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Itinerary in Italy for 15 days?

Fifteen days in Italy is every traveler's dream! If you have that time at your disposal, enjoy it MUCH! We set up a special 15-day itinerary in Italy for you to get to know the best of the country of the boot!

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Itinerary in Italy for 15 days?

There are endless itineraries and excursions to explore Italy, a country unique in the world due to the variety in its territory, where there is a perfect balance between the sea and mountains, hills and plains. Through this 15-day itinerary, visitors can visit all that the beautiful country can offer. Shall we get to know our  itinerary in Italy  for 15 days now? Let’s go through the main and most beautiful places in Italy! Find out here How many days do I need to visit Italy? Here at Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia you make the trip of your dreams!!! ALSO: see our “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

Our Itinerary

The route will start from the north of Italy, specifically from the city of Milan, and we will descend, to the center, and to the South. Different realities, but that constitute a set of regions strictly connected with each other. We will pass through Milan, Verona, Venice, Pisa, Siena, Florence, Assisi, Rome, Naples, Pompeii, Capri and the Amalfi Coast. We will travel by train, rented car, sometimes we will also use public transport. Also read our special post on How to get around in Italy?

Did you know?

Trenitalia is the main Italian company dedicated to the management of railway transport. Find out here What is the difference between trains in Italy?“. Buy your ticket online in advance and save a lot, read the Post How to buy a train ticket in Italy?“.

Well, at this point, we have nothing left but to start this 15-day journey through the most beautiful Italian cities. Ready? I believe so! Come on!!!!!

1) Itinerary in Italy for 15 days? MILAN

First Day: Often, when we think of Milan, we have the image of a city that is always serious and gray, but I guarantee that this concept belongs to those who are not familiar with the Milanese capital, which has a lot to offer its visitors.

Attractions in Milan

A classic itinerary could start right from the Cathedral Square, where there is the Cathedral that joins the 19th century with Vittorio Emanuele Gallery and the Royal Palace, which houses internationally renowned exhibitions. If you want to see Milan from above, go up to the Cathedral to admire Madonnina. And it will offer you just that. TIPS ON MILAN?

Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper

A fundamental tour is the Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Grazie (Church of Holy Mary of Grace), known for the Last Supper, by Leonardo da Vinci. It is necessary to book tickets well in advance, sometimes there is no availability even for three months in advance. Just a short walk from the Basilica, you will reach the Museum of Science and Technology, one of the most important in Europe. TEN DAY ITINERARY IN ITALY?

Pinacoteca di Brera (“Brera Art Gallery”)

Continue on Via Carducci and Piazza Sant’Ambrogio (Sant’Ambrogio Square). Next to a large pedestrian area, stands the Basilica of Saint Ambrose, patron of the city. At that point, you stop at one of Milan’s many trendy locations, which will win you over. Interesting, and I advise you not to miss it, is the Pinacoteca di Brera, also worth a visit at the Church of Saint Mary, in San Satiro; renovated from 1478 by Bramante, aiming to harmonize the aesthetics of the Renaissance, it endowed it with a ‘false’ sanctuary like an illusionist perspective and, definitely, it did not disappoint. Now you just need a good dinner and go to bed.

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2) Itinerary in Italy for 15 days? MILAN

Second Day: On this second day in Milan, we start our tour of the Sforzesco Castle, often overlooked and still worth visiting. For two centuries fortress and residence of the Lords of Milan, it is now home to some important local museums. Also take the opportunity to enjoy a walk in one of the most beautiful parks in the city, like Sempione Park. Crossing the park, you will reach the Arch of Peace, enjoy and rest on your steps. After the break, remember that Milan is the capital of fashion, so if you are looking for a place in the city to indulge fashion and clothing desires, the solutions are at Corso Buenos Aires and Via Torino. WHERE TO SHOP IN MILAN?

Via Montenapoleone

There is everything and if your wallet allows it, then head to Via Montenapoleone, the street of luxury and fashion, unique in the city. Now we just need to visit the original and beautiful area of ​​the canals, where you can enjoy dinner in typical restaurants in the region and, later, try the fantastic aperitifs; then, to bed.

3) Itinerary in Italy for 15 days? VERONA

Third Day: On this third day of sightseeing in Italy, you will learn about the city of lovers and much more; Verona is a city rich in history, art, literature, beautiful scenery and famous wines and food products from around the world. TIPS ON VERONA?

Attractions in Verona

We begin the visit with its historic center, where you can admire bridges, churches, palaces, squares and monuments and witness the ancient splendor, such as Piazza Bra (Bra Square), Piazza delle Erbe (Erbe Square) and Piazza dei Signori (Signori Square). How not to visit the symbol of the city, the spectacular Arena, which hosts international events annually. Occasionally, after a break at one of the downtown’s special cafés, you can visit Juliet’s house, another thing that made the city famous around the world thanks to Shakespeare’s novel. Verona has an immense artistic heritage and a stunning view of the city that will leave a mark on your memory forever. After a good dinner, it’s time to go to sleep.

