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Itinerary by motorcycle in Campania

One of the Italian regions to discover by motorcycle is Campania. Full of splendid places, the region offers us very special places. Shall we get to know Campania by motorcycle?

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Itinerary by motorcycle in Campania

With its capital, Naples, Campania is one of the most beautiful regions in southern Italy. With priceless historical heritage, cinematographic panoramas and enchanting beauties, Campania is one of the regions that deserve a few days dedicated to it. Today we are going to travel through Campania by motorcycle. Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”.

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Our Introduction

Campania is a region of southwestern Italy and is extremely famous for its ancient ruins, magnificent cities and spectacular coastline. Naples, the capital of the region, is a very lively city, full of life, colors, aromas and flavors, as well as being known for Mount Vesuvius. Another unmissable attraction is the majestic Gulf of Naples, which brings together beaches and landscapes that impress even the most demanding tourist. To the south of the region, we find the divine Amalfi Coast, with cities like Positano, Amalfi and Ravello, and, nearby, the luxurious Capri.


  • Before we start our itinerary, it’s always good to remember: rent a motorcycle from a reliable rental agency! There are specialized companies that only rent motorcycles, so finding the ideal motorcycle for your needs will not be a problem! With a quick search on the internet, you will find several companies of that type.

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Motorcycle lovers know how to deal with the “beauty” they have in their hands, but it never hurts to remember some important information and review EVERYTHING before leaving. The top priority, in addition to renting the motorcycle from a reliable company, is to use appropriate clothing and equipment, especially if traveling during the coldest periods of the year. It is also important to remember to bring your IDP, which is mandatory and you must have specified your authorization to ride motorcycles!

Another important point:

When closing the rental agreement with the company, check the clauses referring to motorcycle insurance. Make sure the motorcycle is insured against theft, accident, fire, natural disasters, etc.

Also, find out about motorcycle parking at the hotel where you are staying: some hotels offer their own parking spaces (sometimes free), others do not. If, by chance, your hotel is located in a ZTL, confirm that the hotel has informed the authorities of the license plate number of the motorcycle you rented, as motorcycle traffic is prohibited in certain places, ok?

Be sure to check that the bike is in perfect condition, right? Italian roads are very well maintained, but in some parts, especially in smaller cities, you may find roads that will require more attention – especially if the weather is rainy or snowy – so: double care!

Now that all is well with our means of transport, let’s go on our motorcycle itinerary through Campania!

1) Itinerary by motorcycle in Campania: NAPLES

We start, of course, with the regional capital: Naples. To get to Naples you can use the train, departing from the main Italian cities; or you can arrive by plane, from where flights from several Italian cities arrive and depart.

Naples is the type of city that offers us incredible attractions; it is even difficult to choose what to see in a short time, so I suggest that, if possible, you stay two or three days in the capital to be able to visit it calmly. The city offers us museums, churches, architecture and real gems! Places such as Piazza Trieste, Castel dell’Ovo, Mergellina, the Duomo, and the Catacombs will present you with a splendid, unique and unforgettable Naples!


  • A walking tour of the historic center and a strategic stop to taste the real Neapolitan pizza is a MUST-SEE! Would you like some candy? How about a Rum Baba? – however, if you taste this typical Neapolitan sweet: DO NOT DRIVE, OK?! – You can try it night, before going to sleep!

2) Itinerary by motorcycle in Campania: CAPRI

Once you’ve seen Naples, you can head to another popular location in the region: Capri! Capri is the emblem of luxury, beauty, and charm! It is not a cheap city, but it deserves a visit, as it is of majestic beauty!

From Naples it is possible to reach the city by sea without any problem. If you want an alternative, two other islands also very interesting are Ischia or Procida. They leave nothing to be desired and are equally beautiful and full of attractions.

All these islands are easily accessible from Naples thanks to the ferries and hydrofoils departing from Molo Beverello – there are several companies, departure times and frequencies.


  • Organize these tours in advance. If you travel during high season, there is usually a lot of traffic; if traveling in low season, confirm the departure of the means of transport, as the sea can be rough and, for safety reasons, the boats may not leave the port.

3) Itinerary by motorcycle in Campania: POMPEII

Another worth-visiting place is the so-called Riviera Vesuviana. Here, literally, we hit the road! We start with the famous excavations of Pompeii, an almost obligatory stop for anyone visiting Campania. If you can, and have time, also visit Herculaneum, which is another very beautiful area. In this area is the Vesuvius National Park.

It is important to say that, here, the visits are guided and the climate at the top of Vesuvius is cooler, so: bring a warm coat. Remember that visiting hours vary according to the seasons, so make your reservation in advance!

4) Itinerary by motorcycle in Campania: SORRENTO

After a busy day, stop in Sorrento and sleep in this area so that the next day we can continue our itinerary! Know here Where to stay in Sorrento?

After a restorative night, we continue along the Sorrento peninsula. As I always say: the more days available, the better! However, if this is not possible, stay at least two days in this region.

In Sorrento, don’t miss the famous Corso Italia. There you will find typical dishes, shops full of charm and an architecture that will enchant you. A must-see is the terrace of the Cloisters of San Francesco, which has a unique view of Naples and Vesuvius: impressive! For beach lovers, I suggest the Puolo cove or the Regina Giovanna cliffs – but get there early, especially in summer, as they are popular spots for tourists and locals alike.

5) Itinerary by motorcycle in Campania: AMALFI COAST

Here we are very close to another well-known Italian place in the world: the Amalfi Coast, a place that practically needs no introduction. One of the most scenic roads in all of Italy is located here: it’s the winding Via Nastro d’Argento, which starts from the Piano di Sorrento. Along this path, which offers us a magnificent view, there is a very special stop – excellent for those on a motorcycle – that shows us the two gulfs of the region at once.

Continue the journey and go to Amalfi, and then to Positano. For those who like to walk, the trails here are delicious! It is also here that you will find the Path of the Gods, a very suggestive trail that takes us along almost the entire coast. Stop by delicious Ravello: the city is a true gem in the Mediterranean and attracts for its simplicity, but for its undeniable elegance.

Do you have time? Visit Vietri sul Mare! The shops offer us various handicrafts, and among them, their colorful ceramics attract our attention.

Rest in one of the cities on the Amalfi Coast and, the next day, get ready to go on our motorcycle itinerary through Campania.

6) Itinerary by motorcycle in Campania: AGROPOLI

Leaving the city chosen for your rest early, we head to a city full of charm: Agropoli. Here the first thing that catches our attention is the crystalline sea! Continuing along the coast, you reach the famous Paestum, which is an unmissable stop for lovers of history and culture. Do not hesitate to make strategic stops for a rest in some little-known town in the region: you will hardly regret it, as it is one more beautiful than the other.


Good to know…

People, always remembering that the region offers a multitude of incredible cities to visit; this itinerary is just a suggestion and you can adapt it according to your personal taste. If you don’t want to worry about anything, talk to me. Remember, I’m a travel consultant and, based on your budget and available time, I can help you organize your dreamy trip the way you always wanted!

Motorbike itinerary through Campania: map

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Itinerary by motorcycle in Campania! Getting to know Campania by motorcycle is something, in fact, very special! The region is of unparalleled beauty, it offers us beach and mountains, and a world full of history and culture to be discovered!

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