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Itinerary of the book Inferno, by Dan Brown, in Florence

Known worldwide and considered one of the best authors of recent times, Dan Brown is the author of some best sellers. One of them, Inferno, is set in beautiful Florence. Come and make this incredible itinerary in Florence!

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Itinerary of the book Inferno, by Dan Brown, in Florence

Dan Brown has the incredible ability to capture the reader in a unique way! Dan Brown writes for those who like mystery, symbolism, action, beautiful places and incredible stories! The book Inferno, released in 2013, is the author’s sixth and was inspired by the work of the same name by Dante Alighieri. Shall we learn more about Florence and take the itinerary of the book Inferno, by Dan Brown? Stay with us and feel like you were inside the book Inferno! Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patriciayou make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


Often, films make the ‘fortune’ of some places because they create immense curiosity for certain places and many tourists organize trips to see the places mentioned in the film. Well, the same can happen when you read a book, creating enormous curiosity for the places described in the story. In this text, thanks to Dan Brown’s bestseller ‘Inferno’, we will talk about Florence, the protagonist city of the book and it is for this reason that we will search for the places described in this book, to intrigue both those who have already read the book, and those who haven’t read it yet. To learn more about Florence, click here!

A set of Dante in Florence and its landmarks attract tourists and lovers of symbolism, anagrams and mysteries, which, apparently, may have little to do with Dante Alighieri and his journey, but which in a unique way intrigues readers with his oriented suggestions. That is why the book takes place in Florence, where the protagonist, who is Professor Robert Langdon, is studying only the Sommo Poet, when someone tries to kill him. To save his life, he must move with cunning and intelligence through the streets and alleys of the capital of Tuscany.

1) Itinerary of the book Inferno, by Dan Brown, in Florence: GIARDINO DI BOBOLI, PALAZZO VECCHIO AND PIAZZALE MICHELANGELO

Langdon passes through the heart of the city, going from the Giardino Boboli (Boboli Garden) to the Palazzo Vecchio (Vecchio Palace), passing through the Vecchio Bridge from Piazzale Michelangelo (Michelangelo Square), to solve the mystery related to the description and vision of “Inferno”, from the Divine Comedy. So, let’s take a tour of these places. Are you ready? The story begins immediately in the first chapters and immediately enters the heart of the action. After escaping with Dr. Sienna Brooks from a woman who tries to kill him, the professor, although confused, realizes that he must go to the old Palace.

The first place they reach as adventure partners is the Porta Romana, the stone access along the walls that once surrounded the city. Here, they cross the fence and enter the famous green lung of Florence: the Boboli Garden. Despite the danger of being followed, the teacher cannot ignore the beauty of the places that surround him. The Boboli Garden, in fact, is one of the most beautiful in Italy and offers visitors wooden paths with domes, ponds, fountains, an amphitheater and sculptures scattered throughout. (Source: www.byoblu.com image of the Boboli Gardens in Florence).

2) Itinerary of the book Inferno, by Dan Brown, in Florence: CATHEDRAL AND THE GROTTA DEL BUONTALENTI

Artists like Niccolò Tribolo, Giorgio Vasari and Bernardo Buontalenti contributed to the creation of this work of art. Professor Langdon and his adventure partner, Sienna, cross the garden and enjoy the view of Florence and the Duomo along the way to hide in the Grotta del Buontalenti (Buontalenti Grotto), a unique work of art that unites architecture, painting and sculpture, a artificial cave with many stalactites that you can visit.

3) Itinerary of the book Inferno, by Dan Brown, in Florence: VASARI CORRIDOR

From the gardens, through a small door near the cave, they gain access to Florence’s most famous corridor, the Vasari Corridor, which is on the Vecchio Bridge. The Vasari corridor is an elevated path, about a kilometer long, which connects Pitti Palace, the Medici’s private residence, to Vecchio Palace, the seat of the city’s government. It was commissioned by Cosimo I of Medici to be built by Giorgio Vasari in just six months. This corridor served as a direct and safe access route between the Vecchio Place and the Pitti Palace residence, as it was a time when the lords of Florence were not comfortable walking through the streets during their frequent trips between cities.

The Vasari Corridor becomes the escape route for Langdon and Sienna in their “Inferno”. For Florence visitors, it is impossible to walk in the corridor as our two adventurers do, that is, in the opposite direction. The corridor crosses the Arno, passing through the Vecchio Bridge and the Uffizi before reaching the city hall. In the book, the route is taken in the opposite direction, from the Boboli Gardens to the old palace. (Source: www.mugeltravel.com image of the Vasariano Corridor).