4) Itinerary in Italy for 15 days? VENICE

Fourth Day: Venice is a unique city in the world, built on water in the middle of a lagoon, one of the most romantic cities in Italy with its St Mark’s Square. It is a city full of museums, palaces and churches to visit and canals to explore. The easiest and most effective way to get to know Venice is on foot, but to see the long line of wonderful palaces, overlooking the Grand Canal, a good idea might be a Vaporetto tour. As well as going up to the Campanile di San Marco (St Mark’s Campanile), in order to have a complete view of the Basilica, the square and the entire city of Venice from above. HOW TO GET TO VENICE?

All of this will be your first day in Venice, and it’s no small feat. Of course, in addition to the beauties of Venice, it is worth resting in one of the famous cafes for an aperitif and then, when night falls, enjoy a delicious dinner in a typical place and, finally, a good night’s sleep. TIPS ON VENICE?

5) Itinerary in Italy for 15 days? VENICE

Fifth Day: On this second day in Venice, the best thing to do is to walk the city, moving freely through the narrow streets to discover the many fields and fascinating palaces and churches of Venice, which will reveal the least known of the city. For this purpose, it is worth letting yourself be enchanted by the magic of the imperfections of the streets of Venice and its fascinating atmosphere. To see something really typical and unique, I suggest you witness the transformation of glass into Murano. After a beautiful day, an appetizing dinner and then bed await you.

Itinerary in Italy for 15 days: days 01 to 05

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6) Itinerary in Italy for 15 days? PISA

Sixth Day: After a good breakfast, head to Santa Lucia train station to leave Venice and proceed to the city of Pisa, where you will stay one day). Once you are settled in Pisa, you can go straight to the center, where there is a symbol of Italy and the most famous meadow in the world, in the Square of Miracles. TIPS ON PISA?

Attractions in Pisa

The Square of Miracles involves, in a single glance, all the wonders of an unusual historic city, such as the city of Pisa. The visual importance of this square, with all its monuments, knows no rivals and the Leaning Tower is its emblem, its brand. Of course, you cannot neglect the other beauties that you will discover simply by walking around the city, such as the Sinopie Museum, arranged in theSanta Chiara Hospital, fr om the 13th century.

Continue the visit with the Renaissance Piazza dei Cavalieri (Cavalieri Square), which houses the Scuola Normale Superiore de Pisa. Then, you can admire the river Arno, with the church of S. Maria della Spina (“St Mary of the Thorn”), the Royal Palace and the museum of historical ships of Pisa along the river Arno, on the edge of the historic center. Now you can end the tour with a visit to Piazza delle Vettovaglie (Vettovagle Square), which is still the seat of the city’s market today. At that point, you can take advantage of the historic center to dine at one of the typical local restaurants and then go to bed. NOTE: you can also visit Pisa from Florence and you can sleep in the same city if you want to.

7) Itinerary in Italy for 15 days? FLORENCE

Seventh Day: After breakfast, we leave Pisa and, by train, we go to Santa Maria Novella station, to visit another beautiful city, cradle of the Italian Renaissance, we talk about Florence (where you will stay one night).

Attractions in Florence

The city tour can start immediately from Santa Maria Novella station onwards. It continues through the historic center, where there are the most famous sites of Florence’s culture. In the city center, some of the most important monuments are preserved, such as the Baptistery, the Duomo Square and the Cathedral, decorated with marble panels and elaborate facades. LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT FLORENCE

Then you can walk to Dante’s house, to see the infamous Church of Dante and Beatriz. Another part of the tour is the Vecchio Palace and the Medici family courtyard. While in Piazza della Signoria (Signoria Square), you will see an open-air museum that consists of numerous statues, including a replica of Michelangelo’s David, as well as many other notable works. Continuing the tour, we will go to Uffizi Gallery, a true masterpiece that makes the world jealous. Along the Arno River you will pass over the Vecchio Bridge, famous for its jewelry stores. The tour ends in front of Pitti Palace. After so much art and beauty, take the opportunity, in peace, to enjoy a tasty dinner in a typical restaurant in the center and then, bed.

8) Itinerary in Italy for 15 days? SIENA

Eighth Day: Siena is one of the most important cities of Italian art. Located on the old Via Francigena and surrounded by picturesque hills covered with vineyards and olive groves, it is the ideal destination for lovers of culture and art, but also of natural beauty and good food. It is known for its artistic heritage that its historic center preserves and for the living tradition of Palio, which creates a unique atmosphere during the event. TIPS ON SIENA?

