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Is it worth visiting the Dolomites in the spring?

When we talk about Dolomites, we immediately think of winter, but they are so special that they offer attractions throughout the year and, in the spring, they are especially more beautiful. Today we will know if it is worth visiting the Dolomites in the spring.

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Is it worth visiting the Dolomites in the spring?

The Dolomites are a sure destination for those who like to ski in Italy, but those who think they only offer incredible attractions during the winter are mistaken: with an excellent tourist structure, the Dolomites (in all regions where they are located), offer great options during all seasons and, of course, during the most beautiful season of the year, spring! Shall we find out if it is worth going to the Dolomites during the spring? Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”

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Watch this incredible video of the Dolomites made using a drone.

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Well, first of all, to start talking about Dolomites in the spring, we need to get to know it better. For that, I invite you to take a look at this post: Visiting the Dolomites! In summary, the Dolomites are a mountain range formed by the eastern Alps, and are part of the fifty Italian places that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. The area to which this recognition was given covers approximately 141,903 hectares of territory divided into three regions: Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, in addition to five provinces: Trento, Bolzano, Belluno, Udine and Pordenone; furthermore, it includes eighteen peaks that rise above 3,000 meters in height above sea level. Find out here where to stay in the Dolomites!

What is the best season to visit the Dolomites?

Already famous for ski lovers, the Dolomites can be visited all year round and, believe me, throughout the year it offers excellent walking options for the whole family! In today’s post, we will explore the Dolomites in the most beautiful season of the year, spring! Due to its location, even during the spring you will find some remnants of snow and, in some places, it is still possible to ski!

New to visit the Dolomites

One of the news of 2020 here is SkyAlps. SkyAlps is the new company based in the great airport of Bolzano, and was created to renew the connections between South Tyrol and the rest of Italy. The flight schedule is already working and offers great connections: daily flights to Rome (except on Sundays), a weekly flight to Calabria and another weekly flight to Sardinia (on Saturdays).

Internationally, we have a weekly flight to Vienna and, in the future, there will be a connection with Frankfurt (still under negotiation). Of course, they are smaller planes, with a capacity for up to 78 passengers, but it makes it VERY easy to reach the Dolomites via Bolzano. It was, indeed, a very important fact for connecting the Dolomites with the rest of Italy.

Good to know

  • This post was written in November 2020, during the world pandemic of COVID-19; Italy has some travel restrictions, and therefore, there is no guarantee of flights available to / from the locations mentioned via SkyAlps.

What to do in the Dolomites during the spring?

Here in the mountains, nature begins to show its colors, which blend with the white remnants of snow. With longer days and mild temperatures, the environment is great for venturing into the highest peaks of the Italian Alps! If during the winter there are many ski areas, during the spring you can spend fantastic holidays on the sunny slopes, under the warm rays of the March sun.

Trekking and Hiking

You can go trekking and hiking and, both up and down, you will be enchanted by the panoramas and the nature that presents itself in a charming and unpretentious way. To learn more about parks and trails, you can read this post: What to do in the Dolomites during the summer?

The trails are safe and offer various levels of difficulty at different points; many of them can also be done by bicycle. Here you can have a ‘view’ of lilac, green and yellow: the meadows are covered with saffron, grass and dandelions! If you want to know more, access maps, routes and other information, I invite you to access this link! It is very complete and offers everything you need to plan your visit!

Events in the Dolomites

In the spring, the Dolomites schedule does not stop! It is when a season full of events begins, spread over several cities; there is the legendary Festa della Pozza, or also known as “Locknfest”, which takes place every two years in Plan de Corones, the mountain paradise for ski lovers; there is also the Latemar Jazz Festival and the Cortina-Dobbiaco Marathon sporting event.


You can also take a mountaineering course at the Italian Alpine Club. Here, you can learn more about alpine skiing and free climbing throughout the national territory. Climbing courses usually start in the early spring, so if you are already there, you can invest your time to improve your knowledge, as well as make beautiful walks in the mountains and cliffs. ATTENTION: the tours take place only if the weather conditions are favorable, for safety reasons.

Special Programming – Agritourism

Agritourism Alpinus also offers a special program for its guests! Hiking, exploring the territory and visiting flower fields! There is also a special program for children, especially during Easter: it is an extremely magical moment and the little ones LOVE it!


Trentino deserves to be highlighted! They have special programs for those who LOVE trails! In this link Trentino, you can access the maps of the route and know what is the best period to plan your trip!

Some excursion options in the Dolomites

Motorcycle Tours

Do you like motorbikes? So, get ready! The lake tour is a classic of motorcycle tourism in Trentino. The route is about 200 kilometers long, starts at Madonna di Campiglio, crosses the Adamello Brenta Natural Park and goes up to Passo Campo Carlo Magno (at 1682 m altitude), offering a panoramic view of the Brenta Dolomites. Then, go down through the forest of Val di Meledrio passing Folgarida and, after a beautiful ‘collection’ of sharp turns, you arrive at Dimaro, in Val di Sole.

The route goes east through the landscape characterized by the apple orchards of the Val di Non, reaching Cles, then going on to Lake Tovel. The lake is surrounded by the imposing peaks of the Brenta Dolomites, and offers crystal clear waters! Then go back and go to Tuenno, Denno and Campodenno. From there, head to the incredible Lake Molveno, which offers excellent tourist facilities with restaurants, parks, pizzerias, hotels, etc. Great option for lunch and start your way back!

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Is it worth visiting the Dolomites in the spring? People, it is evident that if we were to include ALL the options of tours in the Dolomites during the spring in a single post, I would practically have a book! That is why we have put together just a few options!

Remembering that, if you want a detailed itinerary, talk to me! Together, we can organize the trip of your dreams in one of the most beautiful and celebrated locations in Italy, the iconic, beautiful and incredible Dolomites. The Dolomites can easily be visited at any time of the year and, believe me, in all seasons, it changes its panorama and enchants us in a unique way! Do you want to visit the Dolomites in the spring? So, have a nice trip!

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