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How to travel to Italy on a budget?

With planning and organization, it is possible to travel to Italy spending little. Today we will find out how to travel to Italy on a budget.

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How to travel to Italy on a budget?

With planning and organization, it is possible to travel to Italy spending little. Let us learn how to travel to Italy on a budget? Traveling to Italy on a budget is an art! It seems impossible, but it is not! By following a few tips, it is possible to take a trip on a budget; today, we will tell you how to travel to Italy spending little . Here at  Your Travel to Italy with Ana Patricia  you make the trip of your dreams !!! ALSO: see our  “Accommodation in Italy – Tips for your holidays!”


One of the questions I get the most: how to travel to Italy on a budget? First of all, folks: you cannot do miracles, let’s face it; in addition, the rise in the euro made the trip to Italy quite expensive. However, as impossible as it may seem, there are some ways to make your trip more affordable. It is clear that your trip will not be a trip full of luxury and, sometimes, comfort can also be lacking, however, if your intention is to wander around and get to know the be-all and end-all of Italy, it may be a good option. Read also: How much will I spend on a trip to Italy?

1) How to travel to Italy on a budget? SEARCHING ON AIR TICKET PRICES!

The first thing you should do is keep an eye on the ticket price. A multitude of websites monitor ticket values ​​and many of them give you the option of making a quick registration to receive alerts when the ticket price increases or decreases, so, subscribe to these websites! Have flexible dates, although it is not always possible due to several factors, such as your vacation period, so plan ahead! The sooner you buy the ticket, the more savings you make! AVOID TRAVELING on holidays, in high season (between late June and late August) and on weekends. Click here and find out where to find cheaper air tickets to Italy!

Important to Know

  • Remember to take out travel insurance! IS IT MANDATORY, OK?

2) How to travel to Italy on a budget? SAVING ON ACCOMMODATION!

After purchasing the ticket, we will choose the hotel. There are people who LOVE well- located hotels, with incredible views, close to the subway or train stations in the style “I tripped and fell on the train”, as well as trendy places. If you want to save on accommodation, forget about this type of hotel. Are hotels with incredible views sensational? Yes, but they are expensive and, tempting as it may be, it makes the price of accommodation (MUCH) more expensive. Remember that you will spend most of the day on the street, so there is no need to stay in a super hotel if you really want to save money. Find out here what the difference between hotel categories in Italy is!

The good side of this story is that there are hostels and hotels much more affordable that are relatively close to sights and stations, both train and subway. but they do not always have the comfort of a large hotel, however, as we said previously: you only go to the hotel to bathe and sleep, so all you need is a shower and a bed! Learn here to save with accommodation in Italy!


3) How to travel to Italy on a budget? USING PUBLIC TRANSPORT!

To get around, keep in mind the cities you want to visit! Can you go by bus? Will I need a train? Can you only get there by car because it is isolated? First, make a list of the cities you intend to visit. With that in hand, “draw” a route that allows you to use the train. In addition to being quick and practical, it is one of the most affordable means of transport, as is the bus. Click here to learn more about the Rome and Milan metro!

It is good to remember that public transport works VERY well in Italy; obviously, meteorological reasons, force majeure, among others, can cause delays, but this is very rare to happen, therefore, you can travel unconcernedly! Taxi, use only as a last resort! It is also a very expensive service in Italy. Discover our section on Transport in Italy!


  • Buy your train tickets in advance! Here the premise is the same as for air tickets: search, be flexible with schedules and days and avoid weekends, holidays and high season. Find out here how to buy a train ticket in advance (online)!

4) How to travel to Italy at on a budget? BUYING TICKETS IN ADVANCE!

What about tickets to monuments? Are there lower values? Are the prices fixed? Well, yes! The values ​​are fixed, but always buy in advance, although on the website there is usually a symbolic amount to be paid for the ‘service fee’ (something ranging from 1 to 5 euros, depending on the monument). Still, better to buy in advance! Why? Well, first because some monuments are always CROWDED and it is IMPOSSIBLE to buy tickets on site. Secondly, if you decide to buy on site, it may happen that there are no more tickets available – rare to happen in the low season, but not in the high season! So, be prepared! Find out here how to buy tickets to the main monuments in Italy in advance!

