecessary fines.
  • How to understand what these places are? See the post that talks about it, but anyway, another tip for those who are unsure about it, is to park a little outside the center and go downtown on foot or, spending a little more, by taxi or other public transport.


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Lanciano and the Eucharistic Miracle. This virtual visit, awaiting a real pilgrimage to the Eucharistic Shrine of Lanciano, can enrich immense spiritual effects and curiosity for this important and intense Eucharistic Miracle.

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