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Itinerary by motorcycle in Umbria

Today, I take you to discover Umbria by motorcycle! We put together an itinerary full of amazing attractions and full of magnificent cities! Shall we get to know Umbria by motorcycle? So come with me!


Itinerary by motorcycle in Umbria

Umbria is an Italian charming region, home to cities like Assisi, Gubbio and Perugia, that needs to be visited whenever possible. Today I bring you another itinerary on two wheels! Today we will discover Umbria by motorcycle! Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”.

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Our Introduction

Umbria is a wonderful region! Famous mainly for iconic cities such as Assisi and Perugia, it goes much further and offers us very charming, elegant cities that tell us fascinating stories!

Before starting our motorcycle itinerary in Umbria, it is good to remember some important information. Your priority should be to rent a motorcycle from a reliable rental agency! There are currently several companies specializing in motorcycle rentals and, with a quick Google search, you can be sure that you will find the ideal company for you and that will meet your needs! Don’t leave it until the last minute, especially if you plan to travel during peak season. Get organized in advance, ok?

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Motorcycle lovers know how to deal with the “beauty” they have in their hands, but it never hurts to remember some important information and review EVERYTHING before leaving. The top priority, in addition to renting the motorcycle from a reliable company, is to use appropriate clothing and equipment, especially if traveling during the coldest periods of the year. It is also important to remember to bring your IDP, which is mandatory and you must have specified your authorization to ride motorcycles!

Another important point:

When closing the rental agreement with the company, check the clauses referring to motorcycle insurance. Make sure the motorcycle is insured against theft, accident, fire, natural disasters, etc.

Also, find out about motorcycle parking at the hotel where you are staying: some hotels offer their own parking spaces (sometimes free), others do not. If, by chance, your hotel is located in a ZTL, confirm that the hotel has informed the authorities of the license plate number of the motorcycle you rented, as motorcycle traffic is prohibited in certain places, ok?

Be sure to check that the bike is in perfect condition, right? Italian roads are very well maintained, but in some parts, especially in smaller cities, you may find roads that will require more attention – especially if the weather is rainy or snowy – so: double care!

Now that all is well with our means of transport, let’s go on our motorcycle itinerary through Umbria!

1) Itinerary by motorcycle in Umbria: ASSISI AND VALFABBRICA

We started our script with a blessed classic, literally! Let’s start our tour from Assisi. The city needs no introduction! It is of a beauty that enchants and the atmosphere of the city has an indescribable magic. Here, of course, you’ll find the famous basilica dedicated to St Francis, and the city is a popular destination for devotees from all over the world. It is not a big city, however it is a delightful place and spending the whole day there can be very interesting; In addition, you can also visit the beautiful Mount Subasio Regional Park where you can find the hermitage of the Carceri, which is one of the most mystical and spiritual places in the entire region. Know everything about Assisi here!

Leaving Assisi too Valfabbrica

Leaving Assisi, we head to a small town from the Middle Ages: Valfabbrica. The city is little known by tourists, but it has a charm that enchants! Located on the banks of the Chiascio River, it is surrounded by nature, which mixes between forests, dirt roads and hills. Here you can admire the Coccorano castle, named after a local plant widely used for dyeing fabrics. The view from the Tower is magnificent and, legend has it, that St Francis himself enjoyed the view from above before continuing his preaching journey.

2) Itinerary by motorcycle in Umbria: GUBBIO

From Valfabbrica, visit the various castles in the area and head to Gubbio, located on the slopes of Mount Cucco Regional Park. It is a true green lung that houses small villages. Among them we can mention Costacciaro and Sigillo, who are very cute! Another important point to be mentioned: this park also protects a fantastic environmental heritage, and presents us with beech forests, waterfalls, caves, lakes, streams and large pastures that, together, offer us wonderful landscapes! Here we find the hermitage of Saint Gerolamo, the abbey of Saint Mary of Sitria and, of course, the beautiful Mount Cucco, which is an ideal place for trekking lovers. It’s worth the visit! 

Now, finally, we head to Gubbio!

Gubbio is a precious gem of Umbria! Dante Alighieri describes the beauty of this place in a precise and poetic way: “a territory enriched by the watercourse of the Topino and by the hill named after the patron saint of the city, Sant’Ubaldo”. Gubbio is the kind of city that, without any pretense, easily wins our hearts over, in a very discreet way, but with an unparalleled elegance. Mount Ingino, the Roman Theater, the church of St Francis, the Consoli Palace and the famous Podestà Palace are not to be missed! If you can, I also suggest you stick around for at least a day. The city offers us an excellent tourist structure and, for sure, you will find a very special place to spend the night there!

3) Itinerary by motorcycle in Umbria: CITTÀ DI CASTELLO

The next day, we go to another very charming place: Città di Castello. This is a very particular, interesting city that catches our attention! On a plain, its medieval architecture is splendorous and walking along its little roads is delightful!

Gold Tip: Alternative Route

If you want, you can use the famous A1 road and exit at Orvieto. Here you can visit the Cathedral, the Well of San Patrizio and the Etruscan Necropolis. Continuing the journey, head towards Lake Corbara, which offers us a real immersion in nature! Furthermore, you can visit Civitella del Lago and Corbara and, good to know, the path that takes us there is one of the most beloved by motorcyclists. The SS448 road connects the lake to Todi and is a paradise for those who love two wheels! The road winds around the eastern shore of the lake, leading to the river.

Map of our itinerary

Good to Know…

Personal: Obviously, this itinerary is just a suggestion! Umbria offers us many other splendid places and it would be a dream to get to know the whole region by motorbike. Is it possible? Yeah! If you want a complete itinerary, including others, or excluding the cities mentioned here, talk to me! It will be a pleasure to create, with you, a dreamy itinerary!

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Itinerary by motorcycle in Umbria! The region of Umbria is, in fact, one of the most beautiful in all of Italy. With magnificent cities and an impeccable tourist structure, it’s the type of region that offers us excellent itineraries and all kinds of culture, history, art and emotions!

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