5) How to travel to Italy on a budget? SAVING ON FOOD!

Can you save on food? Yes, a lot! Italy is one of the most democratic countries in the world when it comes to food: there are literally options for all budgets and this is no exaggeration! Of course, if you choose to dine at a renowned restaurant that has three Michelin stars, the bill will not be cheap, however, there are excellent options for you to eat well and spend little. Find out here how to save on food during your trip in Italy!


  • Avoid restaurants with sumptuous views! They end up “taking advantage” of the good location and even charge up to 50 euros for a pasta dish! Also, avoid the tourist ones: they offer great prices, but the food is not the best. Click here and watch our Video: How to save on food in Italy?

6) How to travel to Italy on a budget? RENTING A CAR

If you are really going to rent a car: be smart with GPS. The cars do not have GPS and, for rent, they charge a small fortune – something around 15 euros PER DAY! So, a tip is to use the cell phone’s GPS. Find out here how much it costs to travel by car in Italy and also visit our section on Driving in Italy!

Traveling by car in Italy

How about if I give you a rental car option? Are you ready for it? If you are renting a car be sure to read our posts in the section Driving in Italy o n the blog Your Travel to Italy. In addition to car itinerary tips, we have everything about signage, tolls, roads and many more tips.

Don’t know where to rent the car?

We have a partner that can help you: Rent Cars! Have you ever thought about renting a car in Italy, without leaving your home? Click on the banner below to learn more! Search, compare and choose!


  • If you are driving in Italy, you need the International Driving Permit (if you’re not European Citizen). If you don’t have them, don’t drive, if you are stopped by the Italian police you may have a lot of problems! To learn more about it read this post: DO I NEED AN IDL TO DRIVE IN ITALY?

7) How to travel to Italy on a budget? BUY A LOCAL SIM CARD FOR YOUR MOBILE PHONE!

Speaking of cell phones: if you are going to be in Italy for more than 5 days, buy a local sim card. Italian sim cards work across Europe and are very worthwhile, especially for using GPS, Instagram, Facebook and other applications. Where possible: use Wi-Fi, which in Italy works very well. Avoid using your own chip, especially to use the mobile internet: it is very expensive, unless your plan here is a super plan that offers you the service at a reasonable price. Find out here how to buy a prepaid sim card in Italy!

8) How to travel to Italy on a budget? AVOID USING THE CREDIT CARD!

Another important point: AVOID, at all costs, using your credit card! In addition to the value of purchases being in euros, of course, remember that EVERY TRANSACTION, you pay a tax of 6.38% over the amount spent, that is: use only in the LAST CASE, if there are no more alternatives.

Planning is the answer

People, traveling on a budget is a matter of planning, there is no secret! It is obvious that you cannot expect to make a trip to Italy with 10 euros in your pocket, hahaha, however, following small advice, tips and doing your math clearly, including EVERYTHING in your budget, it is possible, yes, to make a trip very cool! If you do not have time, or do not want to have to think about all the details, leave it to me! 🙂 Find out here if it is worthwhile to hire specialized consultancy in travel to Italy! Hiring a consultancy for your trip is an investment, it means being aware that the chance of something going wrong is almost zero and, therefore, travel with no worries! Click here to get to know my services available!

Watch this video and learn: What Is The Average Cost Of A Day In Italy?

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How to travel to Italy on a budget? With organization, patience, time and affection, it is possible to make an incredible trip with little expense! And if you feel insecure, have no time, and need help to organize your trip,  don’t hesitate to contact me!  I will love to help you make your dream trip to Italy come true. And how can I do that? Keep reading this post until the end and you will understand how we make your life and your trip much easier.

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