Attractions in Siena

We will now visit Siena’s most important museums and buildings, such as the City Hall, Salimbeni Palace, Logge del Papa and many churches, such as San Domenico (St Dominic); if you want a challenge, climb the Mangia Tower to enjoy a magnificent view of the city.

Extraordinary is the culinary tradition of the lands of Siena, characterized by the “poor” cuisine of the past, but also gastronomic delights, such as’ chianina ‘(beef),’ pici ‘(a thicker type of spaghetti),’ ribollita ‘(a peasant soup) and sweets, such as’ panforte’ (a type of round, flat pie made up of a mixture of flour, sugar, honey and various spices; with almonds, hazelnuts and candied fruit) and ‘ricciarelli’ ( based on sugar, egg and almonds). How not to enjoy these delicacies in a tasty dinner and, being Siena a renowned land of wine, a glass of wine, among the most popular are Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino and Montepulciano.

9) Itinerary in Italy for 15 days? ASSISI

Ninth Day: Visiting the city of Assisi means enjoying it in all its aspects, in fact, for those who want to live in its most mystical aspect, they will be able to participate in religious events, such as the ‘Forgiveness’, the procession of the’ dead Christ ‘, the celebration of Easter, Holy Christmas, the feast of Saint Francis or the feast of Saint Clare. TIPS ON ASSISI?

Attractions in Assisi

Or you can see Assisi in the cultural aspect, and there are many opportunities that arise throughout the year, from exhibitions on display at Mount Frumentario, at the Art Gallery, or directly at the most important monuments such as the Basilica of St Francis, the Church of St Clare and the Cathedral of Saint Rufinus. And that is what we are going to do as soon as we arrive in the city, visit everything there is to see, both in religious and cultural and artistic aspects. After a good dinner, you will be ready to sleep.

10) Itinerary in Italy for 15 days? ROME

Tenth Day: We will have breakfast and then go by train to the Eternal City, where you will stay for two nights. As soon as you arrive in Rome, leave your luggage and “fly” immediately for a walk between the most beautiful streets in Rome, to get lost in the many narrow streets and admire the ancient ruins. It will certainly be an unforgettable experience.

Attractions in Rome

To understand the true spirit of Rome you have to include, in addition to the classic monuments, everything that characterizes Rome and the places that make us understand the wealth of that city. Well, at that point you just have to start the tour from the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. Take a break for lunch at Celio, then head to the Basilica of Saint Clement, which is just meters away. READ ALL OUR TIPS ON ROME

Via dei Fori Imperiali

Continue on Via dei Fori Imperiali to reach Piazza Venezia (Venezia Square), where there is the monument to the Unknown Soldier and, on foot, go to the famous Piazza del Campidoglio (Campidoglio Square), architectural jewel of the genius Michelangelo. Nearby, you cannot miss the Basilica of St Paul Outside the Walls. After that visit, you deserve a tasty dinner in a typical restaurant in the center and then in bed.

11) Itinerary in Italy for 15 days? ROME

Eleventh Day: (After a good breakfast, you will return to visit the sights of Rome). On that day, before visiting St. Peter’s Basilica, you should definitely visit the extraordinary, but little-known and visited, Villa Farnesina. The ticket is cheap and has a lot to offer; you will have the opportunity to admire the frescoes by Rafael and his school, a world of art different from that of the Vatican. After visiting the Basilica, continue to visit the Vatican Museum. I advise you to spend at least 3 hours in this museum (it is the minimum time to see the most important items in the museum). HOW TO VISIT THE VATICAN MUSEUM?


Head to Saint Mary in Trastevere, an unexpected revelation that appears in the alleys of the neighborhood streets; a church with an intense and true atmosphere, as well as the place where you will be: this is the real heart of Rome, popular and private. Continue your tour in Trastevere and, once you are there, stop at one of the very typical ‘trattorias trasteverine’ .  At this point, considering the hours, I believe you can still enjoy a light dinner and then bed.


Itinerary in Italy for 15 days: days 06 to 11

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12) Itinerary in Italy for 15 days? NAPLES

Twelfth Day: After lunch, you leave the capital to visit, always by train, a multifaceted city, the beautiful city of the sun: Naples, where you will stay overnight. LEARN ALL ABOUT NAPLES

Attractions in Naples

Naples is also clothes hanging in the sun, the voices on the blocks, the atmosphere of its streets. Naples is a place that you will not forget. After settling in a hotel, we will immediately discover its squares and churches rich in treasures, and many monuments that are still unknown to the public. A journey in the underground Naples could also be very interesting.

In the Old Town

In the old town, you can’t miss the Santa Chiara complex, San Domenico Maggiore, the church of Gesù Nuovo (“New Jesus”), the Cathedral. The Sansevero Chapel with its veiled Christ, or the Church Pio Monte della Misericordia (“Pious Moutain of Mercy”) with its Caravaggio are interesting. When you get to Vomero, you will see Certosa di San Martino (“Charterhouse of St Martin”) and Sant’Elmo Castle . It is also worth visiting the Royal Palace, the Capodimonte Palace and the gardens. Once in Naples, it is a must to eat Neapolitan pizza and puff pastry, so you can go to sleep.