4) Itinerary of the book Inferno, by Dan Brown, in Florence: SALONE DEI CINQUECENTO AND SALA DELLE MAPPE

Vecchio Bridge is the iconic medieval bridge of Florence. In the book, it is the place where Vayentha, the woman who tries to kill the professor, waits for Langdon to reach the old building, ignoring the private passage that overlooks the old jewelery shops. Professor Langdon and Sienna rush to Palazzo Vecchio looking for other clues and visit the Salone dei Cinquecento (“Hall of the Five Hundred”), where there is a wonderful ceiling with trusses and wooden beams that preserve magnificent works of art. At this point, the protagonists head to the charming Sala delle Mappe (“Hall of Maps”) to look for a way out, as they are constantly pursued. (Source: www.lucenews.it image of the Salone dei Cinquecento.)

5) Itinerary of the book Inferno, by Dan Brown, in Florence: PIAZZA DELLA SIGNORIA

Our brave heroes, after being able to leave the palace through a door that is located in Via della Ninna, which connects in Piazza della Signoria (“Lordship Square”), another memorable place for Florence, arrive there passing through narrow streets and, among all the historical sites of Florence, here is where its medieval aspect is best preserved. Here, in addition, there is the Dante’s House; the professor and Sienna, in the book, go in search of a copy of the Divine Comedy and they arrive at Dante’s House, which today has become a museum.

6) Itinerary of the book Inferno, by Dan Brown, in Florence: CHURCH OF SANTA MARIA MARGHERITA DE’ CERCHI

Dante’s House, however, is not the one he actually lived in, once in Florence the buildings collapsed during the past centuries. However, there are documents that prove that his family was in this area and, thus, in 1865, to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the birth of the poet, Florence established this museum. Not far away is the Church of Santa Margherita de’ Cerchi (St Margaret of Cerchi), also called Church of Dante, where it is said that the poet first saw Beatrice Portinari, buried here. Source: www.visitarefirenze.it image of Dante’s House in Florence.

Map 01 – Itinerary Of The Book Inferno, By Dan Brown, In Florence

Itinerary Of The Book Inferno, By Dan Brown, In Florence
Source: Google Maps

7) Itinerary of the book Inferno, by Dan Brown, in Florence: PIAZZA DEL DUOMO AND BADIA FIORENTINA

If you are passionate about history and have time, we suggest that you visit this place dedicated to the poet, as well as visit the whole of medieval Florence. Our couple only stays in the bookstore before going to Piazza del Duomo (Cathedral Square), but we also recommend a quick visit to Badia Fiorentina (Florentine Abbey), which is located in front of the Bargello Museum. These buildings are easily recognizable: the first for its bell tower and the second for its tower that stands out from the neighboring houses. The sharp tip of the bell tower of the Badia Fiorentina can be admired in all its beauty from afar, but not being one of the most famous and mentioned attractions in most guides, they don’t even realize what it is. The abbey was the first monastery in Florence, founded in 978. (Source. Www.inflorence.me image from Badia Fiorentina).

8) Itinerary of the book Inferno, by Dan Brown, in Florence: BATTISTERO DI SAN GIOVANNI

Being in the opposite position from Dante’s house, the monastery also seems to have been the poet’s favorite religious place. Finally, our professor and his companion go to the Battistero di San Giovanni (Baptistery of St John), in Piazza del Duomo, to retrieve the mask of Dante that had been hidden in the baptismal font by the duomino. The professor enters through the so-called ‘Gates of Paradise’, defined by Michelangelo. It is usually only open on special occasions. One of the crucial parts of the novel takes place in the Baptistery, one of the most important historical and religious places in the city, where the course of events will change. (Source: www.10cose.it image of the Florence Baptistery).

9) Itinerary of the book Inferno, by Dan Brown, in Florence: SANTA MARIA DEL FIORE CATHEDRAL, PIAZZA DELLA SIGNORIA E CAFÈ RIVOIRE

In the last chapter of the book, the professor participates in the duomino’s funeral held inside the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore (St Mary of the Flower), known as the Florence Duomo. The book also mentions Piazza della Signoria and the Café Rivoire, a very expensive and exclusive place that Langdon usually visits when he goes to Florence before his visits to Vecchio Palace.

Map 02 – Itinerary Of The Book Inferno, By Dan Brown, In Florence

Itinerary Of The Book Inferno, By Dan Brown, In Florence
Source: Google Maps

Florence: Dan Brown’s Inferno two-hour Walking Tour

Follow the route through Florence taken by Robert Langdon, the main character in Dan Brown’s bestseller, Inferno. Discover some of the most emblematic places in Florence and listen to the guide reveal the secrets and mysteries of the book.


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Itinerary of the book Inferno, by Dan Brown, in Florence ? If you are reading the novel, we hope that our itinerary has helped you to travel alongside our heroes during your visit to Florence. Anyway, we hope that this city tour has served to show you what you will personally know in Florence, all the interesting places to discover are countless.

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