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How to use public transport in Naples?

Naples is one of the most visited cities in southern Italy. Capital of the Campania region, it is also famous for its chaotic traffic, but you can escape this chaos using public transport. Let's learn more about it!


How to use public transport in Naples?

Today we are going to the south of Italy, more precisely, Naples, the beautiful capital of Campania! It is an effervescent, lively, colorful city with chaotic traffic! Naples is a big city and, of course, has traffic proportional to its size, especially during peak hours (morning and late afternoon), but it is possible to escape all this chaos and go to all parts of the city in a different way: fast, safe, and cheap. How? Using public transport. Today we will learn how to use public transport in Naples.

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Our introduction

Naples is a delicious city! Full of incredible attractions, with impeccable cuisine, beautiful monuments and traffic, a lot of traffic! Many do not have the dimension of the size of the city and are impressed with the traffic they find there. The good news is that you can avoid all this traffic using public transport, which offers several options such as buses, trams, funiculars, and subways.

The best options

If you want to use the train to visit other cities in the Campania region, you can use the Circumvesuviana or Circumflegrea. The train lines work well and reach several cities in the region quickly and practically. I reinforce that these lines are also used by locals to get to and from work, so: avoid peak hours. Also read: Where To Stay Near The Naples Subway?

Guys, the worst times of the day to use public transport are peak hours, as many Neapolitans use them to get to and from work – usually between 7:00 am and 9:00 am, and between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm – beside that: public transport can be an excellent option, not to mention the cost benefit.

Good to know…

During the summer, public transport is crowded, as the region is crowded with tourists! So: avoid using public transport at peak times and also at lunchtime. Take note: avoid it between 11:30 am and 2:00 pm.


First of all: tickets for trams or buses must be validated on board; tickets for other means of transport (metro, funicular, circumvesuviana, cumana, circumflegrea) must be validated at the departure stations.

1) How to use public transport in Naples? SUBWAY

It is, without a doubt, the best option! It’s cheap, fast, escapes the traffic, and reaches almost every point in the city. The Naples metro is very special. For a few years now, the commune has decided to revitalize the stations and transform them into cultural stations, the result: beautiful stations, full of works of art, painting, and a lot of culture! We have a full article on the Naples metro and you can read our full post by clicking here!

2) How to use public transport in Naples? BUS AND TRAM

Despite being great options, it is important to remember that both buses and trams do not follow the schedules according to the company’s own schedule. Does the service work? Yes, but the frequency is not constant and delays happen all the time! That’s because both pass in the same places where the cars pass, that is: they are also stuck in traffic – especially during peak hours. To access maps and service coverage in the city, just click here! The ticket price for a bus or tram is 1.10 euros. Also read: What to do in Naples in one day?

3) How to use public transport in Naples? FUNICULAR

The funicular service is a bit more specific and runs punctually and precisely between 6:30am and 10pm, often every 10 minutes, but its main function is just connecting the city vertically towards the mountainous areas. There are four routes available and they are practically all tourist routes – although they are also used by locals:

  • Central Funicular (Augusteo – Piazza Fuga)
  • Chiaia Funicular (Cimarosa – Piazza Amedeo) – CLOSED FOR 6 MONTHS (From OCTOBER 1, 2022!)
    A bus will be available for the stretch that will serve the route departing from P.co Margherita / Via Cimarosa – the service times will be: First departure from piazza Amedeo: 06:40, last departure: 22:00. Embark on Via Cimarosa at 7:00 am; last at 10:20 pm. – Frequency: 10 minutes.
  • Montesanto Funicular (Via Morghen – Montesanto)
  • Mergellina Funicular (Mergellina – Via Manzoni)


The song “Funiculì Funiculà”, one of the most famous Neapolitan tarantellas in the world, refers to a funicular, to Vesuvius – which no longer exists.
The Chiaia funicular was the first to be built and was initially powered by steam and electrified only in the 20th century.
• By choice of some of the designers, the central facade of the three funiculars of Chiaia, Centrale and Montesanto, was equipped with a clock. Detail: the watches were ordered from the historic watchmaker Brinkmann from Naples.
The Centra and Montesanto funiculars are still the originals, and the Chiaia one was commissioned from the same watchmaker when the stations were restored in 2003.

4) How to use public transport in Naples? TAXI

As in all of Europe, in Naples the taxi is not the cheapest service! The taxi network in Naples is extensive, covering the sights, but it is expensive. The fare starts at €3.50 between 7:00 am and 10:00 pm, with a click of 5 cents every 60 meters. Also read: The main typical foods of Naples.

It is good to remember that there are some pre-determined rates, for example, to go to and from Capodichino Airport, Piazza Municipio, Mergellina and other areas of Naples – or other tourist places by taxi. The value of the predetermined fare must be requested when entering the taxi, before starting the ride, ok?!

  • Good to know…

Taxi drivers in Naples are pretty smart so to speak, so use REGISTERED TAXIS ONLY! Never use a clandestine or unmarked taxi, as it can be very dangerous, ok?!

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