13) Itinerary in Italy for 15 days? POMPEII

Thirteenth Day: After breakfast, we leave Naples and, this time, rent a car to go to Pompeii, where you will stop for the night. The soul of this city is the archaeological ruins, which have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997, you will be fascinated by this tour through history. TIPS ON POMPEII?

What to see in Pompeii?

Pompeii has ancient origins, almost like Rome. Rich in monuments and squares, it is the ‘Belpaese’ city, where history is told under the enchanted eyes of millions of tourists. Certainly the first thing to see is the archaeological excavations that represent the main attraction of the city and that will take up most of the day. After visiting the excavations, take a refreshing break for a drink and continue your tour of Villa of the Mysteries and the Shrine of the Virgin of the Rosary. It remains, at that moment, you enjoy dinner and after having a good night’s sleep.

14) Itinerary in Italy for 15 days? AMALFI COAST

Fourteenth Day: After a healthy breakfast, we will start to visit, by car, the Amalfi Coast, a natural paradise that will leave you speechless and where you will stay for a night in an inn in Positano. This day will be dedicated to exploring Amalfi, because in one day you cannot see much, you will make short stops in Amalfi, famous all over the world for its magical landscape and for its beautiful Cathedral, Ravello with its villages, Rufolo and Cimbrone that enchanted artists like Wagner and Greta Garbo, and then we’ll stop in Positano, the pearl of the coast. TIPS ON THE AMALFITAN COAST?

Amalfi, Ravello and Positano

By car you will reach beautiful Amalfi, Ravello and then Positano. Positano is a beautiful coastal village on the Amalfi Coast, very characteristic, cozy and colorful. It hosts thousands of tourists from all over the world every year. Among its many virtues there is also that of being the ‘height of the human being’, so one can easily visit it on foot. And that is what I recommend doing, especially to appreciate the myriad of alleys and narrow streets, which cross the village creating a labyrinthine and suggestive path that is the most attractive element, in addition to the beautiful landscape of this small village.

Its Attractions

The center of the village is gathered around Piazza Flavio Gioia (Flavio Gioia Square), with the 13th century church dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta in which the faience dome is located. During the tours, take the opportunity to go shopping, in fact Positano is also famous for fashion, which is why along the labyrinth of narrow streets it is easy to come across many boutiques and tailor shops selling original creations of the line ‘ Positano beachwear, such as dresses, kaftans and sarongs adorned with stones, with typical coral, turquoise and pearls.

Cool off during a stroll through the narrow streets with a ‘ tasty typical fruit granita’ in one of the many local bars with terraces. Regarding the evening, it is a must to end your unforgettable day with a dinner overlooking the sea and fresh fish.

15) Itinerary in Italy for 15 days? CAPRI

Fifteenth and final Day: (After an incredible breakfast, enjoy the last day of the tour in one of the most beautiful and visited cities, the wonderful Capri). Considered the pearl of the Gulf of Naples, on the island of Faraglioni, it has been a landmark since the distant days, when the Roman emperor Tiberius built a sumptuous home, for his ‘vacation’. TIPS ON CAPRI?

Attractions in Capri

To mention the great names and historical figures who stayed, visited, are quoted or are simply loved on Capri, would occupy an entire paragraph. Although the island is the second smallest in the Bay of Naples, it has many attractions to see and things to do. Of course, in one day you can see the most important things, but you can plan to go back to see and do everything you haven’t been able to do. Inevitable, even if only for a short walk, it will be a visit to Villa Jovis, Tiberius’ reign. Also not to be missed are Villa San Michele and the Axel Munthe Museum. A must-see, definitely, is an excursion that is the great classic of Capri, a boat trip, offering truly remarkable landscapes seen from above.


It would be a sin to limit yourself only to Piazzetta, forgetting Anacapri’s tranquility, more discreet, but still with an authentic charm. To get there, only with small buses that connect the two villages on the island. At this point, I believe that your visit will end with an unforgettable dinner in a typical restaurant and then you will sleep. It is the last day and the next day you will go to Naples airport and return to everyday life. SEE OTHER TOURING OPTIONS IN ITALY IN 7/10/15/20/30 DAYS

Itinerário na Itália de 15 dias?
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Itinerary in Italy for 15 days: days 12 to 15

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Itinerary in Italy for 15 days? After traveling for fifteen days, visiting the most beautiful Italian cities, I can only say that it is really worth it. I am sure that this route will always have a place in your heart and in your best memories. Italy is a really big and beautiful country.

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